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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 462

One Piece Chapter 462

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Jul 6, 2007 23:46 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 462

Done now, got freed up sooner than I thought. :luffy

Unless I say otherwise, I'm letting you all know you can count on me to do a weekly translation. There's no point in doing it this long if I don't keep consistent.

Lines I'm unsure of include original japanese beside them

Page 01:
Title: Oz's Adventure
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan: Volume 28 - For defeating the the Professor's enemies, I want to thank you.

Page 02:
Pelona: Negative Hollow!!!
BGtext: A quadruple Negative Attack!!
Pelona: Horohorohoro!!!
Pelona: What happened before has to have been a mistake. With this unified attack
Pelona: you will completely lose any will you had to live!!!
Zombie: It got him!! All four of them hit!!
Pelona: Horohorohoro...
Zombies: Ever since Thriller Bark was established, not one person
Zombies: Has been be able to retain their spirit...

Page 03:
Zomibe: Uoooooh!!!
Zombies: The Negative Ghosts...!! They became negative!!!
Zombies: That man couldn't be a Sennin or a Saint could he?!! *Trans Note: Sennin is a Hermit, Kumadori of the CP9 was supposedly one, as is Jiraiya (Naruto).
Pelona: Bearsy... I'm sorry for everything.
Zombies: It even affected Pelona-sama's real body!!!
Usopp: Listen up you all...
Usopp: if you're gonna try and change everything into a minus... *Trans note: In he interest of preserving Oda's weird english, I kept it as minus*
Usopp: Don't think you can do it better than me!!!
Zombies: His confidence in his pessimism is amazing!!!

Page 04:
Box: Pelona's Wonder Garden
someone: hah
someone: hah
Sanji: To think that somehow Usopp's negativity would become useful in a place like this...
Franky: If he hadn't been here then
Franky: That would have been it for the entire crew......!!
Zoro: That's a pretty terrible power she had.
Zoro: Nothing but weird animal zombies chasing after us now.
Sanji: Once you're through this garden, you should find Brook at the Mansion.
Sanji: I'll break off from you here and go find where Nami-san is.
Franky: Go it, give it your all!!
Sanji: Yeah!! I'm the Will-o-wisp of love!! *Trans note: It's a pun. Look at him*
Sanji: Nami-san!!! I won't let you be a bride!!!
Zoro: ......He jumped... but isn't this place pretty high up?!

Page 05:
Franky: Well, when a person gets tensed up they forget about things like pain...
Franky: Anyways, we need to head to the top floor of that mansion
Franky: The skeleton will be in the research room!!!
Zoro: Alright
Brook: Auh!!
Brook: .....hah...!!
Brook: hah
Ryuuma: Yohohohoho
Brook: hah

Page 06:
Ryuuma: You're almost like a phoenix, or perhaps a zombie...
Ryuuma: You shouldn't even be able to stand anymore.
Brook: Zeh
Brook: Zeh
Ryuuma: It's about time I stop you for good.
Ryuuma: So you won't ever return trying to take back your shadow...
Ryuuma: Now why don't I use my specialty Yahazu Giri to cut you down!?
Brook: You don't know anything at all...
Brook: zeh
Brook: Don't use that name...
Brook: zeh
Brook: That special move of mine got it's name from my time in my kingdom's Surprise Attack Corps
Brook: "Requiem Banderole." My nakama all praised that sword skill greatly, and gave it the nickname *Trans Note: A Banderole: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banderol
Brook: Hanauta Sanchou Yahazu Giri (Humming Three-tool Notched Arrow Strike)

Page 07:
Brook: ......even if you have my technique and my character
Brook: or my thoughts, someone who's lost their humanity like you have
Brook: should never use that name.........!!!
Ryuuma: Yohohoho If you're so insitent on being it's creator
Ryuuma: then why don't you crush this stolen techniques of mine!!
Ryuuma: This is
Ryuuma: Your last chance you know...
Brook: haaa...
Brook: haaa...
Brook: hah...
Brook: hah...
Brook: hah...

Page 08:
Ryuuma: Hanauta Sanchou (Humming Three-Tool)
Ryuuma: Yahazu Giri!!! (Notched Arrow Strike)

Page 09:
Brook: Laboon.........
Brook: More than anything I want to apologize to you.........!!!
Brook: To apologize for my fate.........!!!
Ryuuma: Of couse the Afro is first.
Brook: In the dark sea for 50 years... ...it was so long... for there have been no point in living...
Brook: So lonely............!!!
Brook: My life has been... so lonely............!!!
Ryuuma: Yohoho

Page 10:
Brook: Nuah!!
Brook: Aaaaaaaah
Ryuuma: Hm!!?
Ryuuma: What the!? The mansion is shaking...
Franky: Ooi!! What's with these tremors?!!
Franky: hah
Zoro: How should I know, maybe it's an earthquake?!!
Zoro: hah
Franky: Is this is!? The Research Room?!!
Franky: He's here!! Oi, Skeleton!!!
Brook: eh...

Page 11:
Franky: You!! You're really messed up
Franky: You're alive right?! You're alive?!!
Brook: Ah...ah... You, why are you here?
Ryuuma: Yohoho!! This is a problem!! To brazenly embrace the loser!!
Zoro: Hold on a sec.

