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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 476

One Piece 476 "Nightmare Luffy"

+ posted by strikertp as translation on Oct 27, 2007 00:19 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 476

One Piece 476 Nightmare Luffy

Page 1:
Lola: Hey! I love you! Will you marry me?
Lola's Profile:
Rolling Pirates
"Proposing Lola"
Total amount of proposals 4443
Luffy: Nope...
Lola's Minions" He refused!! Its the 4444th rejection!
So thats Captain Lola for you
And we are shadow stolen forest wandering "Association of Victims"
Luffy: My shadow's been stolen so i'm in hurry
Lola's Minions: You're "Strawhat Luffy" right?

Page 2:
Lola's Minions: So anyways there has never been such an earthshattering development on Thrillerbark up until today!
All three of Moria's main minions have been thoroughly beaten and the mansion is in a state of major disarray!
But more importantly than that is the fact that the enemy has finally awoken the long rumored Special Zombie!!
Whatever... the victims network acknowledges all good news!
We have been without shadows for three years we can't go on living like this
If you guys defeat Moria for us all our shadows will return!
We're all in trouble if you believe that! Do you know where Moria is now!?
Inside the stomach! Inside the stomach of that terrible monster!!
Luffy: wha!? He got eaten!?
LM: no you're wrong!! He climbed into the stomach!
So you have to defeat the special zombie that has your shadow
currently we can't lay a hand on Moria
Right now your nakama are all fighting inside the mansion's courtyard!
Luffy: So they're in there SHIT!!!

Page #3:
Luffy: So I'll really have to hurry
Lola: I said wait! No time for sluggish explanations! It's better to show him outright!
The secret of shadows i discovered!
LM: Hey!
Move Move Move Lets go!
Luffy: Hunh?! A shadow!?
LM: Yea It's a shadow! The shadows which came from salt fed zombies
Are able to be captured even by our bare hands!
Luffy: Gyah What are you doing the shadow piercing me!!
LM: Stay still!
Luffy: Oee! Stop it my conscience is...
LM: It went in!
Lola: How is it!? do you still have your conscience?
Luffy: yea
Lola: Hey are you well trained in swordsmanship?
Luffy:..um no not at all

Page #4:
LM: Whoaa!
Luffy: eh!? whats happening!?
Lola: ufufuffu The shadow we just put in was that of a skilled navy swordman
LM: All of the skill a shadow holds in added on to you!!
And as long as you have your willpower you will be able to absorb any number of shadows!
Isn't that amazing!?
Lola: Using Moria's ability your strength can be multiplied by any amount!
LM: We still have a lot of captured shadows!
However if you have a weak will you will lose consciousness and all that potential will be lost (en:it really compares it to a water's bubble)

page #5:
Luffy: Why do you guys have so many shadows>
LM: In order to find our own shadows we are desperately releasing many zombies
however releasing everyone and anyone's shadows its ludicrous
that's why we started capturing them
Ok listen to this closely
Even though Shadows that enter a dead body become zombies
The truth is that shadows don't stick to a human that already possesses a soul
The power up only lasts for 10 minutes
After that the zombies return to their real masters
You got it right, the match must be decided in 10 minutes!
We are putting our lives on the lines and giving you all the shadows we have come to posses!
Luffy: Whoa!! That many...
Lola: The sky's fog has risen and the time we have left to act is around 20 minutes!
So basically you have to hurry!
Hold on tight to your conscience!! You should be able to hold around 20 to 30 shadows
Even though my max is around 2 to 3
Do it!
Luffy: Wait just a bit! I didn't say if i'll do it... gyahh

Page: 6
Lola: How strong is this boy's will!?
Amazing theres never been such a precedent
LM: hya about 100 people's worth of shadows all went in!!
How clever is the star of destinya!
Lola: he.. hey! How's your conscience!? Are you really you "strawhat luffy"!?
I wonder how strong this boy is now...
Luffy: fuu fuu
Yea.. this is me
The power.. is overflowing inside me
I'm itching for a fight!
LM: you've somehow changed... you were a bit smaller...
Lola: We can make it... Now we don't have much time Go show Moria what true "evil" is!
Our destiny star "Nightmare Luffy"!!
Luffy: UOOOHH!
Wait you're going the wrong way!!!

