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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 476

One Piece 476 "Nightmare Luffy"

+ posted by inusagi as translation on Oct 26, 2007 22:15 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 476

Ch. 476 "Nightmare Luffy"

??: Oh my!! I like you!!! Marry me!!!

[Rolling Pirates, Captain "Laura the Proposer", Current Propose Count: 4443]
Luffy: No
Crew: Rejected!! This is the 4,444 rejectment!!!

Risky Bros: And so this is Captain Laura. In a nutshell, all of us has our shadows been taken away from us and we're now the "Band of Victims" just wandering around in this forest!!
Luffy: My shadow's been taken away from me too and that's why I'm in a hurry.
Laura: So you're the "Straw Hat Luffy" eh?

Laura: ....at any rate!! There has never been a greater commotion in Thriller Bark like today!! The three monsters that serves under Moria has all been defeated and the mansion is already in a half-destroyed state!!
Risky Bros: Yeah! We're all so excited since you guys arrived!!
Crew: But the enemies are shrewd and not careless. They've finally awakened the rumoured Special Zombie!!
Crew: So what. We're all well aware of the situation from the Victim's Network!!
Luffy: ........

Risky Bros: It's already been three years since we've lost our shadows. There's no way I'm going to live the rest of my life like this. If you guys just continue on and defeat Moria, then all of our shadows can return!!
Risky Bros: ......and so we've thought, but now there's trouble!! Do you know where Moria's "Current Location" is!!? Inside the belly!! In the belly of that monstrosityyyy!!!

Luffy: Whaaaa!? He got eaten!?
Risky Bros: No!! That's not it!! He entered into the stomach. In short, you can't lay a hand on Moria until you defeat that special zombie that has your shadow!! Right now he's fighting with your crew in the inner courtyard of the mansion!!!
Luffy: Is that where he is!!? That bastard!!!

Luffy: So now I'm off in a real hurry.
Laura: And I've told you to wait!!! Gah!! We're skipping with the slow explanations!! It's faster showing it to him!! The secret of the "Shadow" we've stumbled across!!
Crew: Yes!!
Luffy: !

Risky Bros: Move, move!! We're coming!!
Risky Bros: That's right! A shadow!! The shadow that comes out of the zombie that ate salt can be caught even with our own hands!!

Luffy: Gaaaahhhh!! What are you doing!!? The shadow's piercing into me!!!
Risky Bros: Stay still!!
Luffy: Agghhhh, stop it.....my conscious is.....
Risky Bros: All right, it's in!!
Laura: ....so!? Are you still conscious?
Luffy: ....yeah
Laura: Can you use a sword?
Luffy: ...no, I can't use it all.

Rolling Pirates: Whooooaaaaa!!

Luffy: Wha!? What just happened!?
Laura: Teeheehee. The shadow we've just entered into your body is the shadow of a marine swordsman who's skilled with the sword!!!
Risky Bros: Any battle skills the shadow has will all be supplemented with your powers!!
Risky Bros: And on top of that, as long as your consciousness holds up, we can enter as many shadows as we want!!
Risky Bros: So? Isn't it great!!?

Laura: By taking advantage of Moria's powers, your strength now can be mulitplied up to many times!!
Luffy: !
Risky Bros: We've still have hoards of caught shadows!! But, if your spirit is weak, you'll lose cosciousness and all that effects you've just gotten will go down the drain.

Luffy: Why do you guys have so many shadows?
Risky Bros: To find our own shadows we've been despeartely purifying zombies everywhere and it gets me when we release a shadow of some owner that we don't even know and so we've tried capturing them and that's how it all started!!
Risky Bros: .....But remember this carefully!! A shadow will become a zombie once entering a corpse...

Risky Bros: ....but they won't stay in a body that actually has it's own soul!! The power up would only hold for about 10 minutes. They would then leave the body afterwards and return to their real owners!!
Luffy: ...........
Risky Bros: You got it!? The battle is for 10 minutes!!! We'll give you all the shadows that we've caught with our lives!!!
Luffy: Gah!! That many?

