1. BluePegasus

    Conditional Wahl Icht & Draculos Hyberion vs. God Serena & Wolfheim

    Place: Hargeon battle field. Intend: To defeat. Team 1 Wahl Icht: - Weakness - Alchemy Draculos Hyberion: - Vampire Magic Team 2 God Serena: - Dragon Slayer Magic Wolfheim: - Beast Transformation Rules: - Wahl may use his Assault Mode. - Wahl is using his main body. - God Serena can use...
  2. Arjuna

    Fantasy Ajeel Runs a Gauntlet

    Location: Tartarus' base Intel: As per manga Intent: To win Starting Distance: 20m Round 1: Kagura & Mirajane (Tartarus versions) Round 2: Kyouka & Knightwalker Round 3: Zero & Jose Round 4: Ikusatsunagi Round 5: Jura Round 6: 3 Ishgal Gods He Gets Rest and Recovers after Each Round and Fights...
  3. Dranzer

    Discussion The Ten Wizard Saints

    So far in the current arc it is evident that the Ten Wizard Saints are powerless when put in front of Spriggan. Mainly because from what we have heard, the former Highest Rank God of Ishgal is said to be on par with the rest of the Spriggans and that Wizard Saint left the Ishgal forces and moved...
  4. FirenX

    Discussion The 4 Gods Of Ishgar - The Strongest Wizard Saints

    With the new Manga release of Mavis Vermillions Past and History, I thought I will start a new threat about the 4 Gods Of Ishgar. So all the the Founders of Fairy Tail Precht Gaebolg (also known as Purehito, 2nd Master of Fairy Tail and Master of Grimoire Heart), Mavis Vermillion (The Fairy...