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Shounen Shoujo Romance 9

Shounen Shoujo Romance 9

+ posted by Nami as translation on Jun 21, 2007 14:36 | Go to Shounen Shoujo Romance

-> RTS Page for Shounen Shoujo Romance 9

Shounen Shojo Romance by George Asakura

[sizeptpt="3"]Reserved for ETC

italics- normal text
@ @ - mini text
R = Ran
U = Ukyo
J = Jacqueline
S = Shou


Vol 3 Chap 9

/ Pg 3
No. 9 : After the Dream
Shonen Shoujo Romance

/Pg 4
Summary page

The Story of the Prince and Princess now..

Tyrant Ukyo is the boyfriend of daydreamer Ran.
Being together with nothing in common,
The relationship became complicated,
With the appearance of Ran’s cousin Shou, and Ukyo’s ex-girlfriend Jacqueline,
Ukyo, being worn out by Ran, ended up in a passionate kiss with Jacqueline,
Ran seeing this, thought that "it's impossible for Ukyo to choose me",
Decided to give up Ukyo and be with Shou instead…
What will happen to this romance?

/ Pg 5
Frame 1
U : Waghhhh!!!

Frame 2
U : I finally had some inspiration...
Found the answer to the world's most profound question...
@ This is not allowed, you can't reveal the answer in the beginning@

Frame 3
I must let you know now..

/ Pg 6
Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3
I am coming!

Frame 4
R : I'm leaving for school…

Frame 5
U : Ran-chan...

/ Pg 7
- no text -

/ Pg 8
What the hell am i doing!.

/ Pg 9
Frame 1
J : What's wrong, Vincent?

Frame 2-3
U : I... // I didn't go for a holiday just to solve a maths equation.

Frame 4
J : Ukyo-kun..

Frame 5
U : Why..
U : Why did I look for Ran-chan?
J : What is it? // Please don't speak in Japanese...

/ Pg 10
U : I ...I'm kind of tired....
U : let me rest for a while…

Frame 2
The prince and the princess…

Begin their romances separately..

/ Pg 11
Because what we can see..
Is only an impossible dream...

We have became weary..…

When things turn out this way...
Can anything else be done?

/ Pg 12
Frame 1
S: Hey………
S : Ran-chan, your class is performing a play during the Cultural festival?

Frame 2
R : Yes, it's called the modern ‘Romeo and Juliet’
S : Ran-chan,..are you…….. acting as ‘Juliet’?

Frame 3-4
R : Huh? I’m in charge of the costumes.
S : Really? // I thought you will jump at the chance of acting Juliet, @like this@….
@ Me! Only I am suitable for this role! Ah! But Juliet is only from a noble family!.@
R : @hahaha@ Yoko-chan said the same too.

Frame 5
R : Shou-chan, what about your class?
S : Oh! Since we are in third year, we don’t have to participate…@ because of the tests@
S : But my band will be performing!
R : Wow…

Author’s notes : @ Promotion to the next level is not automatic@

/ Pg 13
Frame 1
R : What? // Band?
S : I’m playing the guitar! // This time, we’re going to imitate this ‘Mummy’ band…

Frame 2
S : It's going to be cool….fully wrapped in bandages on the stage…totally look like a Mummy!
@you must come and see us perform!@
@ hahaha@
@ You must see what a handsome Mummy I am@
R : Shou-chan, you like to play guitar?
@and you can actually play it.........?@

Frame 3 - 4
R : That’s so incredible! So incredible! I don’t even know about this! // Hey… // But…
Man : @stare@

@It’s actually nothing…@
@ Let’s go…..@

Frame 5
R : I thought we are the best childhood mates, and I know everything about you..
@ But now… riding a horse and a motorbike … these are things that I don’t know at all...@
S : That was all because you wasn’t interested in me in the past.
R : No, it isn’t like this. @or is it really true..@

/ Pg 14
Frame 1
S : As long as you show…
S : a bit more interest in me in future…
S : it will be fine.

Frame 2
R : Umph.
S : This is embarrassing….I think talking in female pronouns is much easier than saying these stuff..
@ how can this be…@
R : Shou-chan, you’re really a weirdo…
S : Aren’t you the same…

/ Pg 15

Frame 1
S : You even went for motorcycle lessons in order to get your licence….. // I’m shocked!
R : Yes, everyone said that I’ll fail even if I try.

Frame 2
S: I had the same thoughts too before!

Frame 3
S : But Ran-chan, you are great! You’ll surely pass with your efforts!
S: Remember to give me a ride once you pass!

/ Pg 16
R : I // like Shou-chan.

/ Pg 17
Frame 1- 2
S : What…?
R : I really like you …. // your smiling face…
R : really cheers me up.

Frame 3
S : Tha… // That is because, // Whenever I’m with Ran-chan. I’m happy.
R : Ah! // If we are together….

