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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 462

One Piece 462

+ posted by strikertp as translation on Jul 7, 2007 01:01 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 462

One Piece 462
"Oz's Adventure"
Eneru Big Plan in Space Vol 28 "I want to say thank you for avenging our professor"

Page 2:
Perona: Negative Hollows!
Hollows: horohorohoro
Perona:That last one had some sort of mistake, with this last attack you will lose all will to live!!
Animals: He took them all four of them directly!
Hollow: horohorohoro
Animals: Ever since Thriller Bark started! There hasn't been a single person whose heart hasn't been broken by the ghosts...

Page 3:
Animals: !!? UOHHH
The Negative Ghosts!! Have lost in terms of negativity!
Could that guy be a Hermit or a Saint!?
Perona: Bearsy I'm so sorry
Animals: Even Perona has been affected!!!
Ussop: ...Ok guys listen up
Do not think that anybody here
can conquer me in terms of negative thoughts!!!
Animals: What a bad source of self esteem!!

Page 4:
Perona's Wonder Garden
Franky: To think ussops negativity would come in handy in a place like this...
If he wasn't there it could of easily been the end of us!
Sanji: What a horrifying ability
Zoro: The ones that are chasing us are just weird animal zombies
Sanji: It seems you'll go to the mansion where brooks is if you go straight through this yard
I'll depart here to go rescue Nami San
Frankie: Ok we got it, do a good job!
Sanji: OOYO!! I am the Willo Wisp!
Unn... Nami Saaaaaaan!!
I won't let you become a bride!!!
Zoro: He flew... Isn't this place up pretty high!?

Page 5:
Frankie: Well if humans get there adrenaline pumping it's said that pain becomes an afterthought...
Whatever... whats important is that at the top of this mansion there is a skeleton and a swordsman
Zoro: ahh
Brooke: ow... ha... ha
Ryuuma: Yohohoho

Page 6:
Ryuuma: Its almost like you're a phoenix
But again your a zombie
You shouldn't be able to stand any longer
Brook: Zee Zee
Ryuuma: Soon I'll make it so you'll no longer be able to move
So you will never again try to take your shadow
What should i cut off with my special "Yahazu" (arrow notch) Slash!?
Brook: you know nothing...
Don't use that name...
Ryuuma: ?
Brook: Coming from kingdom's "assault squad" the fast cutting technique i made my specialty is named "Requiem Handoul"
That same sword slash was praised by my nakama and nicknamed
"Hanauta SanCho Yahazugiri" (Flower Song Three Petals Arrow Notch Slash >.<)

Page 7:
Brook: Even if you have my personality and techniques, to you who have forgotten memories and feelings
I do not want that name used by you!
Ryuuma: Yohohoho if you keep on insisting you're using the real one
Why don't you tear apart my so called faked sword techniques
This is your last chance
Brooks: ha yoro ha ha

Page 8:
Both: Hanauta Sansho
Yahazu Giri!

Page 9:
Brooks: Laboon
There is nothing more i want than to apologize to you
for this unfortunate me to apologize
Ryuuma: Of course starting with the afro
Brooks: On this dark ocean for fifty years
It was so long...
and to think there was no reason for me to live
I'm so miserable
My life is so miserable
Ryuuma: Yohoho

Page 10:
Brooks: AAAHH
Ryuuma: ? What is this!? The mansions rumbling
Frankie: UOH! What is shaking!!
Zoro: Why would i know, maybe its an earthquake!!?
Frankie: Is this it!? The laboratory!!
Found him!! Hey skeleton!
Brooks: Eh..

Page 11:
Frankie: Hey you!! Even though you've taken quite a beating you're still conscious right!? You're still alive right!!?
Ryuuma: why are you guys here
Yohoho this will not do!! Interacting with the defeated!!
Zoro: Not so fast

Page 12:
Zoro: So its you
The ancient "legendary samurai" who cut the dragon
Even though i'm not sure whether or not dragons really existed
I wanted to meet you!
Brooks: He won the clash
Who exactly is he!!!
Frankie: Hes a belligerent santoryu pirate swordsman.
Hes pretty strong, if your pride allows it
In your place he might take back your shadow, would you accept that
However what exactly is this shaking?
Brooks: My shadow!!? Really!? Please... if you can

Page 13:
Brooks: Please... My shadow... Take it back
Zoro: STFU
Brooks: Whaaaaaa!?
Frankie: Hey Skeleton!
Zoro: Your blade... it looks pretty good
Ryuuma: Yohoho you have a good eye
This is one of the 21 great swords (sorry >.< not a good translation) (i have no idea what the next part says >.<)
It is THE Meitou Shuusui
It is a sword not seen by many eyes ( sorry page 13 is giving me a tough time)
Zoro: So its a great sword!! I've come across a good thing
Since you're called a samurai i expected a good blade
Yoshi! I'm going to use that blade!!
Ryuuma: What!!?

Page 14:
The Masts first floor cathedral
Absalom: Chuuba Chuuba Chuuba (denotes kissing)
Hey wait a minute!! What is this shaking! I can't even give the closing kiss!
General Zombie: Absalom sama!!
Absalom: What happened!?
GZ: This huge ship Thriller Barker has come across a strange ocean current and is being washed away!!
This shaking is happening across the whole island!!

Page 15:
Absalom: Why did this happen!?
ZG: It seems the special zombie is moving the rudder without any permission!
Absalom: what!?
Oz: Hey.. its moving its moving
Absalom: All general zombies move out!
Stop oz!
Oz: ?
GZ: stop right there special zombie oz
Oz: !

Page 16 & 17:
GZ:Crush him starting at his feet
He disappeared! Where is OZ!?
Even at his size
What is this quick wit
OZ: GOMUGOMU NO (even though its not Rubber)
GZ: Hes over there! Above us!!!
OZ: Gatling!!!
GZ: Gyahh!

Page 18:
OZ: Don't interrupt my adventure!!!
Absalom: Total defeat!? Those guys that just left this place!?
Zombie: Y.. Yes they've all been smushed
Absalom: Those guys who were the island's ultimate zombie fighters!? Those guys were the general zombies!
Zombie: ... Yes in an instant!!
Absalom: Thats not possible.....!

Page 19:
Zombie: Isn't Oz our ally!!?
Why is he being so wonton!!
Sanji: Its that place right!?
Zombie: Yes thats it..So please let go of me!!
Zombies should be obedient!! If we leave that guy alone whats going to happen to thriller bark!?
I've come to take you backk!
There she is!!
Absalom: Is he one of the strawhats!!?
Sanji has arrived!!

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#1. by kadodo ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Thank you very much!!!
#2. by  ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007

Thanks ;)
#3. by Ginny-N ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Arigato! And the name is Ryuuma ^^!
#4. by Hermie (vs. The World.)
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Awesome, thanks Striker. :D
#5. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Thx a lot! Very good trans n_n...

#6. by The Boff ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
awesome stuff dude! thanks
#7. by bax ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Keep up the good work :kkthumbs

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