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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 476

One Piece Chapter 476

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 26, 2007 23:32 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 476 "Nightmare Luffy"

Original!Lola: Oh, my!! I like you!!! // Marry me!!!
[box: "Rolling Pirates" / Captain / "Proposal Lola" / Current Proposal Count: 4443]
Luffy: Nah.
Original!Lola: Rejection......!! My 4,444th rejection...!!!
Pirate: So, yes, this is our Captain Lola. / Basically, we're a group of people whose shadows have been stolen; a party of victims who have taken to wandering this forest!!
Luffy: Yeah, my shadow's gone too, I'm in a hurry.
Original!Lola: You're that "Strawhat Luffy", yes?

Original!Lola: ...Anyway!! Thriller Bark has never been this shaken in its entire existence!! / The three Enigmas who serve Moria have been thoroughly defeated, and the Mansion is on the verge of collapse!!
Pirates: Yeah, this is the most excited we've ever been since we first got here!! // But at the same time, the enemy has finally awakened that rumoured "Special Zombie"!!
Luffy: ......
Pirates: We know everything that's going on through our special Victim Network!! // It's been three years since we lost our shadows... we're all afraid that we might spend our whole lives like this! / But if you guys beat up Moria for us, all our shadows will come back!! // ...But that's just the problem!! Do you know where Moria is right now?!! / He's in its belly!! He's inside that giant monster's belly...!!!
Luffy: Ehhhh?! He got eaten?!
Pirates: No, that's not it!! He's got a room inside there! / Basically, you've got to defeat that Special Zombie with your shadow in it! // Otherwise we can't lay a finger on Moria!! / He's out there in the courtyard of the castle fighting your nakama right now!!!
Luffy: Dammit, that's where he went...!!!

Luffy: So, yeah, I've gotta dash!
Original!Lola: You wait just a minute!!! Hey!! Get back here!! This won't take long, okay?!! We can just show you!! / The shadows' secret that we discovered!! // HEY!!
Luffy: !
Pirates: Move it, guys, we've coming through!!
Luffy: Hm? ......!! A shadow?!
Pirates: Yeah! It's a shadow!! Once we feed salt to the zombies, they come flying out... // Once they do that, it's easy enough to capture them!!
Luffy: AAAAGH! What're you doing, it's sticking into me...!!!
Pirates: Just hold still!!
Luffy: Uaagh, stop it, I'm gonna faint...
Pirates: There, it's in!! // ...Are you okay?! Do you all all right?
Luffy: ...Yeah.
Original!Lola: Now, then, can you use a sword?
Luffy: ...Nope, not a chance.

Luffy: HUH?! What the heck?!
[TN: "...I know kung fu."]
Original!Lola: Ahahahah! The shadow we just put inside your body belonged to a great swordsman from the Marines!!!
Pirates: The shadow's fighting skill is added to your own skill!! // And as long as you can take it, we can give you as many shadows as you like!! // Whaddaya think? Incredible, isn't it?!!
Original!Lola: Thanks to Moria's own power... / Your power can become many times its current level!
Luffy: !
Pirates: We've caught a whole ton more of those shadows!! / But if you don't have enough willpower, you'll just pass out and all that power will be useless.

Luffy: Why do you guys have so many shadows?
Pirates: We spent ages doing everything we could to get our own shadows back by finding the zombies and purifying them... / But we just kept on finding random shadows, we had no idea who they belonged to!! / So we tried capturing them instead! // But make sure you remember this well!! / If you put a shadow into a corpse, it becomes a zombie... // But if you put it into a real human being with his own soul, it can't settle down!! / So you'll only power up for about ten minutes!
Luffy: ......
Pirates: Once the time's up, the shadow escapes and goes back to its real master!!
Luffy: Okay, I have to do this in 10 minutes!!
Pirates: We'll give you all the shadows we worked to hard to collect!!!
Luffy: WHOA!! SO MANY!
Original!Lola: The mist that covered the sky has cleared up, so we can't stay out here for more than another twenty minutes!! / We have to hurry!! // Make sure you brace yourself!! You should probably be able to deal with twenty or thirty of them! // We can only take about two or three... // Go for it!!!
Pirates: YEEEEEAH!!
Luffy: Waagh! Whoa, whoa, you're going to do that again...?!! AAAaaaghhh...

