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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 486

One Piece 486 "Piano"

+ posted by strikertp as translation on Jan 26, 2008 04:18 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 486

486: Piano
'That Person is Now' Shot. #4 Yokozuna no longer challenges the Sea Train

Page 1:
?: Ok!
Close it!
?: Is it really ok? What about Perona!!
?: Even though we searched everywhere she's nowhere to be found. There's nothing we can do
?: Ha... Ok! I'm ready
Cancelling invisibility!
Hogback: Escape Sucessful Fos Fos Fos!!
Absalom: ...jeebus it was harrowing till the end
Why did "Violent Kun" come to Thriller Bark?

Page 2:
Hog: That's it Absalom...!
The truth is before the zombies were cleansed
I heard a story from Moria's servant zombies Gyoro,Nin, and Bao
Kuma was coming to tell us the name of former shichibukai Crocodile's sucessor
That's not the important part
Black Beard the guy who became the successor did something quite nasty!
Read this column
Absalom: White Beard Pirates 2nd captain "Firefist Ace"
Is incarcerated at Major Prison "Impel Down"!?
Ace that's the guy exceptional talent which has granted him world reknown as Whitebeard's underling... The world gvt has gotten a great card in their hands
If i'm not mistaken
This is an event that could turn "The Great Age of Pirates" completely on its ear
Hog: This isn't the time for Moria Sama to be flipped over!
Absalom: Yea... I get what you're trying to say but
Even more than that we want a...
Hog:...ok bring me corpses that are to your liking
Abasalom: I'm don't want a zombie bride!
I want a living breathing girl!

Page 3:
One day after Crushing Moria
Ussop: So basically just like that we slept through an entire day in the inner garden
Franky: That's because we basically fought through the entire night
Sanji: Just munch on some cheese or something
Luffy: Cheese isn't good enough!! I can't live solely on cheese
Sanji: Then hurry up and bring the required cooking equipment to the inner garden
The refugees are over there so we're gonna eat over there
Ussop: Why exactly are you so energetic!!
Something's definately strange. It's a mystery
Cap: He's just shedding his tears and trying to make the best of the day
Do you have enough foodstuff?
Sanji: The stuff that was stolen is being returned and above that a mountains worth of food is being found so we're ok!
Cap: I wonder whose hands were involved in this... There are a lot of nice people out there

Page 4:
Nami: To be bringing in this much treasure
This joy is too great even if it was christmas
I'm so happy...
Luffy: oh! This glass band is super cool! Keepsies!
Ussop: Heyhey don't move your arm so much!
righ.. right nami san?
Nami: It's alright since it's not a precious jewel
UssoP:Oh... There are things like that?
Nami: But i won't give you guys a single thing!
Cap: This is our patron's ship so we wouldn't dare take a thing Namizou
nami: waht?
Ussop: Oh! A nice knife!!.... too bad it has jewels on it
Cap: huh? It just came out of my mouth who is namizou?
.... thinking about it it's kind of strange... I feel as though it's not the first time i have met you...
Nami: Perhaps... Lola!?
Cap: ..That's right? did i say my name?
Nami: Waa! So it's true!? Lola I'm so happy i got to meet you again!
Ussop: Lo... Lola wait a minute was she the Warthog zombie...
Cap: huh?
Nami: fufufu you probably don't get it i'll tell you later

Page 5:
Nami: anyways take this in gratitude!!
Cap: Wha?? It's ok!? Gratitude?
Luffy & Ussop: Nami gave treasure to someone!?
Franky: I'm going on ahead, is this it!?
Luffy & Ussop: a storm is coming!!
Franky: Huh? Storm? Really?
Fugees: Ha... It's so peaceful...
The sunlight streams through to our bodies
We're living!!
Luffy&co: Hey guys we brought the food!!
fugees: Mugiwara!!
He Hey!! We would of brought it in if you told us!!
We just made our saviors do work!!

Page 6:
Franky: We also brought the things requested
Chopper: Oh!! Thanks!
Franky: How's he doing?
Chopper: This is the first time i've ever seen zoro so wounded
His life really was in danger!!
...Maybe something happened while we were all still collapsed
Robin: In truth I can't think that that guy (have no idea why it's bolded) returned like that
Ussop: It's strange that Luffy's so active as well..
Luffy: I don't get it either nahahaha
Brook: ....

Page 7:
Fugess: We saw what happened!!
Me too I saw the whole thing!
Let's tell you!! What really happened
Sanji: Come
Luffy: ?
Fugees: wait. why!? He let you live!?
To say "take my life" over a swordsman
Sanji: Blurt it out After that what happened
Starting from where i lost conciousness
Fugees: This is the still suprising power of the shichibukai
Facing his paw at mugiwara what he drew out was all the "damage" done to him!!
Sanji: damage...?
Fugees: Like a blob of pain and agony!! Even that swordsman after being just brushed with it let out an amazing roar

Page 8:
Fugees: ... so thats basically what happened
Sanji: So that swordsman basically thought he had no life in front of him
Fugees: So I teared up...
Really teared up!!
Sanji: ...Indeed thats why luffy got better and zoro turned out like that
what a wreckless thing to do..
Zoro: nothing happened!!
Fugees: Alright! Let's tell the guy's moving tale to the the strawhats!!
Sanji: Stop!
Don't do anything stupid
That guy didn't risk his life to curry favor!
Especially considering... Luffy's viewpoint if he knew that it was in his own doing that he injured one of his nakama!

