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  • Do you need recommendations? Joy of Life, Blood of youth, silos, severance, House of the Dragons, Legend of the galactic heroes, Luther, Until death do us part, Kingkiller chronicle, Lucky Luke. GO enjoy yourself. Go and use your time on things that bring some positive in your life. Then just circling the drain.
    You know, I didn't even tagged you. You wouldn't have notification. The only way that you know I mentioned you is that I KNEW YOU LURKING. Because you look for comfirmation bias. You have eyes just as I do. I can see what posts you like. I take it here so you stop derailing.
    Hi I really need your help.
    A long time ago I downloaded betserk covers ( all the volumes I guess ) from this site and now I can’t find them here…. Can you please help me to find them I really need them thank you
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