Lola: This guy... how much willpower does he have...?! // It's incredible... I've never seen anything like it...
Pirates: Ahh! / He managed to take in all 100 of the shadows...!! // That's incredible!!! / He really is our shining hope!! // H - hey!!! Do you feel okay?!! You feel like yourself?! Strawhat Luffy!!!
Lola: How powerful must he be right now...?
Pirates: You seem kinda... different, you know... / Weren't you a bit smaller...?
Luffy: Haaahhh... / Haaahhhh...... // Yeah... I'm still myself......!!! / I'm... overflowing with power, I can't hold it in!!! // I want to fight to much... I can't wait!!!
Lola: ...This should work perfectly!! ...Now, you don't have long!! Give that Moria a nightmare he'll never forget!!! / This is our ray of hope... "Nightmare Luffy"!!!
Pirates: Wait a minute, the mansion's the other way......!!!

Oz: Gomu Gomu no.........!!!
Zoro: Here he comes!!!
Oz: KANE!!!
Usopp: GUAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! // Whooa...
Oz: Shishishishi!! // This whole stretching thing feels really good...!! // YARI!!!
Everyone: GUAAAAAHH!!!

Zoro: ............!! Dammit! / What's going on?!! His power level's gone up by miles!!!
[TN: It's clearly over nine thousand. Fukurou could tell you that.]
Zoro: Why does his body stretch when he hasn't eaten a Devil's Fruit?! / What did you do, Moria?!!!
Chopper: *pant* // *pant* // .........!!
Moria: Kishishishishi!! Yes, this is the nightmare I present to you!! // The Kage Kage power, "Kage Kakumei"!!! / Isn't it wonderful?!!
[TN: "Kakumei" = "revolution"]
Everyone: "Kakumei"?!
Moria: A "shadow" complies with the form of the "substance" it reflects. / That much is simply natural......!!!
Everyone: ............
Moria: The "substance" and the "shadow" must always hold the same form... this is a law of nature!

Moria: But now!! / Oz's shadow, which should be subject to Oz's movements... // ...has been invaded by my own shadow... / ...and is being controlled!! // I can alter the shape of Oz's body at will! / the "substance" and the "shadow" must always hold the same shape!!! // So now the "shadow" does not comply with the "substance"... / ...but instead the "substance" changes shape to comply with the "shadow"!! This is "Kage Kakumei"!!!
Chopper: So basically he's reversed the laws of nature... / When Moria stretches the limbs of Oz's shadow... / His real body stretches to match!!!
Sanji: So he hasn't really turned into a Rubberman... / ...he can actually transform his body at will!! With that giant body too, this is crazy!! // We won't be able to get anywhere near him!!!

Moria: Kishishishi, this body is far more flexible than rubber...!!! / If I make his shadow into a circle... // Oz too becomes circular!!!
Oz: ?!! // Huh?!
Moria: "Oz Ball"!!! Kishishishi!!!
Everyone: UWAAAAGHHH!!!
Oz: Oi, oi!! Wait a minute, Master!! / This is my fight, stop messing around!!
Moria: Kishishishi... ah, I do apologise......!! // I didn't mean to get in your way...!! // Until this fight is over... // I will devote my attention to supporting you! // Now, crush them all one by one, Oz!!!

Zoro: .........
Chopper: It's to dangerous to go near him!!! Zoro!!!
Nami: Hey!! WHere'a Luffy got to, anyway?!
Usopp: Moria tricked him and he ran off somewhere... he'll be back.
Nami: What the hell?! He really is an idiot!! // (Is it really a good idea to let them know in a situation like this... // ...that there's another Shichibukai on this island...?!!) // Hey, so the situation here is, we have to take down Luffy's zombie first... / ...and then we have to defeat Moria as well? // Otherwise we can't get our shadows back...? / Is that the situation we're in?! It'll be dawn soon!!
Usopp: The enemy's forcing our hand, there's nothing else for it!!
Brooke: My apologies!!! Please, listen to what I have to say!!!
Nami: ?! // Ahh!! Skeleton, you were with them too?!

