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  1. Theory Doesn't the sudden disappearance of Yachiru makes the theory that she is Zarakis Zampaktoo even more

    This theory has been stated many-many times but I think that it makes me 80% confident now that Yachiru.. was in fact Zarakis Zampaktoo materialized the whole time. Think about it : 1) Zarakis sees fighting as a game, and his Zampaktoo being a girl that plays games and has fun makes sense...
  2. Lee.J.Baxter

    Theory Nimaiya's Basis for Asauchi & Zanpakutou Manifestation

    Recently it's been stated that Nimaiya invented the Asauchi, which is used by Shinigami to manifest their Zanpakutou. So the question is, how exactly did Nimiaya come up with its construction? I'll also explain my theory on how this relates to Hollow Zanpakutou! The first thing I'll look at...
  3. devstauk

    Discussion Can some Zanpukto's Owners change the abilities of said Zan's

    Okay basically the title says it all but i will elaborate. Unohana we know was not to long ago the captain of the healing division in the gotei 13, but we have recently found out she was the 1st kenpachi. The manga never mentioned if she had the ability to heal 1000 years ago, all that was...
  4. Bromamura

    Favorites Favourite Attack/Technique

    What is your favourite attack/technique from any character in Bleach? This can be Zanpakuto ability, a kidou technique, a cero or even just a hakuda move. But please explain the reason behind your choices.