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    Re: dgm ds game I don't think they have it dubbed or subbed for the game, and it will be a loooonnnng time till they do and distribute it to other countries. I agree! That's why I bought the game in the first place. I don't know if it will reach other countries until they dubbed D. Gray-man...
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    Re: dgm ds game I bought it, since I couldn't wait for it to come out in english, even if it they say it's a mediocre game. But I can only understand a few things since my translation skills are poor, and I'm actually stuck so, : to everyone who wants to buy it in Japanese and they only know a...
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    I love the Lavi and Kanda clear file! Anyone know if they're selling that, or the Lavi figurine for that matter anywhere? Most prefered :)
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    Re: 133 Spoilers Thread Thanks fot the spoilers! It looks like the next chapter is alot about the 14th and allen's connection. But What I'm worried about is the last few sentences about jump decreasing popularity! Does that mean less publishing?Shorten D. Gray Man?NOOOOOO!
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    Re: D. Gray-man 130 Spoiler Pics and Summaries Hoshino-san is totally giving us suspense and just making them look dead when they're actually alive!LAVI~!!!!
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    Re: dgm ds game Luckily I have a DS lite, but does anyone know when it's going to come out in the other countries like mine, Canada? Or has it already come out.....cause I really want to buy it!
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    Re: D. Gray-Man 129 Spoiler Thread It was kind of expected that the earl comes, most likely to fight Cross or save tyki, but I go with fighting Cross. I don't think Rabi and Chaoji fell off the cliff as in lost, I actually think they're being forced off maybe by the others so that Allen, Cross...
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    Re: D.Gray-man 127 Predictions I'm not very happy with Chaoji getting innocence....but I kind of predicted that already. The next chapter probably focuses more on Chaoji trying to defeat Tyki,which is pretty much impossible so he might die, while Rinari watches, doesn't sound very interesting...
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    Re: D.Gray-man 126 Predictions I agree. It wouldn't be as good if Linali gets a support type, but if she does get a power-up it strongly suggests she'll get one. Only because she always said she wanted to protect her friends, so that's what i think. But I find it alittle weird how...
  10. Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 13 (Ch. 119-128) Discussion

    Re: D.Gray-man 126 Predictions I kind of agree with RainyFrog. The following things could happen 1.Chaoji might get the innocence and protect everybody, since he's been kept alive for so many chapters, Hoshino-san might want to use him. 2.Rinari will get that power-up everyone thinks she's...
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    Re: D. Gray man 122 Predictions I also think they might be dead, only because of Miranda though, cause she felt their "time" stop, or maybe their still alive? But to tell the truth, I completely agree with you Imotochan! As long as Lavi lives, I shall live! Love him to much~ Well, for my...
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    Re: D. Gray man 121 Predictions Looks like from what everybody wrote it's going to be an intense battle. xD I predict, well think, that Allen's going to have to change back into his claw form or Rabi will kill him, but won't try to hurt him. Road's going to keep threatening Allen that if he...
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    Re: D. Gray Man 120 Predictions D gray man is so amazing, I'm surprised it could get any better than this! The next chapter focuses on Rabi (Which truthfully, I LOVE!) going insane, but I'm guessing it's either the good Rabi in the dream world, or the Rabi in the outside world. But since Rabi...
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    Re: Chapter 119 Spoiler From what I can tell from the translations, it looks like the zombies are attacking Rabi, so he decides to fight back, but even if it's an illusion he feels horrible. Well, that's just a guess. I can't wait till the chapter is out! I wonder what will happen to Rabi~
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    Re: New Opening & Ending I love the new opening breakdown, I think it fits the series well, but I'm not very fond of the ending though it's still pretty good.