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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 265

[Shonen]Bleach 265 by Nes Mikel

+ posted by Nami as translation on Mar 3, 2007 01:32 | Go to Bleach

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Sidetext: To save Inoue, to stop Aizen! The battles within Los Noches - Renji finally draws his blade!

Zaelapollo: I am the Octava Espada.
Zaelapollo: Zaelapollo Grantz.


BLEACH 256 - Bang The Bore

Sidetext: Even though we cannot see the end.
Sidetext: We can only march forward.


Renji: ...Espada, huh.
Renji: I see. So you're one of the 10 Arrancars who's in charge of the rest of them...

Dondochakka: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Renji: !
Renji: This voice, Dondochakka?
Dondochakka: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Renji: What the hell? He was the first one to fall into the hole and he still hasn't arrived here?

Renji: !!

Renji: So he's coming from here!
Dondochakka: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Renji: Whew. Close one there.
Renji: I was this close to being crushed by him.
Dondochakka: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Dondochakka: Aaaaaaaaaaii!
Renji: BLARGH!

Dondochakka: Aeeeeeeeeii!
Dondochakka: It hurts, it hurts!

Dondochakka: My butt! It hurts!
Dondochakka: And the pitfall! That was scary too!
Dondochakka: Aaaaaaaaaaa!
Renji: ...shut up...
Renji: Get off of me, you idiot...!


Dondochakka: Aaaaaaaaaaa!
Dondochakka: You-you-you-you are! The Octava Espada Zaelapollo-sama!

Dondochakka: Zaelapollo-sama... he's the number one scientist among all of Hueco Mundo and is a specialist in developing many different types of spiritual equipment...!
Dondochakka: However, most of his research is shrouded in mysterious and us lowly Hollow are not privy to it's entire details, and-
Renji: Hey! You're talking to me, right? You're explaining this to me, aren't you? Then get the hell off of me so I can react properly to your statements!

Dondochakka: Huh? Renji? What are you doing under my butt?
Renji: ................


Dondochakka: Ow, ow, ow, ouch! Why did you kick me?
Renji: Shut up!
Renji: Complain once more and I'll kick you again!
Renji: And sheesh, you face is so hard!

Zaelapollo: Enough with this chit-chat.
Zaelapollo: Can we continue?


Zaelapollo: Whoa.
Zaelapollo: Such a scary face.
Zaelapollo: You don't need to be so alarmed.

Zaelapollo: I may be an Espada but my combat strength isn't that high.

Zaelapollo: That big guy over there told you about me, right? I'm a "scientist". As long as I'm in this position, I can-
Zaelapollo: Shut up.

Renji: Who do you think you are? I didn't come here to talk to you.
Renji: We came here to crush you guys.

Renji: I don't care who you are or what you may be.
Renji: If you want to babble do so after you've been defeated by me.

Renji: Of course.
Renji: That doesn't mean I'll be holding back my punches.


Renji: BANKAI!

Renji: Hihiou-




Renji: ...What the...
Renji: Hell...?

Zaelapollo: ...See? It's because you don't listen to the end.

Zaelapollo: In this room.
Zaelapollo: You can't use your Bankai.

Renji: My...
Renji: I can't use...
Renji: Bankai...?

Zaelapollo: ...Exactly.
Zaelapollo: It's good that you asked.
Zaelapollo: For a fool you're rather smart.


Zaelapollo: Every single detail of your Bankai. The shape, form, ability, spiritual pressure, density, structure...
Zaelapollo: I have them all recorded in "perfect condition".

Zaelapollo: And using those records as base,
Zaelapollo: I structured this palace in a way that will prevent you from using your Bankai.

Renji: You recorded every single detail about my Bankai...?
Renji: How? That kind of information could only be obtained by someone who was in direct contact with my Bankai... just how?

Zaelapollo: My older brother.

Renji: ...What?

Zaelapollo: Didn't I tell you my name? I guess you already forgot.
Zaelapollo: I guess I can tell you one more time.

Zaelapollo: My name is Zaelapollo Grantz...


Zaelapollo: And Illforte Grantz is my older brother.

Renji: !

Renji: That guy...!

Zaelapollo: Oh. So you actually remembered the trash.
Zaelapollo: I guess I should be thankful.


Renji: ...Judging from the way you speak about him...
Renji: I guess that doesn't mean you're here out for revenge.

Zaelapollo: Hah.
Zaelapollo: Only idiots would think like that. Did you honestly think I'd target you with such petty reasons?

Zaelapollo: Your Bankai's information was obtained from the spirit parasites I infested my older brothered with, which were recovered when I performed the autopsy on his body. To me, he was but a box that carried my tools.

Zaelapollo: I'm not immature enough to be angry.
Zaelapollo: Over a box that was broken into pieces.

Renji: ...Trash.
Renji: That's what you are.

Zaelapollo: Your speech is unpredictable as always.
Zaelapollo: It unsettles me.

Zaelapollo: No matter.
Zaelapollo: There's no way you can run away from me, much less win against me.

Zaelapollo: ...Don't try to resist too much.


Zaelapollo: This is the first time I ever got to see a live specimen that can use Bankai.
Zaelapollo: To be honest, it makes me excited.

Zaelapollo: So don't try to resist too much.
Zaelapollo: You hear me?

Zaelapollo: Just try to die without damaging your own body too much.


A'roniro: What's the matter, Kuchiki?
A'roniro: Is that all you got?


A'roniro: The first dance, "Tsukishiro."
A'roniro: The second dance, "Hakuren"


A'roniro: I know very well how both moves work.
A'roniro: I should know! I was the one who watched over your training as you developed those moves!

A'roniro: Don't you remember? You developed those techniques right in front of my eyes!

A'roniro: Did you honestly think!
A'roniro: That those techniques would work!
A'roniro: Against me, Kuchiki!

A'roniro: ...I guess you don't.
A'roniro: Or is that the extent of your powers?

A'roniro: Couldn't be helped, I guess.


A'roniro: Suiten Sakamake (Reverse Swirl)

A'roniro: Nejibana.


A'roniro: Nostalgic, ain't it?

A'roniro: It's over.
A'roniro: Kuchiki.

Sidetext: His zanpakuto! No chance for victory?

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