Usopp: Are you serious?! Brooke, you saw what happened to Franky, right?!
Robin: It shouldn't be a problem.........!!
Nami: Hey, don't blame me if anything goes wrong, okay?!! / I'm only doing this because it's our last chance!! And you are pretty strong... // Get ready!! // Dark Cloud Tempo!!!
Usopp: I can't believe we're using Kuwagata again!!
Brooke: Whenever you feel ready!!! // It would be far more painful to be unable to repay my debt!!! // No matter what it takes!!!
Usopp: Okay!! Good luck!!!
Brooke: HERE I GO!!!

Robin: Slalom Vine!!
Brooke: Yohohohoho!! // GYAAAAAAHHH!!! // I'm getting such a shock you can see my bones!!! // ...although, I was only bones to start with!!! // Now, here I go!! Like an arrow of thunder!!! // RAIKOTSUKEN... // GAVOTTE: BOND EN AVANT!!!!
[TN: Raikotsouken = Thunder Bone Blade]
Oz: ?!!

Usopp: WOW!!! It went straight through him!!! You made a hole!!!
Oz: Guaahh!!! He went through my shoulder!!!
Usopp: Make it a combo!!!
Brooke: ...............!! // .........Mission accomplished.
Zoro: Nice work there, Bones...!! // Nitouryuu: Nigiri... // TOUROU!!!!
Oz: GUAHH!!!

Oz: Why, you......!! / No... first... // I've gotta finish off this skeleton!!! // Gomu Gomu no...... // ONO!!!
People: !!! // BROOKE~~~!!!
Brooke: .........!!!
Usopp: Hissatsu: Atlas Suisei!!!

Nami: GO USOPP!!
Usopp: Ahh, he's after me!
Oz: Gomu Gomu no... // BAZOOKA!!!
Oz: ......Huh? // I stopped stretching...

Robin: Ochenta Fleur: "Cuatra Mano"...
[TN: I'm going for "Cuatra" based on meaning, but it doesn't seem to match the katakana... I don't know what the hell WOULD match the katakana. The opposite goes for the "Mano"... fits the pronunciation, but doesn't fit the kanji. The kana are "kurotowa ma-no", and the kanji read "four (trees/wood)". (It's also kind of odd that she would be naming her attack in Spanish, since she usually reserves that for the number and makes actual attack names in English...) Any ideas? ~_~]
Usopp: Eh?!
Robin: HOLD!!!
Moria: Nnnnngh......!!
Moria: .........What are they?! These hands!!! // They're so annoying!!!
Robin: Perhaps you would like to... // ...stop controlling that shadow for a while...
Usopp: Whooa!! Nice one, Robin!!! Break him in half right there!!!
Moria: ......Ehh?
[insert text: Will this move turn the battle around?!]

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#1. by fdbgdg ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
thank you.

It probably isn't that big a deal, but I thought four in Spanish is cuatro.
#2. by The Boff ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
friggin great stuff dude!
thanks for translating for us.
#3. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
Thank you!
#4. by Shiranui ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2007
Hell Thanks brother...
#5. by Mogeking ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
I love you dude...
#6. by DrunkDragon ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
Sweet, thanks for the trans! Go Robin!!! She's kick ass this fight :D
#7. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
#8. by hua ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007

Thank you!
#9. by illuminatilight ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
#10. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
Quote by cnet128;588361:
Robin: Ochenta Fleur: "Cuatra Mano"...
[TN: I'm going for "Cuatra" based on meaning, but it doesn't seem to match the katakana... I don't know what the hell WOULD match the katakana. The opposite goes for the "Mano"... fits the pronunciation, but doesn't fit the kanji. The kana are "kurotowa ma-no", and the kanji read "four (trees/wood)". (It's also kind of odd that she would be naming her attack in Spanish, since she usually reserves that for the number and makes actual attack names in English...) Any ideas? ~_~]

It must be "Cuatro Manos", in Spanish that means "Four Hands", and if you see Robin makes four big arms that Oda maybe label as "Hands"

And Moria says "What are they?! These hands!!! "

Thx for the trans!

#11. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
#12. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
#13. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
Yaaay!! Thank u very much for the trans cnet! :whoo
#14. by Phat ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
thanks :D
#15. by Carrie-chan ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2007
Thank you very much for the fast translation~ :] ! I really appreciate the work you do here~!
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