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  1. Brandish μ

    Team Real Historia Gauntlet

    Remember how this was hype af... Now imagine that God Serena, Wall and Bloodman are NOT Historia's!!!! Finally we get the chance to troll Isghal with the troll bros (Wall and Serena) + the Reaper of the Underworld (Bloodman). They have a mindset to stomp all in their path. The best trio that...
  2. Discussion One Piece - Is "Wall" an Ability?

    Now we have seen the Vinsmoke's use this technique called "Wall". At first when we saw one if the use it. I guess most suggested it was DF powers. Now we've seen Judge use it. Which says it isn't Devil Fruit powers. So what is it. My guess is that it's a new form of the 6 Powers. Maybe a...