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    Chapter Toriko 320 Discussion/321 Predictions

    Too many people getting butt hurt over insignificant stuff. Gender bending is a common trope of fantasy stories and the Japanese don't shy away from nudity like westerns do, it comes with the territory of reading something not from your own country. Their are also cultures where testicles from...
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    Shounen Assassination Classroom by Matsui Yuusei

    Do we have any idea where the raws are at? This new Edited Manga group working on it is going pretty quick so I want to know where I should expect it to stop.
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 418 Discussion / 419 Predictions

    Re: Fairy Tail 418 Spoiler Thread We got a time skip and massive power boost to Natsu, I'm pretty satisfied with the introduction.
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 416 Discussion / 417 Predictions

    We saw humans getting turned into demons in this arc, there's a decent chance END is just some weird form of Natsu that he'll eventually overcome to control it's power.
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 412 Discussion / 413 Predictions

    Re: Fairy Tail 412 Spoiler Thread Seems like the author is in a hurry to end the series for some reason. Everything just seems to be happening so fast and without much reason behind it at the moment.
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    Chapter Fairy Tail Spin-offs

    Re: Fairy Tail Zero & Ice Trail God I love Mavis, and right now I see way more potential for Fairy Tail Zero than I do for the actual manga. It's like watching Fate/Stay Night (studio deen) and then Fate/Zero hahaha
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 398 Discussion / 399 Predictions

    Re: Fairy Tail 398 Spoiler Thread Chapter is out at the usual place. Gray got a huge power up and it looks like the Erza is left to save the day.
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    Shounen UQ Holder! by AKAMATSU Ken

    I really want this to get it's own forum page as it's one of the best shounen mangas running right now even if you didn't read Negima (which was great too). The pacing is fantastic and it's got something for both old fans and new.
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    Chapter Bleach 589 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 589 Spoiler Discussion I'm sorry but Bleach hasn't had a comical break like that in ages and it was absolutely hilarious. The timing was perfection as well Orihime blushing was drawn nicely to really sell it. I think it shows the characters have grown up a bit too as they never...
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    Chapter Toriko 285 Discussion Thread

    Re: Toriko 285 Spoiler Thread Holy crap, the power difference. If he wanted he could've dissolved Toriko into nothing with just a breathe from his nose. Hopefully there isn't a bullshit revival power up and instead Komatsu manages to convince Heracles to let him cook it and that ends up saving...
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    Chapter Toriko 284 Discussion Thread

    Re: Toriko 284 Spoiler Thread God Toriko is just so much better than Naruto and Bleach right now. Can't wait for the next chapter. Bleach just isn't have any plot development, I personally don't think it was written to be read chapter by chapter, more like volume by volume. And Naruto is just...
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    Shounen History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi by Matsuena Syun

    I like the twist but it still leaves a lot to be discussed as I don't think it's as simple as Saiga being a good guy and the other person wearing a mask. Very excited to see Kenichi finally getting to fight without worrying about everything going on finally.
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    Chapter Bleach 583 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 583 Discussion / 584 Predictions 1) Ichigo during his fight with Aizen combined with all of his powers (Tensa Zangetsu was still a combined quiny+hollow+shinigami being), so it's a toss up on how much changes now 2) He's in Shikai 3) FGT is a state beyond even bankai, but Ichigo -...
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    Chapter Bleach 583 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 583 Spoiler Discussion I will mention that the amount that he is slashing to start the getsuga is ridiculously small and then the blast being produced is huge and even a bit delayed. Perhaps this means we can see a technique where he completely surrounds an opponent with his speed...
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    Chapter Bleach 583 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 583 Spoiler Discussion Chapter is out. You know where to find it. Very slow chapter as usual but we are getting a glimpse of Ichigo's power at least, and he has a new technique finally.