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  1. Ebony Maw

    Discussion Sabertooth Guild Thread

    Since the Sabertooth Guild seems to be among the more popular guilds outside of Fairy Tail, I thought I'd make this thread to discuss topics about the Sabertooth guild and it's mages. Something I've wondered about for a while is the possibility of Rogue's shadow to reappear as in the GMG it was...
  2. Firepower

    Fantasy Mest vs Rufus

    Rufus has memory make and therefore can learn any magic that he sees. Memory make also allows him to combine spells together and forget them, which makes those magic spells useless against him. Mest is the underdog, not likey to win. But what are his chances with teleport and erasing Rufus...
  3. BluePegasus

    Fantasy Rufus vs. Minerva

    Location: Crocus, Fiore Minerva is not in her demon form. Rufus his magic doesn't have restrictions.