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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 576

Great Pirate Edward Newgate

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 4, 2010 18:52 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 576: Great Pirate Edward Newgate

[Insert text: Who are these people around Blackbeard?!]
Marines: There's no mistaking it... those are the death-row convicts of Impel Down Level Six!!! // What are they doing here?! // The most terrible criminals the world has ever known... / ...responsible for such outrageously brutal acts that they had to be erased from the face of the world.........!!! // Even one of those prisoners walking free again is unthinkable...!! // That is the largest being ever to walk this earth...!!
Wolf: Ahh... dey spotted me an' dey know who I am...!!
Marines: The pirate "Colossal Battleship" San Juan Wolf!!!

Marines: "Wicked King" Abalo Pizarro!!!
Pizarro: It's nice to breathe fresh air again...
Busco: Toptoptop...!! Wheeew~! / Can I kill these guys~?
Marines: "Mighty Drinker" Busco Shot!!! // "New Moon Hunter" Catarina Devon!!!
Catarina: Murunfuffuffu... I think I like you people!♡
Marines: And from Impel Down itself!! Head Gaoler "Shiryuu of the Rain"!!! // What the heck is going on?!!

Sengoku: Shiryuu... why, you......!!! / What happened to Magellan?! What has happened to Impel Down?! / How did you people get here?!!!
Shiryuu: Why don't ya check that out for yourselves later...? I'm throwing my lot in with these guys. // That's the deal.
Marine: Fleet Admiral Sengoku!! I had no opportunity to report this to you...... / ...but a short while ago, we received reports that the Gates of Justice opened once more, and an unidentified battleship passed through!
Sengoku: ......... / And that's how they got here, is it?!! // What is the meaning of this?! There is no-one in the control room beside our own men, and there have been no reports of anything unusual!
Lafitte: Hohoho!! I'm afraid the explanation for that is quite simple.........!! / Before we set out, I took the precaution of hypnotising the Marines in the control room... / I instructed them to allow any and all battleships to pass the Gates of Justice. // It would appear that this worked to the advantage of certain other parties, as well...

Blackbeard: If the Government had considered us mere enemy pirates... / ...then we wouldn't have been able to open the Gates of Justice or infiltrate Impel Down! // That's the only reason I wanted the title of Shichibukai in the first place...!! / I don't need it any more!!!
Sengoku: ...............!!! // Then your goal was to free these convicts?!!
Blackbeard: Zehahahahah! Sure was! Right from the beginning, I've been trying to achieve just that... and one more thing!! Well, you'll see soon enough!
[TN: Disclaimer: not at all sure on the "one more thing" part, could really use a second opinion from a native speaker >< srsly-what-is-the-そしてこれが全て-doing]
Sengoku: ...............!!!
Whitebeard: TEACH~~~~~~~!!!
Someone: Captain!! Watch out!!
Blackbeard: !

People: !!! // Ahhh!!!
Blackbeard: ...............!!! // You sure ain't pulling your punches!! ...Not that I'd expect you to!!
Whitebeard: .........You alone, I refuse to acknowledge as my son!! Teach!! / *pant* // You broke the sole ironclad rule of my ship... you took the life of a crewmate!!
Pirates: Old man...!!
Whitebeard: Don't you interfere in this, Marco!!!
Marco: !!
Whitebeard: In taking the life of this fool... / ...I will finally avenge Fourth Division Commander Satch once and for all!!!
Blackbeard: Zehahahahahah... // Wouldn't have it any other way.........!!! // Black Hole!!! // You lost Satch... and now you've lost Ace, old man!!
Whitebeard: !!
Blackbeard: There was a time when I admired you... looked up to you above all others...!! / But you've grown old!! // So old, you couldn't even save a single subordinate from his execution!!!
Whitebeard: !!!
Blackbeard: Even after I was nice enough to leave him alive for you back on Banalo Island!!!
Vista: Why, that impudent...!!
Marines: What is that black stuff...?
Whitebeard: .........
Blackbeard: I don't think so!! Not a chance!! // As far as I'm concerned, all "abilities" mean nothing!!!

