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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Bleach 265

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 265

Z: Octova Espada,
Z: Zaeruapollo Grantz.

R: ..Espada...
R: I see...
R: You're one of the 10 who rule over the Arrancar...
R: This voice! Dondochakka!?
R: That idiot...if he fell before me, then why the hell is he still falling?!
R: Here!?
SFX: Hoooooooo
R: Hoo...that was a close one....
SFX: Waaaaaah
R: I almost got squashed by my own partne...

D: Uooooouuunn!!
D: That really huuuuurt!!!
D: My butt...my butt really hurts!!
R: ...Shut the hell up...
R: ...And get off me, this hurts....!!
D: And being inside that hole was hella scary too!!
D: Uoooooooooooonnn!!

D: Ahhhh, it's youuu!!
D: Ohhh, Octova Espada, Zaeruapollo-sama?!
D: Zaeruapollo-sama....!! The top researcher in Hueco Mundo, a specialist who's created a bunch of different spirit-based weapons!!
D: But a large part of his research is simply a mystery to us peons(rest is cut off)
R: HEY!! This is for me, right?! You're trying to explain this to me, right?!
R: So get off me already!! At the very least then I can give you a reaction!!
D: Oya? Renji!
D: What in the world are you doing under my ass?

D: Owwwww, that hurts!!
D: Why did you kick me all of a sudden?!
R: Say any more and I'll kick you some more, bastard!!
R: More importantly, you're really hard, you know that?!
Z: This has gone on for long enough, hasn't it?
Z: Your little farce.

Z: Oooh...
Z: That's a scary face.
Z: Please, have mercy on me.
Z: Although I may be an Espada, my fighting ability truly isn't that high.
Z: It's just as the big guy said.
Z: I'm a "Researcher."
Z: As long as I'm here--
R: Hold it.
R: Woah, woah, what do you think you're doing?
R: Because I sure as hell didn't come here to talk.
R: The only reason I'm here is to beat the shit out of you.
R: I could care less about your history.
R: If you wanna talk so bad, at least do it while I'm slicin' you up.
R: It's just that,
R: I really don't feel like going easy on you.


R: .......What......
R: ...the hell...?
Z: ...See?
Z: It's because you didn't let me finish.
Z: You see, in this room...
Z: You won't able to use your Bankai.
R: ...My...
R: Bankai..
R: ....huh.....?
Z: ...Yes, exactly.
Z: I'm glad that you repeated it as confirmation.
Z: That's rather skillful for such an idiot.

Z: All the information about your Bankai:
Z: Its shape, abilities, even the way in which it arrives to spiritual composition from your reiatsu.
Z: All of this has been delivered to me in the "Perfect Condition."
Z: And so, utilizing that information,
Z: I simply created a mechanism to seal your Bankai within these quarters.
R: All the information about my Bankai..?!
R: But...something like that could only be understood but someone who's been hit by it!!
R: How in the world...
Z: My older brother.
R: ....What?
Z: Can't remember my name, huh?
Z: Doesn't look like it.
Z: Fine, fine, I'll say it once more.
Z: My name is Zaeruapollo Grantz---

Z: Illforte Grantz is my older brother.
R: That guy...?!
Z: Oh my.
Z: You mean you actually remembered such trash as him?
Z: I truly must thank you, then.

R: ...From the way you're talking...
R: Doesn't seem like you want to take revenge for his death, huh...
Z: Hah.
Z: Only an idiot would.
Z: You really think I targeted you because of that?
Z: The information on your Bankai was recorded by the rokureichuu* I placed all throughtout his body while healing him beforehand. (*Memory Spirit Bugs)
Z: He was merely a container with which to transpor tthem.
Z: I'm not so childish...
Z: as to get mad over having one of my containers broken.
R: ...You really are...
R: "Trash."
Z: Well now, that was entirely unexpected.
Z: I'm starting to feel dizzy.
Z: Well, it's no matter.
Z: At any rate, there's no possible way for you to win or escape now.
Z: ...Don't go crazy on me.

Z: This is the first time I've had a body capable of using Bankai before my eyes.
Z: To be honest, I'm quite excited.
Z: That's why I really hope you'll stay calm for me,
Z: and, to the best of your ability...
Z: ...die with all your limbs remaining.

SFX: Ooooooohhhhh
K: What's wrong, Kuchiki?!
K: Is this really all you're capable of?!

R: Ha...
R: Ha...
R: First Dance, "Tsukishiro" (*Moon White)
R: Next Dance, "Hakuren" (*White Ripple)

R: I know both those moves like the back of my hand!!
R: Don't you remember your training?!
R: Who do you think worked through those with you?!
R: It was me!!
R: I'm the one you created those moves in front of, aren't I?!
R: Gimme a break!!
R: You really think you'll be able to beat me like that?!
R: Kuchiki!!
R: Don't get it, huh?
R: ...or maybe that truly is all you've got?
R: ...Oh well.

K: Suiten Sakamake (*Water Heaven Churning)
K: "Nejibana" (*Twisted Flower)

K: ...brings back memories, doesn't it?
K: It's over,
K: Kuchiki.

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