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    Typesetting Font Identification and Recommendations

    Re: Help Identify this font It's not Komika Text Kaps, or anything from the Komika family that I have... I've been searching for this one for a while but it's a real pickle...
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    Why do you Scanlate?

    Damn, beat me to the only truthful answer. Now I'm gonna have to lie and say it's because I enjoy it.
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    Scanning Binding & Debinding Manga

    Re: unbinding Yeah, I did the same and it didn't get any worse. Glad I noticed early and only got a couple black specks.
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    Scanning Binding & Debinding Manga

    Re: unbinding I recently debound my first book using the iron method. I must say it was insanely easy. I had some doubt and the hairdryer method seemed safer, but I decided to try using the iron and it went swimmingly. It was a much simpler process than I had thought. I followed the tutorial...
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    Seinen Sidonia no Kishi by Nihei Tsutomu

    Re: Sidonia no Kishi by Tsutomu Nihei The art change has left me a bit sad. He must think it's an improvement, but at least his old style had character.
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    Because groups are made up of fans, a group will normally work on what it's members want to. Therefore it is not a surprise that a lot of people want to work on popular stuff, because they have lots of fans. The point I want to here is: If you want to make requests, suit up and do some work...
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    Shounen Bloody Cross by Komeyama Shiwo

    ...And chapter 1 is out. Sorry for the delay.
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    Seinen Bokurano by Kitoh Mohiro

    Even if they share similar elements, their fundamentals as stories are completely different. It's impossible to liken Bokurano to Gantz.
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    Seinen Freesia by Jiro Matsumoto

    Jiro is my hero. I love all his works, this is no exception. Kano's insanity is one of my favourite points to this manga, I enjoy watching him struggle within his own mind while still managing to keep it together well enough to do his job fantastically. The plot setup is great, and every...
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    Seinen The Voices of a Distant Star by Makoto Shinkai

    I enjoy the manga and anime equally. Both have something extra to give. I love Shinkais art and animation, so the anime easily is more pleasing to the eye, yet the manga give that little bit of extra story that fleshes out the characters more and gives you more of an ending. I felt more...
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    Shounen Bloody Cross by Komeyama Shiwo

    Chapter one is on the verge of release. Chapter two...we found a translator and will be doing it as a joint with Kuu scans.
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    Shounen Bloody Cross by Komeyama Shiwo

    Re: [FEATURED SERIES] Bloody Cross by Komeyama Shiwo So apparently some of the members of our group (Vagrant Scans) took great interest in this series and started working on it as soon as they saw it. We're currently cleaning and translating it. It's kind of unfortunate that we saw this thread...
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    New Manga Editor Membergroup! Co-Founder/Typesetter. I work for other groups, but I'm not listed as a member here yet. :s Done :)