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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 576

The Great Pirate Edward Newgate

+ posted by strikertp as translation on Mar 6, 2010 01:57 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 576

Page 1:
Chapter 576: The Great Pirate Edward Newgate

Page 2:
Panel 1
There's no doubt about it... Those are the deathrow convicts of Impel Down's Level Six!!!
What are they doing here!?
Panel 2
All of them carried out so many unspeakable atrocities, that the knowledge of their very existence had to be expelled from history...
They are the world's most terrible criminals...!
We cannot allow even a single one of them to escape into this world!
Panel 3
-There's only one living creature that's so large...!
Wolf- Ah... They saw me!! and on top of that they know who I am...
-It's the pirate "Colossal Battleship SanJuan Wolf"!!!

Page 3:
Panel 1- The Evil Tyrant Abarro Pizzarro
I haven't heard that name in ages nyaa....
Panel 2-
Glug,glug,gluug!! Whee!
I can kill these guys, right..?
The Great Drunkard Busco Shot
Panel 3-
The Crescent Moon Hunter Katarina Devon
Murun fufufu, I think I like you guys... <3
Panel 4-
-And the Impel Down's head jailer "Shiryuu of the Rain"
What the hell is going on!!?

Page 4:
Panel 1-
Shiryuu, you bastard...
What happened to Magellan!? What of Impel Down!?
How on earth did you brigands get here!?
Panel 2-
Shiryuu- Why don't you check for yourself later....
Anyways... let this be my formal reintroduction
because from now on, I'm working with these guys
Panel 3-
Marine: Fleet Admiral Sengoku!!
I didn't have the opportunity to say this till now but...
We recently received word that the "Gates of Justice" had been opened for an unmarked battleship!
And those who were inside... we see in front of us now
Panel 4-
How could this be? Those who were inside the control room were undoubtedbly our own men...
Panel 5-
Hohoho!! There is a rather mundane explanation for that...
Just before we departed I hypnotized your men in the control room...
I told them that if they saw a battleship, simply let it pass
Although now it seems it worked out rather well for others as well

Page 5:
Panel 1
BB- Had we been considered simply as enemy pirates by the World Government
We would've never been able to infiltrate Impel Down, 'cause the "Gates of Justice" wouldn't of opened for us.
That's the only reason why I wanted this damn title of "shichibukai"
I sure as hell dont need it anymore!!!
Panel 3
WB- Your only goal was to acquire those monsters?
BB- Zehahahaha! Yeah, that's the only reason, right from the start! And soon it'll all be revealed to you...
Panel 4
Panel 5
Watch out Captain!!

Page 6:
Panel 1:
BB- Agh!
Panel 2:
BB-You're not holding back are you...!?
I guess that wouldn't be you...
Panel 3: You... You alone, I refuse to call son!! TEACH!!
You broke the only rule, the most important rule...
You murdered one of your crewmates.
Panel 4:
Old man...!!
Panel 5: Stay back Marco!! This isn't your fight!
Panel 6: For the honor of 4th division commander Satch
I will slay this idiot to make ammends!
Panel 7:
I was looking forward to this...!

Page 7:
Panel 1:
BB- "Black Hole"!!!
Satch may have died.... But Ace died too didn't he!? Old Man!
Panel 2:
You, I respected above all else... You, I wanted to be above all else...! But you've gotten old!
You only had to save one underling!
I even spared him for you at Bannaro Island!!!
Panel 3:
That bastard!!!
Panel 4:
What is that black cloud?
Panel 6:
Not so fast! That won't work!
When facing me, all "abilities" are useless!!!

Page 8:
Panel 1:
BB:Black Whirpool (kuro-uzu)!
Panel 2/3:
BB: Zehahaha, you won't be rumbling anything now willya!?
Panel 4:
Panel 5:
Shit! It Hurts!!!
Panel 6:
WB:Hubris... Impetuousness... Those are your flaws...
Panel 7/8:
BB: Eh!?
Hb.ey... Swtop it!!!

Page 9:
Panel 1:
BB- Gyaahh~~~
Stwop it!! Ooold Mman!!! Are you really going to kill one of your own sons!?
Panel 2
Panel 4:
Panel 5:
You're a friggin monster...
despite being so close to death!!! ... SHUT UP AND DIE ALREADY!
Panel 6:

Page 11:
Panel 5-
Panel 6-
BB: Zehahahahaha
Keep Goin'!!! Make him into Swiss Cheese!

Page 12:
Panel 3-
WB-You said you are going die? Roger....
Panel 5-
Roger-yeah... It won't be long now. White Beard, do you want me to tell you how to go to Raftel?
WB- Even if I listened to you... I wouldn't go, I'm not really interested...
Panel 6-
Roger- Have you heard what they'd started calling me back at HQ?
"Gold Roger"
Panel 7-
...It's damn wrong!! My name is "Gol D. Roger"!!!
WB- I've been meeting these people with this "D" in their names...
My crew's even got one, goes by "Teach"
What does the "D" stand for...?
Panel 8-
Hehe you want to know do ya? I'll tell you then...

Page 13:
Panel 1-
BB-...Shit, we're all out of ammo
"It's a pretty old legend but..."
Panel 2-
WB- You're not the one....
ha... ha...
Panel 3-
BB- Goddamn... You're still alive!?
WB- The man Roger was waiting for... To say the least, it is not you...
BB- Wha!?
Panel 4-
WB- Just as there are those who still carry the will of Gol D. Roger...
There will be those who carry on the legacy of Ace.
Although some will succeed in erasing their bloodlines, their fire will never be extinguished...
Panel 5-
...their heirs have carried on, through endless generations
and some day... there will be one, upholding the legacy passed along by the centuries,
who will wage war against this world!!!
Sengoku... You, and the "World Government" you are part of...
Your greatest fear is inevitable... It is coming... A tremendous battle that will engulf the earth and all who live upon it!!!
Panel 6-
WB- Although I don't care for it... When someone finds that Treasure
The world will never be the same...!!!
Someone will find it, that day will definitely come...

Page 14-
Panel 1-
Panel 2-
Sengoku: ....!!! YOU BASTARD!!!
Panel 4-
BB- Zehaha!
Panel 5-
WB- Forgive me my sons... I am leaving behind this idiotic ingrate...
I must go...

Page 15-
Panel 1-
You gave me everything...
Panel 2-
It's definitely weird... A pirate that doesn't care for treasure?
What the hell are you looking for?
Hey, Newgate, I'm talkin to ya!!
Panel 3-
WB- ...Ever since I was little kid... There's something I've always wanted...
Oh! There's something you want then? Comon tell us!
Panel 5-
Panel 6-
"The hell's that? Gyahahaha"
I am so grateful to you all....!!
Panel 7-
Panel 8-
...D-... He's gone off and died...
....While he's still standing!!
Panel 9-
....Old Man!!!
[White Beard has Perished]

Page 16-
[Even in death his body refuses to yield..., even after his face was cleaved in two]
[He continued to decimate those who stood before him, a "monster" in the purest sense]
[In this battle alone, he endured two hundred sixty and seven wounds by blade- One hundred fifty two bullets from firearms-]
[and withstood forty and six cannon balls-, and yet for all this...]
[as evidence of his incredible pride- Upon his back, from his entire life as a pirate]
[lies not a single wound from retreat!!!]

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