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  1. HxH..... Flat earth?

    The world is flat while the real world is round. Many conspiracy theories used by flat earth believers are probably implemented in HxH human world in order to hide that "everything" is just a lake. Our world could be the same. So yeah, Togashi is playing with those conspiracy theories =)
  2. Theory Gon's Mother

    I think it is plausible. The "death" theory doesn't relate to Gin's current state of mind. It would have meant a defeat for him. But still, imho, his confidence when Gon was on the verge of death does not indicate he went through something similar, and lost.
  3. Discussion Differences in the latest HxH arc compared to the rest

    I think that, for Gon and Killua, the story can be divided in two phases. The first phase, which includes the arcs Hunter Exam, Heaven Arena and Greed Island, was mainly about training and getting strong enough to hold your own. Yorkshin was IMO Kurapika's arc where the boys were just side...
  4. Chapter Hunter x Hunter Chapter 389 Discussions/390 Predictions

    Agreed, too much text... Tbh, this boat arc is more fit to a light novel
  5. Question What is the role of Urek Mazino?

    I think Urek lost focus somewhere along the way.
  6. Discussion The reason to why Jahad doesn't make a move

    As Headon selects people from every floor, we can assume he has some level of omniscience right?
  7. Discussion Official Baam Discussion Thread

    "To yield the power of an administrator" is more like an ability. It still needs the fuel to use it at the same level of an administrator.
  8. Discussion Official Baam Discussion Thread

    I think the battle between Lero-Ro and a FUG ranker during the workshop battle shows us the power level of average rankers fights. The maximum power level Baam can display probably reach the same power level Lero-Ro CASUALLY can display.
  9. Chapter Tower of God Chapter 407 Discussion / 408 Predictions

    I want a 7 days time skip IRL
  10. Discussion Are Floor Guardians betraying Zahard ?

    If the Tower has a purpose, the Guardians shouldn't deviate from that purpose. I don't follow all the material that is published / retrieved besides the webtoon itself, but weren't there two or three hints that indicate that the purpose of the Tower was to create a god level being? Maybe...
  11. Chapter Hunter x Hunter Chapter 383 Discussions/384 Predictions

    I totally agree. When death is for real in HxH it shakes us.
  12. Discussion Gon & Killua vs Kastro

    Like a said, in a fight where both sides intend to fight with their lives on the stakes, the first use of Kastro's Doppleganger would aim for Killua or Gon's life. Probably, the most effective use of Kastro's ability is to trigger it during a exchange of hits. In my opinion he would be able to...
  13. Discussion Gon & Killua vs Kastro

    I remember Kastro was also not that serious in his fight with Hisoka, wasn't his first attack after showing his doppleganger skill just a punch? I think he wanted to show off and was confident he would win easy. In a fight for real, one would use their trump card to win or at least to cause a...
  14. Battle Hisoka vs Pariston

    While Hisoka was ranking the Zodiacs, he gave me the impression he was not that that amused with what he was seeing. Between Pouf, Pitou and Youpi, I think Pouf could be certainly matched by a Nen user with a good manipulation / transformation / materialization hatsu. Pitou main feature is...
  15. Battle Hisoka vs Pariston

    Hisoka is Chrollo's level while I think Pariston/Ging are closer to Netero's level. We don't know how strong Pariston is, but if he is playing Ging's archenemy, we could assume he as skilled as. Furthermore, both of them seem way more skilled than the rest of the Zodiacs. Hisoka and Chrollo's...