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    Language What Languages do you know?

    English as my first language. Japanese as my Language Major in University. Currently also undertaking Chinese (Mandarin) and Italian
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    Hangout J-Music Hangout / The J- Music Show

    Re: JPop/JRock Thread Off the top of my head, my favorite 3 are: An Cafe / Antic Cafe HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR Psycho le Cemu (no longer around :() Nice Rock sounds
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    Ahh, I remember you SD from when I was back on ST, which I've basically left for this place...which I don't really contribute as much as I did on ST, if I ever did at all. Here is what I had when I was back on StopTazmo (my name was 'keis' back on those forums, now I just use my RL name here)...
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    School The Major Thread

    Bachelor of IT + Bach of Arts (Jap Language Major + Digital Video Minor so far)
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    Discussion Little-Known Games That You Absolutely Love?

    The Nippon Ichi Titles are a big one. Phantom Brave, La Pucelle and even Disgaea. Games I loved that were "silent" hits. Also chuck Guilty Gear XX The Midnight Carnival. Great game, not that much publicity imo.
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    Hangout The Games Hangout Thread

    Re: What games are you currently playing?/ The Games Thread Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness for PSP. AWESOME Game. The next game after Final Fantasy 8 where I will easily clock over 70 hours of gametime easy (besides the timesink that is World of Warcraft)
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    Platforms The X-Box 360 Thread

    Re: What If A New Shenmu Game came out for 360? If this were to happen, I would hook my dreamcast up, finish playing through Shenmue 1, find Shenmue 2 and ponder on the thought wether or not if I should invest in a xbox360, if I'll be investing in a PS3. But it would definitely peak interest if...
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    Hangout The Games Hangout Thread

    Re: What games are you currently playing?/ The Games Thread Skies of Arcadia - Dreamcast (good 'ole classic RPG)
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    Fun Thread How many PMs do you have now?

    same a lonely soul on mh :notrust
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    Whats Hidden Under That Ctrl+V - [Fun Thread]

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    Fun Thread What did you do today before you "logged in" on MH?

    Re: What are you doing today before you've logged in to MH Turned computer on, went to pick up some groceries from the shop, came back, grabbed a bottle of water, logged on MH
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    Movies The Movie Thread!

    Re: Top 5 Movies You Seen Many Times Back to the Future (all little brother loves it...see it all the time) Shooter (Recently hes been watching this) The Italian Job (...and this...) Eurotrip - Comedy classic in my books Big Trouble - A strange one, but no matter how many times I...
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    Hangout The Music Thread

    I am yet to get Radiohead's new album, but my friend made me get OK Computer last year and I loved it. I'll check it out sometime soon. (took me a while but now I can play Paranoid Android on guitar. go me :) )
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    Life 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    1. My forum name is my real name 2. I am of mixed heritage; Welsh, Scottish, English, Parkia, Maori 3. I am TALL (6ft 3in thereabouts) 4. Currently doing a Japanese Language Major and Chinese Language Minor at University 5. A sucker for self-praise 6. A real sucker for J-Rock Visual Kei...
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    Discussion Your word for soft drinks

    During my high school years, I had this 1 Texas Teacher who had classic lines such as: "Are you packing gum?" "Are you drinking fizzy pop?" He was the only person I heard that says 'pop' for soft drinks. I usually hear "Soft Drinks" but sometimes I be a weirdo and say "Carbonated Beverage"...