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    Discussion Your manga collection (with pictures!)

    hoho i only have 5 mangas lol i havent bought much since i just recently got into mangas i have Zig Zag (Volume 1,3,4) Boys Este (Volume 1 and 2) hahaha a picture of my very tiny collection XD
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    Favorites Your Favourite Shoujo Manga

    Re: TOP 5 or 10 SHOUJO/JOSEI MANGA My top 5/10 would beee ~>Vampire Knight (bahh i can't resist bishies XD) ~>Kimi ni Todoke ( it is just very kawaii ^^) ~>Faster than a Kiss (hoho secret relationships XD) ~> Boy of the female wolf (LOL Gender-bender i just can't get enough of it XD) ~>Do you...
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    Shoujo Kimi ni Todoke by Shiina Karuho

    Re: [Shoujo] Kimi ni Todoke by Shiina Karuho hoho i love this manga!omg there's a anime?!!! i didnt know <.< *goes to search for the episodes*
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    Discussion My first manga was...and why

    For me my first manga was Naruto but then i hated manga alot that time (idk why i liked anime better lol) so i didnt continue untill i met this friend of mine who got me into manga lol it started with Fairy Tail when i continued to look for more manga to read ^^
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    Discussion What was your first anime?

    mine was Pokemon XD haha i used to be so addicted i watched all the re runs and all the seasons XD
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    Favorites Favorite Manga and Anime Quotes

    Re: >>>Your favourite quotable manga quotes here<<< hoho i love the first quote very epic lol XD 1)"If someone breaks your heart you kill them obviously" (Gaara Ch361 omake XD) The second one i like it cuz it kinda describes me lol so yupp XD 2) "How much hate has filled and enveloped my...
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    Favorite member of Fairy Tail?

    Re: Who is your favorite member of Fairy Tail guild? I voted for Erza XD she is a girl who can kickass i like it XD my other faves are Natsu,Gerard,Loki,Lucy,Happy,Makrov,Gray and Mirajane XD
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    Question The “Looking For” Manga Thread

    Re: Fan of the Gender Bender thing... hoho you should TOTALLY check out 1/2 Prince XD hmm you can try looking at the manga ~Power!!! ~Hana Kimi ~He's dedicated to roses ~Ice revolution
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    Discussion Name one thing you dislike about manga.

    when mangas tend to drag too much i dislike it other than that i am pretty fine with waiting and all lol
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    Discussion Which manga/anime/Asian drama made you cry or close to?

    Re: which manga/anime made you cry or close to? the most recent one that made me cry was Goong bahh they had a divorce rofl yesh i am too emotional rofl
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    Discussion What Manga are you reading/Going to read next?

    Re: What Manga are you currently reading/Going to read next? lolz i am reading : Goong,Boarding House of Hunks,Which Hunter,Fairy Tail,[switch],Do you want to try?Bokutachi wa shitte Shimatta,Gakuen Ouiji,He's dedicated to roses,Shinobi life and umm many more you guy might probably get freaked...