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  1. Shounen Whistle by Higuchi Daisuke

    Re: Whistle Edited Mangas except isnt also technically any Edited Manga is illegal, except the ones translated from japan are more lax about it as it builds up hype. I'm probably gonna just get it to know the story then erase it from my harddrive, although i don't see VIZ hunting down Bloome to...
  2. Shounen Whistle by Higuchi Daisuke

    Re: Whistle Edited Mangas on the mangaupdates site it says that a Edited Manga group, bloome scans, scanlated 13 volumes : 09/17/07 Whistle! 1-13 Bloome Scans, does anyone know if this is true or where/how to get these scans?
  3. Shounen The Prince of Tennis by Konomi Takeshi

    Re: Prince of Tennis 357 Discussion thread There's only 12 chapters of PoT left???????!!!!!!!!!!!:o :o :o :o
  4. Captain Tsubasa Edited Manga discussion

    somehow i really don't see tsubasa winning, toho overall is a much better team to me, but he most likely will as this is a shonen series.
  5. Movies The Movie Thread!

    I saw Pirates yesterday, it was amazing and in my opinion better than the second. I think there will be sequels or prequels to the trilogy as this movie kinda leaves questions hanging and perfectly leads into a new movie. its more of a matter of when since the writers will have to find a way to...
  6. Society Manga distributors arrested

    I'm sorry, I'm an idiot, but does this mean that the people who distibute the RAWs at this forum are in danger of getting arrested?
  7. Where Do You Come From?

    From New York, not really that close to the big apple, closest to Buffalo? ever heard of it? or niagara falls? well just New Yorks fine Added to the 1st post:D
  8. Other Your Favorite Quotes: Quotable Quotes!

    Re: Your Favorite Quotes: Quotable Quotes! (Post it here) "I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves" I expect a lot of people know this quote, from Enders game and some sequels/related readings
  9. Language What Languages do you know?

    Latin is a dead language, don't really need to know how to speak I'm not saying its bad or anything, i really wanna learn it I know: English 100% Chinese: Mandarin 33% Cantonese 75% Spanish 33% as i said i want to learn latin, i also want to learn french, japanese, sign language, and maybe...
  10. Other If you could be any animal, what would you be?

    You are either a Baboon or a Otter personality. But you may also be a Wild Dog personality. never imagined that i would be any of those
  11. Discussion Natural Disasters: Do you have to deal with them?

    like what my science teacher said about earthquakes and people living in california."If you don't want *put in natural disaster* then don't live in an area prone to *said natural disasters* but he said that at a standpoint where nothing ever happens here where we live
  12. Chinese Community - 中文

    Re: 中文 Hangout Thread what dialect do you guys speak? i speak cantonese but i'm learning mandarin
  13. Hangout The Sports Hang-Out Thread!

    Re: The Sport Thread! My favorite sport to watch is tennis and soccer, i dunno why, maybe just because i play them I hate wrestling, no offense to those wrestlers out there, but i absolutely hate it funniest sports........don't really know, i mean theres some weird sports out there like...
  14. Discussion The Football/Soccer Thread

    I JUST BECAME A USSF REFEREE!!!! also my last year coach use to play for Portsmith its totally off topic and random so sorry