Frame 4
R : Because Shou-chan had a happy smile… // I will be cheerful too… //
and if this chain reaction continues….@and …@ after that…@
R : That’s it! // That will be …
S : Hey…. // why do I feel that… // your ‘like’ // is kind of…

/ Pg 18
Frame 1
R : Yes?

Frame 3

/ Pg 19
Frame 1
S : You don’t like it?

Frame 2
R : No..

Frame 3
R : No, not at all.

Frame 4
S : Eyes..

/ Pg 20
Frame 1
S : Close your eyes…

Frame 2
R : Shou-chan
R : I like you the most…

Frame 3
That’s right! This is how Love should be!!

/ Pg 21
Frame 1
J : Ukyo..
J : the sun is high up in the sky…

Frame 2
U : What time is it?
U : What’s the date today?

Frame 3
U : So glaring…

/ Pg 22
Frame 1
J : Ukyo…your phone is ringing again…
U : I know…

Frame 2
J : Why don’t you pick it up…@giggle@
U : It can wait..…

Frame 4
U : Fax?

Frame 5
We had been informed by your school
that if you are absent from school
For one more day,
You will have to repeat.
What are you doing there?
Why don’t you return to America soon!

/ Pg 23
Frame 1
U : Whoa..…she actually wrote such a thing….

Frame 2
J : How did your mum know you are here?
U : Maybe the caretaker informed her.

Frame 3
J : I don’t think she know about us, // I’m sure she will fly here immediately if she knows!
@Home tutor is actually together with her 17 - year old baby boy@
J : Why don’t you be a good boy and return to Tokyo…

Frame 4
U : Umm…I don’t want to go back..

Frame 5
U : I will tell my mum about this…… // and then we can return to America together.
J : That’s highly impossible…. // she’ll force us to separate.

/ Pg 24
Frame 1
U: You don’t want to be with me forever?

Frame 2
J : Stop it… // Stop looking at me like this……it’s not what you think.

Frame 3
J : I’m contented as long as I’m with you this way…

Frame 4
U : Me too…..

Frame 5
A scent
Comes from her bosom…


/ Pg 25
Frame 1
That’s right!
This is what Love is like!

Frame 2
Teacher : Any comments from the class?

Frame 3
Girl : Sensei, we had chosen Ukyo to act as the Prince, // but we can’t contact him at all.

Frame 4
Class : This is too much..What is Ukyo up to?
Class : Could it be he would rather quit school than to repeat a year?
Class : Really?

/ Pg 26
Frame 1
Boy : Or maybe, // he had returned to America…

Frame 2
Class : Hey…

Frame 3
Class : Don’t make wild guesses…
Class : but…
R : Is that so? // Returned to America?

Frame 4
R : That’s right…..he’s definitely with that woman.

Frame 5
R : That’s good….

Frame 6
I don’t ever want to see him anymore………….

U : Sorry, I’m late.

/ Pg 27
Frame 1
U : Eh?
U : Self-study?

Frame 2
Class : Ukyo-chan…

Frame 3
Class : Hey, what had you been up to! We were so worried…
U : Sorry! A lot of things happened recently… // Thanks for your concern!

/ Pg 28
Frame 1
Boy : You can’t take any more leave! If not, you’ll have to repeat a year! @Repeat!@

Frame 2
Girl : B – ut // If that’s the case ….

Frame 3
Girl : Our “Romeo & Juliet” will definitely be a success!
U : Huh? @ What did you say?@
Girls : Right! // Let you try the costume first!

Frame 4
Girl : Hey! // Who’s in charge of costumes?
@Hurry up and bring the clothes here!@

R : I think is me….@ eh..@
@Really,…is it so..…@

/ Pg 29
Frame 1
Girl : So…Sorry…. // I….
Girl : Because Ukyo is even more charming than before…
I was overly excited…
R : urgh!

Frame 2
U : Charming…? @Is it because of love@

Boy : Ah! // There’s really a scent on you….
U : Hey…@ Can you stop sniffing?@
R : The clothes…

Frame 3
R : Are in the empty classroom next door, // I’ll bring them here.

Frame 4
Class : Hey..she seems alright… // You are right…..She’s getting along well with Shou-chan now.

Frame 5
Girls : Ah! // Ukyo, why don’t you just change in that classroom?
U : What?
@hurry hurry@

/ Pg 30
Frame 1
If I don't initiate anything, I don't think I'll come into contact with Ukyo.
R : But if I really have to talk to him, I’ll just treat him like a normal classmate…..

Frame 2
R : Just now…
R : as I walked past him…

Frame 3
There’s a rose scent..
The scent of that woman…

Frame 4
He had nothing to do with me anymore!
U : Eh?

Frame 5
U : Am I supposed to wear that ? @that frilly frilly stuff…@
Girl : Yes!

/ Pg 31

Frame 1
U : Who …
Girls : Of course its Ran!

Frame 3
U : Really bad taste!

Frame 5
R : Fine! Don’t wear it!

