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    Shoujo Gakuen Babysitters by Tokei Nohari

    Re: [Shoujo] Gakuen Babysitters by Tokei Nohari sounds cute xD I'm looking forward to more scanlated releases of this (since I can't read japanese text)
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    OS Mac? Windows? Linux?

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    Life What happens when you die?

    who knows? :P all answers will just be theories
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    Life How Pepole Say "Sorry" according to their Zodiac

    Re: How Pepole Say "Sorry" ?? hmmm, sort of true xD (but I do apologize when i'm positive that i'm on the wrong side) in any case, that being somewhat true in my case is just a mere coincidence :3
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    Other Things people find weird about you!

    some people i know also find me weird coz i do so too.
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    Life Studying or Working?

    Well, I like working better. But I don't really know how it feels like since I'm just 15, 4th yr high school. Hmp, I still have 9 years[after HS graduation: 5 yrs. BS Business Administration and Accountancy,and another 4yrs for Law] to go in order for me to reach the job I want :] err, it may...
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    Shoujo Princess Princess by Tsuda Mikiyo

    Re: [Shoujo] Princess Princess by Tsuda Mikiyo (v05) I like this one! ^-^ it has a really nice storyline :D
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    How did you come across MangaHelpers?

    I was in search for some raws then stumbled upon this site :]
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    Discussion Your Favorite FOOD? Etc.

    hmm, i have many fave foods :) i cook: some side dishes, err, soup, steak, noodles, uhm, that's all i think.
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    Other What Is The Longest Time That You've Been Without Shower?

    two or three days I think, that was the time when I had very high fever.
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    Help Video Games and Girls Survey

    chose the last one:3
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    Other Things people find weird about you!

    Hmm, sometimes I think too much that I don't speak at times when I have to, erm, something like that.
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    Software The Web Browser Thread

    Re: What is your web browser? i use mozilla firefox and google chrome