Blackbeard: Kurouzu!!!
[TN: "Black Vortex"]
Whitebeard: !
Blackbeard: Zehahahah!! How d'ya like that?! Can't make any earthquakes now, can ya...?!!
Whitebeard: ..................
Blackbeard: !!! / Unng... // ...gguaaaaahhh!!! // Aaaaaarrghhhh!!! / The pain!!! Dammitall...
Whitebeard: Overconfidence... rashness... those are your weaknesses......
Blackbeard: Ehh...hhhh?!! / Oi! Stop that!!

Blackbeard: Ngaaahhhhhhhh!! // Stop it!!! Old man!!! I'm your son!! You wouldn't really ki - // Aaaaarghhhhh!!
People: !!! // ...............!!!
Blackbeard: ......Aaa......arghh...!!! // You... damned... monster...!!! // Hell, you're half dead!!! Shut up and die, why don't you?!! // GET HIM~~~!!!

People: !!!!
Pirates: Old man~~~~~~~~~~!!
Blackbeard: Zehahahahahah!! // That's right!!! Make a honeycomb outta the bastard!!!

Flashback!Whitebeard: You're going to die? / You, Roger......?
Flashback!Roger: Sure am. I don't have long left. / Want me to tell you the way to Raftel while we're here, Whitebeard?
Flashback!Whitebeard: Tell me if you like; I won't go there. I have no interest in the place...
Flashback!Roger: Have you heard the name the Government have started calling me by recently? // They call me "Gold Roger". // ......That's not my name!! I'm Gol D Roger!!!
Flashback!Whitebeard: That "D" name seems to show up from time to time... / There's one in my crew, as well. Man named Teach. / Just what is this "D"...?
Flashback!Roger: Oh, you want to know? Then I'll tell you...

Whitebeard: (It was so long ago, but...)
Blackbeard: ...Ah... I'm out of bullets.........
Whitebeard: You are not the one......... / *pant* // *pant*
Blackbeard: !! // The hell... you're still alive?!!!
Whitebeard: The man who Roger was waiting for... / ...was not you, Teach, at the very least...
Blackbeard: Huh?!
Whitebeard: Just as there are those who have inherited Roger's will... // ...Ace's will too will someday be inherited by others... / *pant* / You may eradicate his bloodline, but "their" flames will never die... // ...For many ages, they have been passed down through the generations without fail.........!! / *pant* / And someday... bearing the weight of all those centuries upon his back... / ...a man will come forth to challenge this world.........!!!
People: ...............!!
Whitebeard: Sengoku... You people of the World Government... / ...are living in fear... of that great battle that will someday engulf the entire world!!! // Though it has nothing to do with me... when somebody finally finds that treasure...... // ...the world will be turned upside down......!! // Oh yes, it will be found. / That day will come, without a doubt...

Whitebeard: ONE PIECE... // ...IS OUT THERE!!!
People: ?!!!
Sengoku: .........!!! Why, you...!!!!
Blackbeard: Zehahah!!
Whitebeard: (Forgive me, my sons... I have left a terrible fool for you to contend with... // This is as far as I go... // I owe everything to all of you...)
Flashback!Pirates: That's just weird. Whoever heard of a pirate who's not interested in treasure?! // What the hell is it you want, then?!
Flashback!Newgate: .........
Flashback!Pirates: Well, Newgate?!!
Flashback!Newgate: .........Ever since I was a kid... there's something I've always wanted to have...
Flashback!Pirates: ? // Oh?! What is it, then?! Let's hear it!
Flashback!Newgate: .................. // A family.
Flashback!Pirates: The hell's up with that?! Gyahahahahah......!
Whitebeard: (I am so grateful to you all... Farewell, my sons............!!)
Pirates: ............Hm? // ......Ahh......!!
Blackbeard: ...H... He's gone and died... // .........He's dead on his feet...!!
Pirates: ......!! .........Old man...!!!
[Box: Thus falls Whitebeard!!!]

