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shunsui kyouraku

  1. Sanadan

    Predictions How do you figure their bankais will look?

    There are still a bunch we have not seen. The ones I am expecting to see is Shunsuis and Uhitakes. With them, well I have no idea what they would look like. Same with Shinji, his shikai is already better than Tosens Bankai. do you go up? Turns everyone into a comatose state...
  2. Discussion Extrapolating Isshin's, Shunsui's and Ukitake's bankai

    - Shunsui : The theme seems to be a duality between childish, nice guy behaviour (his usual apparent personality, and the first half of the release chant : "the petal storm swirls, the flower god sings") and a darker side (his ruthlessness in combat, the second part of the release chant : "the...
  3. Predictions Captains and their Advantage

    With the death of Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and the badass Retsu Unohana (both from the strongest 1st Generation), I think it signaled the new generation and captaincy of the Gotei 13. As we all know, Shunsui Kyoraku is the new Captain-Commander and 1st Division Captain with Nanao Ise and...
  4. Quantized

    Discussion Ichigo's role in future SS

    There really are so many possibilities, that it's sort of making one dizzy thinking about all the different possible outcomes... One has to pick one to believe in, and that is what this thread is for, what do you think will happen to Ichigo in the future Soul Society? What role will Ichigo's...