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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 972 Discussion

    I guess you can say that Oden is "hard boiled":invalid
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    Question Best designed character(s)?

    4 commandements estarossa. supreme deity. Arthur/cahos Arthur Derrierie Deathpierce Og gowther Galan
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    Spoiler Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 342 Discussion

    reason 1: Nakaba needs to balance his powers to make the story interesting. reason 2: He is not meliodas and can not outshine the sin of wrath.
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    Discussion Who are your favourite characters?

    best: Galan Jericho Vivian Escanor Monspiet Matrona estarossa worst: Meliodas Elizabeth DK OG demon Mael
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 971 Discussion

    Iirc Oda compared what's to come to something bigger than marineford however the fights haven't even begun yet. I predict that the fights will last for at least 40-50 chapters (see how long katakuri v luffy was). Then we will have probably Kaido's flashback mini arc (10-15 chapters)and the...
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    Discussion Gear 4th - PLASTIC MAN: LUFFY'S AWAKENED FORM!

    Shape shifting sounds amazing. It would mean even more creativity for Luffy's abilities.
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 971 Discussion

    It's ironic how Oden is boiled like the actual Oden soup. Oda with a bit of dark humor here
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 971 Discussion

    This is the one and only chaden! A man amongst men. Now back to luffy and co otherwise this arc will be 300 chapters long. Also I hope Oda won't pull a dressrossa 2.0 and rush every fight at the end of the arc until Luffy&SN V Kaido cause we really need a solid Zoro and Sanji (heck every straw...
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    Theory Zoro is the one who's going to kill Kaido.

    As long as zoro cuts kaido even a little like Oden did I will be happy if he doesn't well whatever Zoro is still a boss:heh
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    Discussion Make a wish from Oda Shenlong!

    You sound like the funny dudes in the sBS sections. anyways I would ask him: to accept my gratitude for his devotion to one piece and his hard work. to take care of his health and family. to go drink somewhere with me and have fun.
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 970 Discussion

    And momo or hyori is secretly Orochi's child.
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    Discussion How does Mihawk's strength compare to Shanks and Roger's

    Roger>Mihawk>Shanks imo your Mihawh downplay is unreal dude.
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 969 Discussion

    I need Oden vs Kaido! Oden : Do you bleed? Kaido : *vomits blood*
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    Madara vs 3 Original Admirals

    Admirals win, Observation haki counters sharingan, 3v1 and haki eventually beat Madara's taijutsu. Meteors won't do crap to admirals lava can melt Madara's flesh, Ice can stop Amaterasu and Katon (Akainu's lava can burn through fire too) not sure if Madara can dodge Kizaru's lasers too...
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    Discussion Sanji Discussion Thread

    Sanji fighting Shiryu is very unlikely imo and how would the fight go anyways? Sanji isn't exactly able to tank sword slashes or even block them... Btw Is your PP from Orient?