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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 462

One Piece 462

+ posted by -X- as translation on Jul 6, 2007 23:41 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 462

Hello all,

A few of you might remember me, I did a couple chapters for ES21 several months ago. Anyway, I got really busy with school for a long time, but I've got a little more free time now (even though I'm still in summer classes...at UNC-Chapel Hill, if anyone's interested). Feel free to send requests my way. Speed is not my specialty, but I will guarantee accuracy and quality, ESPECIALLY when it comes to grammar and spelling...this is much to the chagrin of many of my friends, who have to suffer my corrections to their speech and writing incessantly. Of course, feel free to use my translations for anything, and crediting is appreciated. Enjoy!

By the way, while in-progress, I won't be posting the Japanese script since people are anxious to get the scanlations going, but I will post it when I finish.

Chapter 462: Oz's Adventure

Enel's Great Space Plan Vol. 28: Doctor Tanuki wants to give his thanks

Perona: Negative Hollows!!!

Text: Quadruple Negative Attack!!

Hollows: Horohorohoro

Perona: What happened before was just a fluke...With this simulaneous attack、you'll completely lose all your will to live!!!

Zombies: She got him!! A direct hit from all four!!

Hollows: Horohorohoro...

SFX: *Singing* Negative Negative Negative

Zombies: From the moment Thriller Bark began, there hasn't been a single person whose spirit these ghosts haven't been able to ta...

Zombies: Uuooh!!!

The negative ghosts... lost in negativity!!!

Don't tell me that man is some kind of hermit or sage!?

Perona: Bearsy, I'm sorry for everything...

Zombies: It even affected Perona herself!!!

Usopp: Listen up, you guys...

When it comes to thinking of things negatively...

Don't think that you could ever surpass me!!!!

Zombies: He's really self-confident in the wrong way!!!

Text box: Pelona's Wonder Garden

(Note: It's not clear who's speaking here, but I THINK it's Sanji): Haa... Haa... (TN: this is breathing heavily, if there's another way the scanlators would like to convey that in English, feel free!) To think that Usopp's negativity would be useful in a place like this...

Franky: If he weren't here, it's possible that that alone might've meant annihilation for the whole crew!

Zoro: Those things had a terrible ability...

The only thing following us are freaky animal zombies.

Sanji: So right after we cross this garden, we'll be right at the place where Brooke is...

I'll split up with you guys here and head to where Nami-san is!!

Franky: Gotcha...take care of it!!

Sanji: Damn right!! I'm the Will-o'-the-wisp of Love!! Nn~~~nami-sa~~~n!!! I won't let you become a bride!!! (TN: Right here, Sanji says ”俺は”恋の狐火”." 狐火 can either be (literally) fox-fire (think Shippo from Inuyasha, it's a tradition in Japanese mythology for foxes to be able to produce fire from their mouths), or can refer to the phenomena known as St. Elmo's Fire and Will-o-the-Wisp...I'm opting for the latter, since it ties in with the whole zombie/ghost theme at Thriller Bark, as either phenomena have been thought to be wandering souls)

Zoro: ....he jumped...isn't this pretty high up?!

Franky: Well...they say that as a man's spirits raise, pain can fade away...

At any rate, we're headed for the highest floor of that mansion.

The skeleton is in the laboratory!!!

Zoro: Yeah.

Brooke: Ow!!

Ryuuma: Yohohohohoho

Other text bubbles: Ha... ha... ha...

Ryuuma: It's as if you're a phoenix...or a zombie.

You shouldn't be able to stand anymore.

Brooke: Ze... Ze...

Ryuuma: It's about time I stop you completely...so that you never come looking to take your shadow back again.

With my specialty "Arrow Notch Strike," what shall I cut off!?

Brooke: Even though you don't know anything...

Don't use that name...

