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    Characters with little to no feats have not been taken into account. Dead and retired characters have not been taken into account (Whitebeard, Rayleigh, Garp, Sengoku, Shiki, etc...). Very minimal importance has been given to character titles (Yonko, Admiral etc...).

    10. Luffy: He beat up Doflamingo and Katakuri, and held his own against Fujitora.
    9. Fujitora: He was able to lift all the rubble of a destroyed dressrosa, and bring down meteors god knows from where. He also fended off Sabo and Luffy with average effort.
    8. Marco: He was able to hold off Akainu and fight Kizaru on even ground.
    7. Kizaru: He went toe to toe with Dark King Rayleigh, and momentarily had the upperhand against sick Whitebeard because of his incredible speed.
    6. Big Mom: She has one of the most durable bodies in the series, and a pretty hax devil fruit, yet her destructive capacity is lacking so far (Zeus & Prometheus haven't had the chance to go to full capacity). She blocked a blow from G4 Luffy with average effort.
    5. Blackbeard: He displayed the capability to sink Marineford, but still ran from Akainu to avoid confronting him. He has two DFs, and both are arguably better than Big Mom's.
    4. Aokiji: He is almost equal to Akainu, having fought him for ten days. He changed the weather of an island.
    3. Akainu: He beat Aokiji. He also changed the weather of an island.
    2. Shanks: He owned Akainu in the war, and he has the strongest haki shown in the series so far (kings and armament). He was presumably able to hold Kaido from going after Whitebeard in the war of the best.
    1. Kaido: The strongest creature. He survived a fall from a sky island without being phased. Given his intro description, he has the most durable body so far in the series, and attempting suicide is his hobby, suggesting that he's for all intents and purposes immortal.
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