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  1. The fireburst Thread

    Dude, you should totally go for it. Anyone who has read mx0 should know that it is (or has the potential) to be up there with naruto and bleach. If you are going to do the latest, I think you should start at 53-54 as that is where the class matches end and the 'going back in time' thing starts...
  2. Anime Naruto: Shippuden - EP 001-002

    Re: Naruto: Shippuden - EP 001 Discussion Just wondering (sorry if this has been asked before already) but the new name Shippuden (which means hurricane chronicles or sumthin -someone told me) is it a "new" series of a continuation of naruto or what?
  3. Anime Naruto: Shippuden - EP 001-002

    Re: Naruto: Shippuden - EP 001 Discussion just curious but why is it called shippuden and not just naruto 220 (I dont know the real episode #) or sumthin? What does shippuden mean?
  4. The ThE WoRm thread

    Oooh gotcha! I envy you lucky jap-eng bastards, u get to know what they're saying before the Edited Mangas are released.... Anyway, BadAndy said 12 should be out soon, so I guess I'l still have to wait....
  5. The ThE WoRm thread

    Hey BadAndy, when you said "volume 12 is already being done, of course, you already read a chapter!" whaddya mean because the last chapter i read was of volume 11, 52 and I didn't see a Ch 53 anywhere?! Also, how many chapters are in volume 12 and 13?
  6. Shounen The Prince of Tennis by Konomi Takeshi

    Re: Prince of Tennis Manga (Where do I find it?) It was right above dduck's post by kobashi.
  7. The ThE WoRm thread

    Just another quick question, since many people in AW say its still ongoing (the mangaka is still drawing for it) does it appear on the Weekly Shonen Jump as well? Also you said 12 is on its way (does that mean Edited Manga is on progress?) cuz that might take a while, putting words on the...
  8. The ThE WoRm thread

    well, id like to say thanks to The Worm, i just finished Open Sesame's 52 chapters yesterday and i was really looking forward to Volume 12+. SO you mean to say that all of volume 13 is already done and release is pending? Also is it an ongoing series like One Piece and Naruto or is it done and...