The name of the fast-cutting technique that was my specialty from my time in the kingdom's "Surprise Attack Squad" was "Requiem (the kanji read Chinkonkyoku, literally requiem) Bandeau L'or. ***(Okay everybody...this is a tough one. The kana read "バンドゥロル." After searching for each independently, I found バンドゥ to most often be bandeau, which can either refer to a brassiere or a headband/bandana. Seeing as how Brooke's hair is so important to his character, I would go for the bandana. As for ロル, this is almost certainly L'or, French for "the gold," or more likely, "golden/of gold." This is confirmed by a quick Googling of the kana, and the fact that bandeau is already of French origin. SO. I would suggest leaving it in French, or if you wish to put English, you might say Golden Bandana. If anyone wishes to correct this, PLEASE do. I am not terribly confident about this. Technique names can be a real bitch...)*** In admiration of that sword technique, my nakama gave it the name

"Hana Uta San Chou Yahazugiri" (”Hum Three Blocks Arrow Notch Strike")

Brooke: Even if you carry my personality and techniques, someone like you who has forgotten my memories and heart...

I don't want you to use that name!!!

Ryuuma: Yohohoho, if you insist until the end that yours is the original...

then try and destroy the counterfeit sword technique that I use!!

This is...

Your last chance...

Brooke: Ha...




Hum Three Blocks...

Arrow Notch Strike!!!

Brooke (thinking): Laboon...

More than anything, I want to apologize to you!!!

I want to apologize for my cursed self...!!!

Ryuuma: First, of course, is this afro.

Brooke: Even though it was such a long time, to think that there was no reason for having lived in that dark ocean for fifty years...

It's lonely....!!!

My life...is so lonely...!!!

Ryuuma: Yohoho...

Ryuuma: Nu!!

Brooke: Aaaaaa!

Ryuuma: Hm!!? What!? The mansion is shaking...

Franky: Uoi!! What is this shaking!!

Zoro: Like I would know, isn't it an earthquake!!?

Franky: Is it here!? The laboratory!!

There he is!!! Hey, skeleton!!!

Brooke: Eh...

Franky: You!! You're pretty beaten up, but you're still alive, right!? Are you alive!!?

Brooke: Y..y..you...why are you here...

Ryuuma: Yohoho!! This is a problem!! Laying a hand on the defeated of your own accord!!

Zoro: Just a second, there...

Zoro: So it's you...

The "Legendary Samurai" who cut a dragon so long ago.

I don't know whether or not creatures like dragons even existed, but...

I've wanted to meet you!!!

Brooke: He pushed him back...

What in the world is he...

Franky: A warmongering santouryuu pirate swordsman.

He's pretty strong. If your pride would allow it,

How would you feel if he took your shadow back in your place?

Wa...but what is this shaking!!?

Brooke: My shadow...!!? Really...!? By all means, please...

Brooke: Please...!! My shadow...!! Please take it ba-

Zoro: You're annoying!! Shut the hell up!!

Brooke: Ee~~~~~~!!?

SFX: Gaku

Franky: Oi!! Skeleto~~~n!!

Zoro: You...that sword looks pretty good.

Ryuuma: Yohohoho!! You've got a good eye..... Certainly, this is...

One of the blades among the 21 Significant Swords...Kokutou Midareba Daisakuchouji!!! ***TN: The characters here are Black Sword War Blade Great Inverted "letter T." After looking it up a little bit, it seems some of these names are shared among other swords in OP. For example, Mihawk's Grosses Messer is designated with Midareba. Others have variations on the "letter T" ending. It may have some deeper meaning in relation to real-life sword study, but I couldn't find anything, so I would suggest leaving it untranslated. As far as the Significant Swords bit goes, this is a category taken from a real life historical record of named swords and swordsmiths, see this Wikipedia article for more- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wazamono . It is the second highest category of sword, and both the name of the category and number therein are the same as they are in OP. It has been mentioned before in regards to Tashigi and Zoro's swords.***

The named sword known as "Shuusui" (the characters mean Autumn Water)

It's certainly not something you can lay your eyes on just anywhere.

Zoro: So it's one of the Significant Swords!! Looks like I came upon something good.

Since they call you a samurai, I wouldn't have expected anything less.