Laura: The fog in the sky is dispersing and the time we have left to move around in is about 20 minutes!! At any rate, you have to hurry!! You're going to have to concentrate!! For you, you should be able to bear 20 or 30 people. Although for us, 2 or 3 people is the limit.
Laura: Go do it!!!
Crew: Yeah!!
Luffy: Whaaaaa!! Wait a minute!! I didn't say I will...!! Gaahhhhh...

Laura: This man...how strong is his will power...!? This is amazing...it's unprecedented...
Risky Bros: Hya..we were able to put a 100 people worth of shadows into him...!!
Risky Bros: No way!!! He truly is our star of hope!!

Laura: H....hey!!! How's your consciousness!!? Is that really you!? "Straw Hat Luffy"!!!
Luffy: Fu......Fu......yeah....it's me.....!!! My strength....is overflowing and I can't stop it!!!
Laura: This child, I wonder how strong did he get......?
Risky Bros: You.......seem different......you were a little smaller weren't you?
Luffy: I'm itching for a battle!!!

Laura: ....We can do it with this!! .....we have no time!! Show that Moria a "Nightmare"!!! Our star of hope "Nightmare Luffy"!!!
Luffy: RRRRRoooooooooaaaaaarrrrrr!!!
Crew: !!!
Crew: Hey wait a minute!!! That's not the way to the mansion!!!

Odz: "Gomu Gomu no"!!!
Zoro: Incoming!!!

Odz: "Bell"
Crew: Gwaaaahhh

Ussop: Whoa
Odz: Shishishishi!! Once my body started stretching I'm getting my groove back.
Odz: "Spear"!!!
Crew: Dwahhhhh!!!

Zoro: .................!! Shit!! What's going on!? His attack power increased greatly!!!
Zoro: Odz is not a Devil's Fruit user so how come his body is stretching? What have you done? Moria!!?

Chopper: Ha....ha..........!!
Moria: Kishishishishi!! That's right. This is the nightmare I display!!
Moria: Kage Kage's (Shadow Shadow) power, "Shadow Revolution"!!! Isn't it the best!!?

Crew: Revolution!?
Moria: A "shadow" always complys with the "body", this is "Common Knowledge"...!!!
Zoro: ........
Moria: The "body" and the "shadow" are always in the same shape...this is a "Hard and Fast Rule"...

Moria: But now!! My shadow has entered into Odz's shadow, which should always follow Odz, and is now ruling it!!

Moria: I can now freely change the shape of Odz's shadow, but!! The body and the shadow always has to maintain the same shape!!!
Moria: Therefore, it's not the "shadow" matching the "body" but the "body" transforming to match the "shadow"!! This is the "Shadow Revolution"!!!

Chopper: .....In short, it's opposite to common knowledge and because Moria stretched out Odz's leg's and hand's shadows, the body stretched to match it!!!
Sanji: .....So it's not that Odz became a rubber-human but of a body that can freely transform!! Man, with that giant body and all, I with he just pardons us!!
Sanji: We can't approach him at all at this stage!!!

Moria: Kishishishi, he's in fact more troublesome than rubber...!!! If I just transform his shadow into a ball.....Odz will transform into a ball!!!
Odz: !!?
Odz: Oh!?

Moria: "Odz Ball"!!! Kishishishishi!!!
Odz: Whoa!!

Odz: Hey hey!! Just wait a minute Master!! This is my fight, don't get in the way!!
Moria: Kishishishishi. Aaah, I'm sorry.....!!
Moria: I wasn't trying to get in you way...!!
Moria: I'll just strictly stick to aiding you. Now, go on and completely smash them one by one, Odz!!

Zoro: ...............
Chopper: It's dangerous if you approach him!!! Zoro!!!

