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Naruto 361 (0 comments)
Side text: The 2nd blast of C4 swallows up Sasuke!
Sasuke: Huu!

Sasuke: Guh...
Deidara: Looks like YOU'RE the one who's almost out of chakra! Not enough strength to even free yourself, hmm!?

Sasuke: So that's how they really look...

Deidara: Heh... it's the same inside, invisible bombs just like before! Hmm!
Deidara: Ouch..
Deidara: Tch... damn my wounds hurt... (not to mention, that last move just cost me all the chakra I had left... how shameful...


Deidara: Ha! What do you think you can do in this condition!? Hmm!? (A chidori at full force with his remaining strength?)

Deidara: At this distance, you can't hit me even if you stretch out your chidori!

Deidara: It's... Read More " "
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Zombie Hunter 25 (2 comments)
[Reserved, Not For Use]

Zombie Hunter Chap 25

italics- normal text
@ @ - mini text
( ....) - Alternative sentences


Pg 129
Chapter 25 The Invasion of Man and Zombie Hunters

Pg 130
Frame 1
Principal: There has been series of bad events happening in our school...

Frame 2
Principal: As our famous volleyball Girls' Division had a lot of injured players...
Principal: we won't be participating in this year’s National Competition.

Frame 3
Principal: How should I say this…

Frame 6
Principal : It feels as if we have been cursed...

Pg 131
Frame 2-4
Principal : In any case, as this concerns all of us – teachers and students,,,,,

Frame 5
Principal :we... Read More " "
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Bleach 281 (0 comments)
Sidetext: Ichigo vs. Grimmjow! Ichigo looks towards success after entering hollow-form, what will Inoue do??

Orihime: Kuro....
Orihime: Kuro...saki...
Orihime: ...kun...?


Ichigo: ...sorry, Inoue, do I look scary? Even if I tell you "everything will be fine", looking like this, I guess it must be hard for you to believe me.
Ichigo: ...but, I'm going to tell you anyway... Don't worry, everything will be fine.
Ichigo: I will definitely... finish this in no time!
Grimmjow: Ku...

Grimmjow: Very nice!! I have been waiting for this moment for so long!!

Grimmjow: Now grind...

Grimmjow: PANTERA!!!

Ichigo: ..Inoue
Ichigo: Now wait for me...... Read More " "
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Naruto 360 (0 comments)
HQ Chinese scanlation here:
This Chinese group does NOT ALLOW THE USE OF THEIR SCANLATION for any further edits! Please refrain from posting any scanlations based on NFB's work! [/eni]

Translated from Chinese:

Sasuke: !
Tobi: Gotta hurry!!
Deidara: (Oh well, this jutsu was meant to kill Itachi after all.... hm!)
Sasuke: (Even this is a bomb? If so...)


Sasuke: That's huuuge... if this thing explodes.....

Deidara: Oh come on, don't just run like that!
Deidara: You really think you can run away from Garuda like that!?


Sasuke: !?

Sasuke: ( Read More " "
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Shounen Shoujo Romance 9 (2 comments)
Shounen Shojo Romance by George Asakura

[sizeptpt="3"]Reserved for ETC

italics- normal text
@ @ - mini text
R = Ran
U = Ukyo
J = Jacqueline
S = Shou


Vol 3 Chap 9

/ Pg 3
No. 9 : After the Dream
Shonen Shoujo Romance

/Pg 4
Summary page

The Story of the Prince and Princess now..

Tyrant Ukyo is the boyfriend of daydreamer Ran.
Being together with nothing in common,
The relationship became complicated,
With the appearance of Ran’s cousin Shou, and Ukyo’s ex-girlfriend Jacqueline,
Ukyo, being worn out by Ran, ended up in a passionate kiss with Jacqueline,
Ran seeing this, thought that "it's impossible for Ukyo to choose...
Read More " "
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D.Gray-Man 112 (0 comments)
This is a translation done by a friend of mine, who asked me to post it up for them. If you want to use it for a scanlation, please acknowledge 'Rei', not me.

Here's the trans:

Page one

Tikki: Boy, what do you think you're doing now?
Tikki: Are you going to be happy by killing me?
Tikki: The time we played cards was pretty fun isn't it?
Tikki: I'll tell you the trick to Pokerface

Page two

Allen: It's sad
Allen: You've been on a long journey
Allen: Being around humans
Allen: The only wish was to be human, this is all
Allen: No one should have died, I'm glad we played poker..

Page three

12th night: poker
Bad things are fun.

Page four

Rinali: I.. I'm alright Rabi! It looks like theres no... Read More " "
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Bleach 265 (0 comments)

Sidetext: To save Inoue, to stop Aizen! The battles within Los Noches - Renji finally draws his blade!

Zaelapollo: I am the Octava Espada.
Zaelapollo: Zaelapollo Grantz.


BLEACH 256 - Bang The Bore

Sidetext: Even though we cannot see the end.
Sidetext: We can only march forward.


Renji: ...Espada, huh.
Renji: I see. So you're one of the 10 Arrancars who's in charge of the rest of them...

Dondochakka: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Renji: !
Renji: This voice, Dondochakka?
Dondochakka: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Renji: What the hell? He was the first one to fall into the hole and he still hasn't arrived here?

Renji: !!

Renji: So he's coming from here!
Dondochakka: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Renji: Whew. Close one there.
Renji: I was this... Read More " "
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Zombie Hunter 24 (3 comments)
One of the remaining chapters for Zombie Hunter by Kazumasa Hirai and Yang Kyun-Il.
Do not use this for scanlations as this is requested by Finito.
This is done based on Chinese Raws, you can get it <a href="”> HERE</a>.
Let me know your comments too. Thanks.

Zombie Hunter Vol 4 - Chapter 24

Pg 105

Frame 3
Kagami : Inukai is seldom absent..... So afraid of Miwa-sensei and decided to skip school?

Frame 4
Akira : You don’t know anything..…..
Kagami : Huh?

Frame 5
Akira : Let me tell you about Sensei’s good points.

Pg 106

Chapter 24 The Escalating Nightmare

Pg 107

Frame 4
Inukai : urgh…

Frame 5
boys : Mumble
boys : mumble

Pg 108
Frame... Read More " "
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Zombie Hunter 23 (10 comments)

This is one of the remaining chapters for ZOMBIE HUNTER.
Do not use this for scanlations as this is requested by Finito.
This is done based on Chinese Raws, you can get it <a href="”> HERE</a>.
Let me know your comments too. Thanks.

Zombie Hunter Vol 4 - Chapter 23

Pg 83
Frame 1 sfx *ding dong* *ding dong* *ding dong* - school bells
Frame 3 sfx *running continuously”
Frame 4
Makimura : Inukai, Let's go!

Pg 84-85
Chap 23 - The Creeping Darkness

Pg 86
Frame 1
Kagami : Wow! Makimura chan came specially from the girls' class..... //
Are you sure you are only buddies?!

Frame 2... Read More " "
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Zombie Hunter 22 (7 comments)
Zombie Hunter is a seinen horror mature series, hence its contents might not be suitable for the young.
This is requested by Finito, please don't use it for scanlations yet, as it may need proofreading.
My first attempt at this based on <a href=""> Chinese Raws </a>.
Let me know your comments.Thanks.




Page 56

Frame 1
Before all this begins,
I’m just an easy-going person…..

Frame 2
An ordinary high school boy,
Leading a normal life….

Page 57

Frame 1

Frame 2
I’ve never thought..…

Frame 3
I'd be seeing Hell so... Read More " "
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