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    Discussion Old Spoilers Thread

    Re: DGM 156 Spoiler Thread Since it might be a few hours till I release, here's a teaser. We finally got color pages in DGM again :)
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    Discussion Question for Manga Editors and leechers alike! Translated SFX or no?

    My personal preference is to leave the giant SFX overlaying artwork intact (tl in margin) but I'll typeset the sfx that are in bubbles (ie: 'Plunk' on your page). Sometimes I'll do things like Zoro unsheathing his sword on your page since it's fairly easy - unless it looks awkward. I'm on the...
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    Cleaning Trouble with editing & cleaning certain pages.

    For page 2, I would isolate the area with text using the polygonal lasso tool and then healing brush. Easy as that. Rough example in 30 seconds of work (you could do much better with time & precision)
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    Miscellaneous My two cent on file naming

    Although I don't think it's a major issue, I do agree. My group follows strict naming guidelines to ensure consistency with our downloads & archiving, though we don't include volume numbers for the reason that it's sometimes difficult to guess how many chapters will be in the next one. You can...
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    Feedback Problems with the site?

    I had this issue with users complaining about it on my board. I ultimately found the solution that fixed everybody was to 301 redirect profile.php to forums/profile.php.
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    The bludshock thread

    j0ka, Some people were abusing it to beg for releases and it was getting annoying. I know that people appreciate the Edited Mangas and they're free to post their thanks here on my chapter threads, or in an email to me, or however other means they choose. As far as the future of the site, there...
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 13 (Ch. 119-128) Discussion

    Re: D.Gray Man 125 Prediction I don't think Lavi/Allen will stand a chance against this new Tyki. It's been foreshadowed and expected for awhile but I think Cross Marian will show up to save the day at some point in the next couple chapters.
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    Anime D.Gray-man Season 1 (Episodes 1-51) Discussion

    Re: DGM Episode 39 Not very happy with this ep... I think they're making Tyki much more of a loose canon than he actually is. He did the crazy face, what, once? in the manga, and I think he's done it 5 or 6 times in the last few eps, with weird sharp pointy teeth to boot. The animators are...
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    Typesetting Font Identification and Recommendations

    Re: I'm looking for a font for the typesetting 100% Agree. I don't use WildWords for anything -- it's a commercial font that is licensed out at something like $129 a copy... shouldn't take any additional unnecessary risks. AnimeAce 2.0 is my choice for most dialog. Another good site is...
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    Question Rules Applied to Chinese Scans

    Some visual aid seems appropriate in this thread to help people notice the difference between a scan they can use and a scan they cannot. (dont click if you haven't read naruto 360) Added the sfx part (important!). Thanks for the overview ^_^
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    Lazy Hangout Thread by Cez

    What the hell @ Kakashi lol.
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    The bludshock thread

    It was TRC. I caught the first few eps of the anime a couple years ago, and checked out the manga. After awhile I heard about the parallels with xxxHolic and that peaked my interest, so I started reading it too :D
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    The bludshock thread

    Hey that's good, I should use that to explain it to people XD. My favourite shonen series is D.Gray-Man. The current arc is really good and im in love with the art style. I'll break the next question into a few points for fun, - The easiest: Bleach and Naruto. They use overlay text...
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    New Manga Editor Membergroup!

    I've posted 26 chapters, most LQ/MQ, a couple that got a solid MQ rating and 1 HQ.
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    The bludshock thread

    [Something witty here]