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zaraki kenpachi

  1. Discussion Remaining Bankai

    Bleach is in its final arc and Soon to be final fight scenes...Yet we still have some unseen bankia's lingering around..Who's gonna be next? Who's Bankia will go unseen?? Love- Bankia ??? Shinji- Bankia ??? Uraharra- Bankia?? Ichigo - New Bankia ?? Ukitake- Bankia Good Guys Cnt Die Yourichi-...
  2. oxtopus

    Theory zaraki bankai might be the soul king legs

    who knows,we've already seen the two arms that were cut. maybe nozarashi might be the legs of the soul op would that be. Even though its not zaraki's , i have a feeling that it will be someones bankai.
  3. Theory Doesn't the sudden disappearance of Yachiru makes the theory that she is Zarakis Zampaktoo even more

    This theory has been stated many-many times but I think that it makes me 80% confident now that Yachiru.. was in fact Zarakis Zampaktoo materialized the whole time. Think about it : 1) Zarakis sees fighting as a game, and his Zampaktoo being a girl that plays games and has fun makes sense...
  4. Quantized

    Discussion Byakuya & Kenpachi ~ Rivalry, opposite characters, yet similar role in story.

    It's been a possible prediction for a good while now, but it seems that there are little next to no discussion on the area, so here we go! Kenpachi and Byakuya are complete opposites, for one Kenpachi is from the slums, and Byakuya is from the highest level of society, a Noble. Byakuya is...
  5. Sanadan

    Predictions How do you figure their bankais will look?

    There are still a bunch we have not seen. The ones I am expecting to see is Shunsuis and Uhitakes. With them, well I have no idea what they would look like. Same with Shinji, his shikai is already better than Tosens Bankai. do you go up? Turns everyone into a comatose state...
  6. nd1802

    Question 2nd Kenpachi ?

    If all Kenpachi's came from killing the previous title holder of the name Kenpachi, how did the second Kenpachi become to be if the first one is still alive during Zaraki's time as the 11th Kenpachi?
  7. DarkBankai

    Discussion Where is the ART in Zaraki's Training?

    As the title suggests- I am wondering Where is the ART in Zakarai's Training? the point of this training was to teach him the Art of killing. Unohana is killing him and reviving him until he reaches his unsealed former state that he had when he was a kid and could have killed her...
  8. Discussion How did Kenpachi get beat?

    I'm lost and still trying to find an answer. You guys can shine in on this as well as I can't figure it out.