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  1. Kaoz

    Info Ishida's Twitter

    So, for those that didn't know, Ishida also has a Twitter account. He's pretty active too, so use this thread to discuss anything he posts. There's some nice art in there too, so I definitely recommend looking through his photo archive as well.
  2. Leoat12

    Discussion Kouhei Horikoshi's Twitter Thread

    Since Horikoshi-sensei is always posting good drawings in his Twitter, I thought of creating a thread to unite all of them. First one is to commemorate the 3rd volume release! Post all images and, of course, relevant information from his Twitter here...
  3. Kaoz

    Info Konomi on Twitter (Contains Spoilers)

    Konomi got himself a twitter account: Discuss his tweets in this thread. It seems like he will occasionally post some pages of upcoming chapters as well. It's fine to discuss those here, but the 24 hour spoiler rule applies. In other words, don't talk about...
  4. SerpentTailedAngel

    Info Hiro Mashima's & Atsuwo Ueda's Twitter

    Looks like sharing images from Mashima's twitter got pretty popular, so it has it's own thread now. Enjoy :) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Just for anyone who might care, Mashima posted gender bender images of Gray, Natsu and Lucy. Actually, he posts a...