Page 12:
Zoro: Is it you......?
Zoro: The Legendary Samurai, who long ago once cut down a Dragon?
Zoro: I don't know if there was even a creature like a dragon around but...
Zoro: I've wanted to meet you!!!
Brook: ......He pushed him back...
Brook: ...just what is he...!!!
Franky: A militant Santouryuu Pirate Swordsman. *Trans note: Santouryuu = Three Sword Style
Franky: He's pretty strong. And If you're pride will allow it
Franky: what do you say to letting him take over and recover your shadow?
Franky: wah...
Franky: Man, what's with these tremors?!!
Brook: My shadow...!!? Honestly......!? By all means...please

Page 13:
Brook: Please I beg you...!! My shadow...!! Please get it back for me!! **Typesetter Note: Part of the line is obscured intentionally)
Zoro: Shut up!! Be quiet!!
Brook: Eeeeeeh!!?
Brook: Gaku (Crack)
Franky: Oi!! Skeleton!!!
Zoro: That katana... seems pretty strong.
Ryuuma: You have a good eye............ This is certainly
Ryuuma: One of the 21 great blades... The Dark Clove Blade of Splitting Disorder *Extra Note: Full Sword Intro - Kokutou Midareba Daisaka Chouji Meitou Shuusui
Ryuuma: The Meitou Blade "Shuusui." Trans Note: Shuushui means Clear Autumn Water
Ryuuma: It's certainly a piece that one can recognize on sight.
Zoro: One of the Great Blades huh?!! What a good thing to come across.
Zoro: You call yourself a Samurai so I was hoping you'd have something like that.
Zoro: Yosh! I'm going
Zoro: To use that katana!!
Ryuuma: What did you say?!!

Page 14:
Box: Mast Mansion's First Floor Church
Zombie: Uwaah!!
Zombie: Waaaah!!
Absalom: Smooch / Mwah **Note: either/or works.
Absalom: Smooch / Mwah
Absalom: Smooch / Mwah
Absalom: -Oi!!! Wait a sec!!! What's up with these tremors?!!!
Absalom: I can't even have my kiss!!!
Zombie: Absalom-sama!!!
Absalom: What is it? Did you find anything out?!!
Zombie: This giant ship, Thriller Bark, is being carried by some strange ocean current!!!
Zombie: There are tremors across the island!!!

Page 15:
Absalom: How did this happen?!!
Oz: Oh, it moved, it moved.
Zombie: That is... the special zombie from before seems to have randomly taken the helm...!!!
Absalom: Whaaaat?!!
Absalom: Special Zombie!! Everyone is to go engage him at once!!!
Absalom: Stop Oz!!!
Zombies: Yessir!!!
Oz: Huh?
Zombies: Stop right there, Special Zombie Oz!!

Page 16:
Zombies: Target his legs and cut him down!!!
Zombies: Uwooooh
Zombies: ...hm?!
Zombies: He's gone!! Where's Oz?!
Zombie: With that size.....
Zombie: How's he so quick on his feet?
Oz: Gomu Gomu No ............!!! (Though I'm not really rubber) **Typesetter note: That's part of his line
Zombie: There he is, above!!!
Oz: Gatling!!!!
Zombies: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Page 17:
Oz is beating ass on this page.

Page 18:
Oz: Don't get in the way
Oz: Of my adventure!!!
Absalom: Everyone who just left here was
Absalom: Annihilated?!!
Zombie: Y..yes!! They were all crushed flat.
Absalom: The strongest Zombie Brigade on this island?!! They're General Zombies!!!
Absalom: ......yes!! All at once!!!
Absalom: ......impossible......!!

Page 19:
Absalom: Wasn't Oz our ally?!!
Absalom: Why is he just running wild on his own!!
Sanji: That's it right?!
Zombie: That's it I promise, just please let me go!!
Absalom: Zombie's should be unable to disobey orders!!! If we leave him to himself then
Absalom: What will happen to Thriller Bark?!!
Sanji: Nami-san!!! **Random Comment: he stretched her name to fill a dialog bubble that big?!!!
Sanji: I'm here to get you!!!
Sanji: She' here!!!
Absalom: One of the Strawhats huh.........?!!!
BGText: Sanji has arrived!!

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#1. by  ()
Posted on Jul 6, 2007
Oh, we'll be waiting for your trans tomorrow, then ^^
#2. by yeste ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
We'll wait... :)
#3. by flyingeye ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Quote by yeste;454745:
We'll wait... :)

with bait like breath.

loving it.
#4. by kazamakj ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Take your time. Then again its because I have no choice but to wait since I can't read the raws.
#5. by Hermie (vs. The World.)
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Thanks Sky, as I've said before, it's really nice to have a consistent translator for OP every week. Go you! =D
#6. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
I've found the more I keep at it, the easier it gets.

When I started, I was taking like 8 hours to do a script, but everyone kept encouraging me (there weren't many other translators who were consistent then), so I just kept at it.

Now I'm doing it to better myself, and (now that I'm aware they use it) provide a basis for the international translators to use.
#7. by bax ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Thanx once again sky :)
#8. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2007
Thanks a lot sky :XD
#9. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 23, 2007
Quote by skywalker6705;454717:

Absalom: Special Zombie!! Everyone is to go engage him at once!!!

Well, I'm using your translation just to keep me a bit straight on mine, and I spotted this. Isn't it supposed to be:

Absalom: General Zombie!! Everyone is to go engage him at once!!!

That's what the furigana says.

Anyway, thanks for the translation. ^_^"

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