[Box: Even in death, even with half of his head blown clean away, his body refuses to yield. // His mighty figure, cutting swathes through his foes, was truly monstrous. // Over the course of his battles, he received a full two hundred and sixty-seven blade wounds... / The bullets he endured total one hundred and fifty-two... // And the cannonballs he has withstood amount to four tens and six. And yet... // Upon the proud back of this legendary man... / Or indeed, upon his very life as a pirate... // He bears not a single wound of cowardice!!!]
[Insert text: His glorious back bared tall, the legend falls!!]

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#1. by Trent ()
Posted on Mar 4, 2010
#2. by miaka_fr ()
Posted on Mar 6, 2010
Hi Carlos, can I ask you what is the "Toptoptop" of Busco on page 3 ?! Is it his way (and sound) of drinking alcohol as someone said to me that normally it should be 'gabu gabu gabu" in japanese. Thanks as usual for this translation !
#3. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 6, 2010
Yeah, I figure it's either his unique drinking sound or else just his laugh. One of the two ><
#4. by Twar ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2010

I would like to comment on the fifth page, more specifically on Blackbeard's line after Sengoku's.
As I read the raw I noticed no reason for the "one more thing" to be there. As far as I understood, it should just say:
"Zehahahaha, you could say I was aiming for that, and only that, from the beginning!! Now you catch on."

Could you clear this up for me? :)

Best regards,
#5. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 8, 2010
As I stated in the translation, I'm not at all sure on that part, and would really appreciate a native speaker's explanation of what that line's doing.

The one part I am pretty sure on is that 今にわかる doesn't mean "now you understand". Plain 今 means "now", obviously, but I've never seen 今に used to refer to something that's happening/already happened; as far as I'm aware, it always refers to something that's going to happen soon. (Please correct me if I'm wrong...)

But the line that confused me was the そしてこれが全て. It just didn't sound to me as though he was referring to the same goal he'd just been talking about. For a start, if he had been, surely he would have used それ rather than これ; I don't think これ is generally used to refer back to things that are already being discussed, which is why it sounded to me like he was perhaps referring cryptically to something else (perhaps "this" in the sense of "what I'm in the process of doing right now"). Plus there was the way 全て was emphasised, making it look like there was some kind of cryptic meaning to it.

There's also the fact that he'd already stated with the だけ that freeing the prisoners was "all" he was after. Starting a whole new sentence, with a fairly strong connective like そして and a cryptic emphasis on 全て, just to repeat something he'd already said, doesn't make much sense to me. And the "that's all" interpretation doesn't seem to work properly with the "you'll understand soon" line that follows either. Plus from a logical perspective, I can't see that Blackbeard's only objective was to free the prisoners, since that doesn't explain why he went to such lengths to reach Marinford.

So yeah. The interpretation I ended up with is probably completely wrong, and I'd appreciate an explanation, but that's how I got there ~~
#6. by Twar ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2010
Okay, thank you for explaining your thought process, it helped me understand something myself.
これが in this context is in my opinion an expression used when emphasizing something that is closely related to oneself, or just physically close to oneself (albeit in a lofty manner). In this case, the plan was thought up by BB and also the released crewmen are right there beside him, thus I wouldn't find it too much of a stretch to accept the phrase.

Taking this into account, I'm left with two possible interpretations:


The way I see it, the last part of Blackbeard's bubble is just a phrase to "rub it in" Sengoku's face. The emphasized "全て" makes sense to me if I just picture him saying it in a very dramatic and stuck-up way:

そして [And...]
これが全.て.!! [You'll realize ALL(!!) of this...]
今にわかる [...Soon enough.]


If we assume that the これ was still referring to the plan, rather than the Marines' discovery of the plan (as in version 1), Blackbeard just wanted to emphasize just how ingenious and manipulative he was by adding another phrase:

"And this is all! You'll see soon enough [the greatness of my new crew blah blah]."

I'm slanted towards the first one. Although I'm not a native speaker, this is the best I could come up with. Thanks for the discussion!
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