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One Piece 576 (0 comments)
Page 1:
Chapter 576: The Great Pirate Edward Newgate

Page 2:
Panel 1
There's no doubt about it... Those are the deathrow convicts of Impel Down's Level Six!!!
What are they doing here!?
Panel 2
All of them carried out so many unspeakable atrocities, that the knowledge of their very existence had to be expelled from history...
They are the world's most terrible criminals...!
We cannot allow even a single one of them to escape into this world!
Panel 3
-There's only one living creature that's so large...!
Wolf- Ah... They saw me!! and on top of that they know who I am...
-It's the pirate "Colossal Battleship SanJuan Wolf"!!!

Page 3:
Panel 1- The Evil Tyrant Abarro... Read More " "
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One Piece 553 (2 comments)
Page 2:
~It's a tsunami!
DFlamingo- What Power~~!
A legendary pirate indeed!! Fufufu!
Dj- Ahhhh~~~!

Page 3:
Aokiji- "Ice Age"!!!

Page 4:
WB- Aokiji....
You little rascal...!!!

Page 5:
Marines: Uwa
--- It stopped...!!!
Gyaaaa---- Gyaaaa----
Aokiji-"Partisan"!!! (en:<- no idea)

Page 6:
Aokiji- arara (en: essentially "whoops")

Page 7:
~The whole entire bay is frozen!!
The movement of our boats has been completely stopped
~Bombard them!!!
Destroy the Moby Dick!!!
~Time to go
A good foothold has been made
Let's show them our strength!!!

Page 8:
~The Captains are out!!! Don't stop the bombardment!!!!

Page 9:
~Guhyahyahyahyahyahya!! A frozen ocean fires me... Read More " "
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One Piece 486 (2 comments)
486: Piano
'That Person is Now' Shot. #4 Yokozuna no longer challenges the Sea Train

Page 1:
?: Ok!
Close it!
?: Is it really ok? What about Perona!!
?: Even though we searched everywhere she's nowhere to be found. There's nothing we can do
?: Ha... Ok! I'm ready
Cancelling invisibility!
Hogback: Escape Sucessful Fos Fos Fos!!
Absalom: ...jeebus it was harrowing till the end
Why did "Violent Kun" come to Thriller Bark?

Page 2:
Hog: That's it Absalom...!
The truth is before the zombies were cleansed
I heard a story from Moria's servant zombies Gyoro,Nin, and Bao
Kuma was coming to tell us the name of former shichibukai Crocodile's sucessor
That's not the important part
Black Beard the guy who... Read More " "
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One Piece 476 (5 comments)
One Piece 476 Nightmare Luffy

Page 1:
Lola: Hey! I love you! Will you marry me?
Lola's Profile:
Rolling Pirates
"Proposing Lola"
Total amount of proposals 4443
Luffy: Nope...
Lola's Minions" He refused!! Its the 4444th rejection!
So thats Captain Lola for you
And we are shadow stolen forest wandering "Association of Victims"
Luffy: My shadow's been stolen so i'm in hurry
Lola's Minions: You're "Strawhat Luffy" right?

Page 2:
Lola's Minions: So anyways there has never been such an earthshattering development on Thrillerbark up until today!
All three of Moria's main minions have been thoroughly beaten and the mansion is in a state of major disarray!
But more... Read More " "
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One Piece 462 (7 comments)
One Piece 462
"Oz's Adventure"
Eneru Big Plan in Space Vol 28 "I want to say thank you for avenging our professor"

Page 2:
Perona: Negative Hollows!
Hollows: horohorohoro
Perona:That last one had some sort of mistake, with this last attack you will lose all will to live!!
Animals: He took them all four of them directly!
Hollow: horohorohoro
Animals: Ever since Thriller Bark started! There hasn't been a single person whose heart hasn't been broken by the ghosts...

Page 3:
Animals: !!? UOHHH
The Negative Ghosts!! Have lost in terms of negativity!
Could that guy be a Hermit or a Saint!?
Perona: Bearsy I'm so sorry
Animals: Even... Read More " "
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Bleach 282 (9 comments)
Page 1:
Mira Rose: Look!
That space is warped
Gran Rey Cero
That technique isn't allowed to be used under the skies of los noches

Page 2:
Apache: Ha, what are you scared!? Mira Rose!

Page 3:
Mira: Who's scared!?
I can hear you shake in your boots from all the way over here!
?: Hey you two cut it out!
Shouting like that only makes you look weaker

Both Mira and Apache: What! you little b****!

Page 4:
Apache: ...chi..
Mira: That Grim Jow is getting all excited

Page 5:
Halibel: Don't worry about it
Its a fight of a Ressurection Espada
Something hard not to fear
That is a basic fear, thats important to remember
?: ok...
Halibel (forgot her name): But.... This enemy he's fighting, is he really... Read More " "
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Bleach 275 (10 comments)
Bleach 275: By an amateur translator (>_<)

Pg 1
Ishida: ...Abarai

Pg 2
Ishida: How long can you hold him?
Abarai: I'm sorry, at best for about 20 seconds
Ishida: ...Ok

Ishida: That's long enough!
Lets Go!
Zp (too confusing to spell >.<): heh... You guys don't lend a hand
How exciting
Let me analyze what they're going to do in their current state.

Bleach 275. United Front 2 [Red&White]: They live in different worlds. Since the beginning and in the future. But now as friends...

Pg5 (I didn't understand this page at >.<)
Peshe: ow! It doesn't hurt... I doesn't hurt at all! That bastard uryuu... Going off by himself... If theres no one to chastise
?: ...Hey look.... Read More " "
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