(en: w00t no more text heavy stuff!)
Page 7:
Oz: Gomu gomu no...
Z: It's coming!
Oz: Kane!! (bell)

Page 8:
OZ: shishsishi
being able to stretch raises my esteem
Yari! (arrow)

Page: 9
Zoro: Shit!
whats going on!! His attacks have remarkably improved
Why is Oz's Abilityless body able to stretch
What have you done Moria!!
Chops: ha ha
Moria: Kishishishi! yes this is the evil i will show you!!
Kagekage's power "kagekakumei" (shadow revolution)
Isn't it incredible!?
Everyone: Kakumei!?
Moria: When shadows comply with bodies this is "common sense"!
Bodies and shadows both have the same shape this is

Page 10:
Moria: But now!!
In the shadow of Oz which obeys Oz
I've snuck my own shadow in
And I'm controlling it
I can freely control Oz's shadow
However! Oz's body must be in the same shape as Oz's shadow
So it is not the shadow that must comply with the body
It is the body that must comply together with the shadow! this is the "shadow revolution"
Chops: ...So in short it is against common sense. Moria stretched Oz's limbs shadows
and the body matching the motions stretched as well!!
Sanji: ...So Oz didn't really become a rubber man
He became a freeforming body!!
I want that huge body to give me break!
At this point we'll never get close to the body!

Page 11:
Moria: Kishsishi in truth it's a lot more troublesome for you than rubber
If i make this guy's shadow round
Oz will become round
Oz: oh!?
Moria: "OZ BALL" Kishishsi!!
Oz: Uwoh!
Everyone: UWAAAHH
Oz: Hey Hey! Wait just a minute master!!
Don't interfere with my fights
Moria: Kishsishi sorry my bad
I have no intention of interfering
I using devil fruit
will focus on assistance
Now crush them one by one OZ!

Page 12:
Chops: It'll be dangerous if you get any closer! Zoro!
Nami: Hey! Where exactly is Luffy!?
Ussop: He got tricked by Moria in to going somewhere, i doubt he's been defeated
Nami: What kind of explanation is that!? Cuz He's really stupid like that!!
What should i do in this situation would it be appropriate if i told them that another shichibukai is on the island!?
So if we don't defeat the luffy zombie
and then beat Moria
would it be that our shadows wouldn't return? Its already approaching sunrise!?
Ussop: That's our enemy's plan so we have no chance but to do it!!
Brook: Excuse me! Can you listen to my one excuse?
Nami: Wa! Skeleton you were here with us!?

Page 13:
Ussop: Are you sober!? Brook you saw what happened to Franky right!?
Robin: Thats easy enough!!
Nami: I won't be taking responsibility for this!!
If you really want to I'll listen!!
After all its powerful
Prepare yourself!!
Dark Cloud Tempo!
Ussop: To think i'm actually using the kuwagata again!
Brook: Go ahead (<-weird japanese phrase that doesn't translate well into english)
There is no more painful regret than not returning a favor
I will not spare my flesh nor bones
Ussop: Yosh!! go get him!
Brook: I'll try!!

Page 14:
Brook: Slalom Pine (en:?)
It was a shock that made even my bones transparent
but.. all i am are bones in the first place
i'm going now! Like an arrow of thunder!!
"Lightning Skill Blade"
Gabot Bona Ban (en:?)

Page 15:
Ussop: Amazing!! He shot straight through! An opening has been made!
Oz: Uwaa! My shoulder has been shot through
Brook: Chain another attack!!
...mission accomplished
Zoro: Good performance Bones
Ni Touryuu "nigiri"
Oz: Dowa!

Oz: You..!
Wait first this guy
Its the end for this skeleton
Gomu Gomu no
Ono! (axe)
Everyone: Brook!!
Ussop: Special attack: Atlas Comet!!
Oz: Douwwa!
Like thats will work!!!
Oz: Next its you!!! Guy with the nose!!
Nami: Ussop fight!!
Ussop: I've been targeted
Oz: gomu gomu no!!
Ussop: Gyaah! I died...
It won't stretch anymore

Page 18:
Robin: Ochoenta Fleure (sorry for desecrating your language >.<) Hold!!
Moria: Nununu
What is this!? These hands!!!
Its hard to breath!!
Robin: Your Shadow operation
will please cease for a bit?
Ussop: Uooh you're doing good robin!! Take him out right now!!
Moria: ha?

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Posted on Oct 27, 2007
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Posted on Oct 27, 2007
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Yaaay!! Thank u very much for the trans raiyuu! :whoo
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Posted on Oct 27, 2007

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