Alright! (Some scanlators like to use Yosh untranslated...do so here if you happen to be one of them) I'll use that katana!!

Ryuuma: What!!?

Text box: Mast Mansion First Floor Church






Oi, oi!!! Hold on a second, here!!! What the hell is all this shaking!!!

I can't even give my vow's kiss!!!

Zombie: Absalom-sama!!!

Absalom: What happened, did you find something out!!?

Zombie: This great ship Thriller Bark has been caught up in a strange sea current!!!

This shaking is occurring throughout the whole island!!!

Absalom: Why did this happen!!?

Oz: Oo, it moved, it moved

Zombie: Well...It seems that the Special Zombie has taken the helm...!!!

Absalom: WHA~~~AT!!?

General Zombies!!! All company move out immediately!!!

Stop O~~~z!!!

General Zombies: Ha!!

Oz: Hm?

General Zombies: Stop right there, Special Zombie Oz!!

PAGE 14 & 15
General Zombies: Cut him down from the legs!!!



He disappeared!! Where's Oz!?

With that huge size...

What is this quickness

Gomu Gomu no........!!! (even though it's not gomu) TN: You could change that last one to rubber

General Zombies: There he is, above!!!


Oz: Don't get in the way

of my adventure!!!

Absalom: Annihilated!!? Everyone that just left here!!?

Zombie: Y...yes!! Flattened...

Absalom: This island's strongest zombie brigade!!? The general zombies!!!

Zombie: ...Yes!! In an instant!!!

Absalom: ...There's no way...!!!

Zombie: Isn't Oz our ally!!? Why is he tearing everything up!!

Sanji: It's over there, right!?

Zombie: That's right, I'm telling the truth, so please let me go already!!

Zombies should only be able to follow!!! If we leave that guy alone, what'll happen to Thriller Bark!!?

Sanji: Nna~~~~~mi-saa~~~~~n!!!

I've come to get you~~~~~!!!

There she i~~~~~s!!!

Absalom: One of the strawhats...!!?

Text: Sanji has arrived!!

WHEW, finished!! Please submit any questions, comments, revisions, edits, suggestions, etcetera either here, or just IM me!

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#1. by  ()
Posted on Jul 6, 2007
Wow, I didn't expect another translator will work on OP this week!

Thanks -X- !
#2. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Jul 6, 2007
Awesome. Always glad to have another person contribute!!!

Hopefully you can help me out with some stuff that slips by me (saba in 461)
#3. by bax ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Thanx a lot -X- :amuse

Hopefully you'll be done soon :)
#4. by -X- ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Quote by bax;454765:
Thanx a lot -X- :amuse

Hopefully you'll be done soon :)

Well, when I said "Speed is not my specialty," I meant "I'm really really slow." It'll probably be a couple hours....sorry.
#5. by bax ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
No problem -X-, what I mean by that is "take your time" :amuse
#6. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Quote by -X-;454790:
Well, when I said "Speed is not my specialty," I meant "I'm really really slow." It'll probably be a couple hours....sorry.

Man, I usually take 6 hours or so to finish. Don't sweat it. Yours'll be first this week probably too. I'ma be busy for the 12 hours or so.
#7. by Hermie (vs. The World.)
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Thanks, X, it is really awesome to see so many translators contributing to OP this week. ^_^
#8. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
I went with "Requiem Banderole." for the true name of Brook's technique. Banderole is a kind of banner or flag carried into battle. So his hair would represent the same kind of significance I believe.

Also the "Inverted "letter T." you mention is actually a misreading, for it if was read "teiji" it's lowercase "t" but if read as "chouji" it is actually "clove".
Also with : the Will-o-wisp issue, it's absoultely will-o-wisp.

Look at how he is when jumping.

Check over my script real quick later if you got time. No one ever checks me so I feel bad when I make a mistake... (Salt [ソルト」 Ball for Re-route [リルト」 ball.... *smacks face*)
I feel bad I didn't say this right away, but AWESOME job man.
#9. by The Boff ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2007
Thanks a million, X. great stuff!

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