Page 9:
fugees: uh...uhh!
Sanji: How much do you want to blab!!?
Everyone's ok... And that's the way it should be
Ok it's time for food
Fugees: Thes... Thethe... These guys are super cool
What a lucky captain
Robin: I see
Luffy: Hey you two!!
What were you two blabbing about? What did you see?
Fugee: Don't ask that
Everyone's ok... That's the most important

Page 10:
luffy: Whats with them?
Robin: fufu
Everyone: Itadakimasuuu (customary phrase used by japanese when they start eating)
I've never ate something so delicous
I haven't had a proper meal in years
I'm so happy we kept on living...!
Sanji: I made quite a lot!! Don't leave anything left over
Brooke: To be able to Cook san's food again!! It is truly as though my cheeks will fall off
Me!! I don't have cheeks
Franky: Shut up and eat you bastard
Fugees: Wahaha what an interesting skeleton

Page 11:
Brook: Hohoho my bad! I'm really sorry! Burp!! Since I ate so much my stomach's full and i might
get a bit fat!!
Franky: Even though you're all bone!? How fussy are you!!!
Fugees: gyahahah skelly you're awesome
Hey how are you moving@?
Well whatever doesn't matter
Chopper: Even though we haven't even toasted yet it has turned in to a party
Even though it's so loud he hasn't opened his eyes
Nami: The number one tough guy...
Luffy: Hey Chopper here
this is zoro's portion! shishsi
Chopper: Luffy

Page 12:
Luffy: Drink up!
Nami: don't make him drink it!
Luffy: Since zoro loves sake he'll get better!!
Chopper: What kind of logic!? Is that!
Luffy: ... how bout meat?
Chopper: ok ok I'll just take your sentiments now leave
Brooks: porororon
So how bout some BGM
Luffy: SO there was a piano in the room
Sanji: hey weren't you a violinist?
brooks: Yohoho I can do all insturments
However... I want to talk about something before
In truth "I saw"....! I got shot in the heart by the actions of you two
Nakamas are nice aren't they!!
Sanji:... Please don't say you two I barely did anything
Brooks: No... You had the same resolve
What would think about a song? If you have any requests
Sanji: heh... anything? then...
Brooks: ah bink's sake
Sanji: Hey you were taking request weren't you!?

Page 13:

Robin: "Bink's sake"... I thought i heard it somewhere what a nostalgic song
Everyone: hoy hoy
Luffy: Hey! Brook!
I know this song!
Shank's crew sang it
Brooks: Long ago every pirate crew sang this song
In sad times as well as happy times...! yohohoh

Page 14:
Luffy: you're going to become my nakama right?
Brooks: .....
Luffy: since your shadow returned right. Even if the sun hits you can still regret (en: iffy i know sorry)
Brooks: About that
There's something i haven't said before
Luffy: what is it
Brooks: between me and my "Nakama".... I have a promise
If i don't fufill it
I... as a man... cannot take pride in myself
Luffy: ah
This is about laboon right!? i know
I've heard it all from Franky
Brooks: yes...
ah.. thats right "Laboon" that was the name of the whale
On that cape...

Page 15:
Luffy: So i'm saying brooks
We really met Laboon on that twin cape
Brook: huh?
fugees: huh?? What happened skeleton? The piano's tempo just dropped
Luffy: I was really suprised! When i found out that one of the surviving pirates
he was waiting for was you!!
Brooks: ....
Luffy: And you still remember that promise
If Laboon knew this he would probably be really happy right now! shishi
Brooks: .... wa... wait a minute please!!
yohohoho! I'm shocked!! So suddenly
You guys really...!? Met Laboon!?
Luffy: Yea
Brooks: Even though he's waited 50 years!?

Page 16:
Brooks: Even now!? He's still waiting for me at that cape!?
Laboon is!?
Is it true?
Luffy: yup
Sanji: we're witnesses too!! WE definitely met him
Ussop: yea
Brooks: What he doing well?
Luffy: yea
Brooks: I bet hes gotten a lot bigger
Luffy: Like a mountain
Brooks: Yohoho... I want to see... When we departed.... He wasn't even as large as a small boat
He didn't listen very well but he loved music and he was good kid...
Even now when i close my eyes i can see him
Ah... wait i don't have eyelids
On his head... He floated

Page 17:
Brooks:Is that so....!
he's doing well...!
: Hey Skeleton please play the piano!!
Brooks: I've never had a happier day
FB: what is this whale
he keeps following us
He probably got seperated from his family
Poor little thing the ocean is so vast!
He has a sad look on his face after all hes still a child

Page 18:
Brooks: Captain Youki!! Shall we go for one song!!
Cap: Brook that sounds good! Hey everyone take an insturment
Brooks: Yohoho a rumba that will even make a crying child laugh Pirate Crew lets do this!
Here it comes!!
1 2 3 4
A returning memory?

486 end

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#1. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
this is so cool...
#2. by Phat ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
thanks :D

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