Nami: Hey!! By the way, where is Luffy!?
Ussop: He got tricked by Moria and went off somewhere. But I don't think he's defeated or anything.
Nami: What!? He truly is such an idiot!!
Nami: [....what should I do? Should I tell them even though we're in this situation? That there's another "Shichibukai" on this island!?]

Nami: So does this perhaps mean that we must, first, defeat Luffy Zombie and then on top of that, defeat Moria too in order to return everyone's shadow? Is that the situation we're in!? It will be morning really soon!?
Ussop: That's what the enemies are aiming for so we have no other choice!!
Brooks: Pardon me!!! Please listen to my one request!!!
Ussop: !?
Nami: Wah!! Skeleton, were you here with us all this time!?

Ussop: Are you in your right mind!? Brook, you did see what happened to Franky, right!?
Robin: Sure, no problem.......!!
Nami: I'm not going to be held for any responsibility for this!! If it's your wish, I'll listen to it!! It's powerful so be prepared!!

Nami: "Dark Cloud=Tempo"!!!
Brook: Please, I ask of you!!!
Ussop: I can't believe I'm using the "Kuwagata" again!! (Stag Beetle)
Brook: There is nothing more painful than the feeling of regret that a debt cannot be returned!!!

Brook: I will push my bones to the limit!!! (Means, without worrying/sparing one's self, a japanese pun.)
Ussop: All right!! Go at it!!!
Brook: I will do my best!!!

Robin: "Slalom Vine"!! <----???? (not sure)
Brook: Yohohohoho!!
Brook: Gyaaaaaa!!!

Brook: I'm shocked to the point where my bones are all transparent!!!
Brook: ....oh, I was originally all bones!!!
BrooK: Here I come!! As an arrow of lightning!!!
Brook: "Raikotsuken" (Lightning Bone Sword)

Brook: "Gabot Bonnaban"!!! <---What was this again?

Ussop: Wow!!! It went right through!!! An opening's created!!!
Odz: Gah!!! It went right through my shoulder!!!
Brook: ...........!!!

Crew: Chain it with more attacks!!!
Brook: ............!!
Brook: .........mission accomplished.
Zoro: You did well bones.....!! Two-swords Style "Nigiri" (Two Cuts)
Zoro: "Tourou"
Odz: Dwah!!!

Odz: You......!! No...first...
Odz: To finish off this skeleton!!!
Odz: "Gomu Gomu no".....!!!

Odz: "Ono"!!! (Battle Axe)
Brook: !!!
Crew: Brook!!!

Brook: .........!!!
Ussop: Killer Move "Atlas Comet"!!!
Odz: !

Odz: Dwahhhh!!!
Odz: Like if that would work on me!!!
Ussop: !!?

Odz: I'll get you next!!! You nose guy!!!
Nami: Ussop, fight!!
Ussop: Wah, I'm being targeted.
Odz: "Gomu Gomu no"....

Odz: "Bazooka"!!!
Ussop: Gyaaaa!!! I died.
Odz: ......nn?
Odz: It stopped stretching.

Robin: "Ochenta Fleur" "Quartre Mano"... (I don't know, "80 Flowers" and "Four Trees"? If someone can get the right spelling that would be great....I'm too tired....)
Ussop: Eh!?
Robin: "Hold"!!!
Moria: Nnnnnnn....!!

Moria: ....What's this!? This hand!!?
Moria: Bothersome!!!

Robin: I was wondering if you can stop handling the shadows for a bit...
Ussop: Whoa!! Good job Robin!!! Go on and break him in half!!!
Moria: .....ha?

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#1. by nuclearwarhead ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
you haven't given credit where credit is due. This is kudou's translation, and he doesn't want his translations used in scanlations. Just to remind those of you who don't know.
#2. by inusagi ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
sorry I just want to repost it here

Gomen Nasai
#3. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
#4. by Phat ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
thanks :D
#5. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
#6. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
#7. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
Yaaay!! Thank u very much for the trans! :whoo

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