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Translations: Bleach 600 (2)

Fullmetal Alchemist Gaiden 108.1

Another Journey's End

+ posted by saladesu as translation on Sep 10, 2010 03:13 | Go to Fullmetal Alchemist

Ah, FMA, how I've missed you so Y___Y Well this was nice and sweet, albeit a little short (for someone in FMA withdrawal anyway). And no other characters...? ;___;

Anyway, free for use in scanlations, so please PM me if interested.

Vertical: Welcome home
Horizontal 1: The long-awaited telling of the story of when the three returned to their hometown
Horizontal 2: Fullmetal Alchemist

Vertical: The story of when the brothers returned to Resembool after the conclusion of the promised day...
Winry: Al!
Winry: Al!
Al: What is it?
Winry: A huge parcel arrived for you, from Central
Al: Brother, it arrived!
Ed: Alright!
SFX: *prying*
Winry: What's inside?

Vertical 1: Fullmetal Alchemist
Vertical 2: Gaiden
Vertical 3: "Another Journey's End"
Winry: Ah...
Winry: Welcome home to this Al as well!
Horizontal: What arrived in their hometown were the memories of their journey together...

Winry: Uwaah~~ It's all in pieces!
Winry: You did great coming back alive, Al~~~~
SFX: *sniffle*
Ed: You're crying again!
Winry: What's wrong with that, they're tears of joy~~
SFX: *gasha gasha*
Al: ... Until a while ago, I was still in this state, so it's kinda nostalgic
Ed: It must be pretty terrible to have your line of vision lowered, huh?
Al: Yeah, yeah! When I walk through a door I automatically lower my head!

Al: And I'm kinda peeved that Brother's eye level is now above mine~
Ed: What did you say, you!!
Den: *sniff sniff*
SFX: Ahahahaha
Al: Eh? The head's gone!
Ed: Ah!?
Ed: Was it Den!?
SFX: *rattling*
Al: Hey you! Den!
Al: Deeeen!

Al: Was he there?
Ed: Nope, where the hell did he go, that bastard
Al: Can't be helped, I guess. Let's use our status a little
Ed: Yeah
Winry: Deeen~~
Al: Winry
Al: I have a request to ask of you...
Winry: ?
SFX: Kaan! Kaaan! Kaaan! Gan! Gan! Gan!

Winry: Good afternoon, Gramps!
Winry: Your favour today!
Al Good afternoon~
Gramps: Oh, Rockbell! Ed and Al, welcome!
SFX: *banging*
Gramps: Oh~~ This huh? It's nostalgic in a flashy way, eh?
Gramps: ..... Is this really okay?
Al: Yes
Al: Please do it

SFX: Gooooh

Al: Winry, this armour...
Al: We want you to make it into parts for automail
Winry: Eh...
Winry: But this... It fought so far with you, Al. Why don't you keep it?
Al: Precisely because it fought this far with me

Al: If I keep it, it'll just be left somewhere in the storeroom or in some corner of the room, right?
Al: Then that's the same as its death
Al: If this guy here could become someone's arms and legs and live on like that
Al: I'd be happy

SFX: *banging* (throughout the page)
Gramps: We're going to repeat this process of hammering it, bending it, firing it and cooling it like this over and over again
Ed: ... It makes me sad to see the armour that was once Al being beaten beyond repair like this...
Al: Ahaha... I've kinda come to pity myself too...
Winry: If we don't do this, it won't be harden and become steel
Winry: ... It's gonna become a strong automail

Al: Yeah
Al: You're gonna make a good one, won't you, Winry?
Winry: Leave it to me!

Ed: I'm home, Granny
Pinako: Welcome home
Ed: here
Pinako: What's that?
Ed: A little while ago we went to process Al's armour, right?
Ed: We asked Gramps at the blacksmith's for this little favour. This was what the forger came up with
Ed: Al said, "Give it to Granny because she always looks like she's having a hard time weeding"
Pinako: This is great
Pinako: Thank you

Pinako: Ara~~ It cuts brilliantly!
SFX: *slashing*
Ed: Lend me that poor cutter over there, alright? I'll give you a hand
SFX: *rustle*
Ed: !?
Ed: Ah, that gave me a surprise
SFX: *rustle rustle rustle*
ED: ....!
SFX: *rustle*
Pinako: Ah, what have we here
Ed: Den, is this your handiwork?

Vertical: A time where one must take flight into an unknown world will surely come for everyone...
Ed: That's a great family, ain't it?
Ed: Grow up quick and take flight

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#1. by zasentoalaboca (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 10, 2010
Where can I see the raw, men?

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