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  1. Chapter 346 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 346 Predictions [Naruto] I think it's Orochi-Sasuke in one body. Just like in Bleach - the Hollow-Ichigo combination.
  2. Chapter 262 Discussion [Bleach]

    Reading 262, maybe chad has his share of the "hollow-within". Looking his left and right arm, maybe that is only a 50% transformation, what do you think? Off topic question: what was chad's state going to HM? I mean do they need to undergo the same process as Ichigo is doing (from human to...
  3. Chapter 330 Discussion [Naruto]

    Geez, I thought Naruto was Yondaime (without the HP). He should keep wearing that funeral clothing, cool! out. =)
  4. Fun Thread Awesome or Lame

    Awesome: Raw days (it has been also my off for work =)) Lame: Manga break ("no chapter this week" stuff) out. =)
  5. Chapter 249 Discussion [Bleach]

    Orihime went to HM to do her will. It is to find out where the Hogyoku is and eventually, do something about it. With her powers, she can vanish the Hogyoku. It is too bad if Aizen would be able to create another set of Arrancars. Imagine, there were the Espadas already, even Ichigo can't handle...
  6. Chapter 330 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 330 Predictions [Naruto] Yep! no chapter next week... out. =)
  7. Pinoy Thread

    Re: The Pinoy Hang Out Thread! Thanks Ayah.... matagal na rin akong naka lurk mode dito... since may pinoy na pala eh... registered... and may MOD palang pinay ha... keep it up =) out. =)
  8. Chapter 330 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 330 Predictions [Naruto] Hmmm, looking at chap 329... Naruto would figure a way to experiment on this new jutsu. Maybe doing a Rasengan on one bunshin and wind manipulation on the other bunshin... from there he would start infusing as he was supposed to do (based on Kakashi's demo on Naruto...
  9. Chapter 329 Discussion [Naruto]

    Just thinking... after world domination... by that time then, the Akatsuki members could start fighting at each other, as stated by AL that they could proceed with their own goals after completing Akatsuki's goals... whew, that would be very chaotic.... out. =)
  10. Pinoy Thread

    Re: The Pinoy Hang Out Thread! wow, newly registered here.... but been lurking for a long time... glad that I have registered and made my first post... out. =)