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  1. If Shiki or Enel end up appearing in the story don't you think they will join BB crews not Marine?

    Hahahaha, its out of the question i meen to Enel being the pirate king is nothing and he is stronger then BB im sure only reson luffy actualy won is cause enel underastimated luffy and well that luffy is rubber the natural enemy to enel BB whould not stand a chanse lets go back to Ace vs BB the...
  2. Chapter One Piece 585 Discussion / 586 Prediction

    hell i dont care about odas genius! i think its nice to see luffy as a kid even toght hes super pathetic and only managed to beat himself up wiht his devilfruit powers so far, on that topic i wonder who of the strawhats was the strongest when they where kids im pretty sure it was zorro/robin...
  3. Is Naruto a senju???

    well tsunade is the grandchild of the first so could be the first had more then 1 kid not just tsunades parent, so there could been a aunt or uncle to tsunade that leads to minato so he could be part of it but hes probebly not but anything that havent been put in in fact can still happen
  4. Who did Kabuto summon?

    or madaras father just to give the bad boy a good spanking
  5. Who did Kabuto summon?

    right me if im wrong, but dosent the jutsu bring back copys that been summond by the use of dust particles surronding a dead body like how orochimaru used the sound ninjas to summon shodaime and nidaime against sandaime, so dosent realy need the body and im not sure that it whould be...
  6. Naruto Volume 47 (ch. 433-442) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 437 Discussion/438 Predictions Thread - Part 1 i agree hinata confession + 6tails in themself where epic but the chapter whasent becus it felt to short, for me the best and a epic chapter is still 430 - naruto's return
  7. Hyuu~ Scans

    i feel for u guys 1 of the cleaners in A-J Scans is whitout pc in 1 month and then the i thoght is wahs going to be ok whit just me and the other 1 but for some reason i was not able to get in contact whit the last 1 untile the very alst second and ve made it troght but untile i got contact whit...
  8. Discussion Global warming????

    humans is stupid and is not going to do anything untile the last minuet and then its to late what we should do is going back to horses insted of cars and old sailingbots and we just need ballons to fly whit well everthing going to slow down relly much but it whould be a great help for the planet...
  9. Shounen Blue Dragon by Takano Tsuneo & Obata Takeshi

    Re: Blue Dragon RΩG Chapter 8 Discussions well i dont think i whould been so much diffrent if i hade spent 15 years in a ball and in total darkness....
  10. Shounen Blue Dragon by Takano Tsuneo & Obata Takeshi

    Re: Blue Dragon RΩG Chapter 5 Discussion! not many ppl online this tiem at year:P
  11. Strays: How We Learned To Stop Whining And Do Edited Mangas By Ourselves

    I want to learn all that is to learn about giving translated manga to the ppl that dont have it :P
  12. Naruto's Second Element

    Re: Naruto=wind+? wasent it earth that was weak against ligthning?