Frame 6
Girl : Er..Ran-chan…
@ Whatever Ukyo wear will look good on him!@

/ Pg 32
Frame 2
R : Ouch!

Frame 3
R : Whoa…..on the shirt
The scent of roses…

/ Pg 33
- no text-

/ Pg 34
Frame 1
U : You….Why did you rip my shirt?

Girl : Ah…Ukyo-kun really looks great in this shirt!

Frame 2
Girl : You ....give the impression of a 'Fallen Prince’...
Class : @ Is Romeo a prince?@
Class : @ Anything is possible!@
U : Are you guys laughing at me? @ I look like an idiot in this……….@
Girls : No, of course not! You look good! @ It’s true!@
R : Weir…

Frame 3
R : Really weird!

Frame 4
R : You look like a complete weirdo!

Frame 5
U : It's your fault for choosing it !
R : Damn!
Girl : Ran! Where are you going?

/ Pg 35
Frame 1
Yes, that’s right
You are the Prince!

Frame 2
But now, we had nothing to do with each other!

Frame 3
I'm going to give up the dream of being a Princess now!


/ Pg 36
Frame 1
Girl : Ran…?
@ Ain't those my clothes…@
Girl : Isn’t this the Juliet costume?
R : Huh?
R : Eh..?

Frame 2
R : Who? // Who did this to me?

Frame 3
R : It isn’t like this… // please don’t // don’t look at me as though I’m a princess // don’t look at me! @I’m going to change!@

Frame 4
Really…what am I…
[beauty class]
[You will have a nice hairdo within Frame 5 minutes]

Frame 5
What the hell am I doing?

Frame 6
Girls : Ran…you went to set a ‘sapphire’ princessy hairstyle?
R: Huh!
R : What! @ I actually went to the Frame 5- minute hair class to set my hair? @

Frame 7
R : i…I can’t see myself…
@ What exactly did I do…@
Girl : Ran…

/ Pg 37
Frame 1
Girl : Since you really want to play Juliet’s role, I’ll let you have it…
R : No, No..is not like this..

Frame 2-3
U : Stop joking! // If she’s Juliet, I’m not acting!

Frame 4
Girl : Ah! No! Ukyo! You definitely must act!
Girls : Yes, that’s right!

Frame 5
U : Isn’t it better if Shou-chan act as Romeo instead?

/ Pg 38
Frame 1
R : Didn't I say I don’t want to act as Juliet?
@she sounded serious@
U : Really…then what are you wearing now?
R : What about yourself?

Frame 2
U : It’s your fault! You... // you told me not to wear it……
U : Ah…!

Frame 3
U : This can’t do…

Frame 4
U : Whenever I see your face, I feel pissed….

/ Pg 39
Should be my line!
R : Why don’t you return to America then?
(As long as you don’t return to America, that’ll be good…)

Frame 2
R : Going for a holiday! Idiot...
// Who gets a rose scent just from traveling! …so disgusting!

Frame 3
U : Aren’t you the same? ‘Playing house’ with someone else too…
// and you even said you trust me, and to think I actually believed your words…

Frame 4
U : Forget it…since from the beginning…

/ Pg 40
Frame 1
That’s right

Frame 3
Right from the beginning, we know it won’t work out…

Frame 4
Girls : Ran!

Frame 5
We are both fools!

/ Pg 41
Frame 1
R : Shou-chan!

Frame 3
S : Ran…you…

@ Hm…this dress-up seems to suit you!@

/ Pg 42
Frame 2
R : I…… // want to study in this class in future…..
Teacher : @No…you can’t do this..@

Frame 3
R : I don’t ever want to see Ukyo’s face ……

/ Pg 43
Frame 1
J : What happen Ukyo? Why are you wearing such a cute shirt?

Frame 2
U : Helo…mum? // I’m Ukyo…
U : I had a favour to ask.…

Frame 3
U : I want to study in England…
U : You mentioned once that you want me to study in Dad’s mother school?

Dosen't things become obvious once you see each other?

Frame 4
Ignoring each other’s presence...

Till bitterness and tears start to show at the end…
(Till the end where bitterness show and tears start to flow...)

Looking at the compatibility level of these two…

/ Pg 44
- no text-

/ Pg 45
Right from the beginning, it's impossible for them to be in love.…
What beautiful dream did they actually see…..

-- end of Chapter 9 --

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#1. by Silver_Sea ()
Posted on Jun 21, 2007
Ah~ha So this is your project, it sounds cute^^

Em, would you like some suggestions? Just some typos/grammer nothing big. I would hide them under a spoiler cut...but I can't figure it out...so here goes. If these suggestions weren't necessary, please let me know okay?

Thanks for the useful tip, Nami! It was good to know :D
#2. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on Jun 21, 2007
Haha..thanks for pointing them out, and yeah, posted them for comments of course! No worries. ;)

For spoiler tag, you can use this code [noparse]
[/noparse]. :amuse

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