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  1. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1029 Discussion

    Fanboys can debate anything they want for days. It doesn't make their arguments any better...we just witnessed Zoro and others try and barely hurt Kaido, meanwhile Luffy is going to beat him 1v1 now. I'd like the Zoro fans to tell us again for days how Zoro is at Luffy's level...
  2. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1029 Discussion

    So battles remaining since Killer beat Hawkins: Sanji vs Queen Zoro vs King Law/Kidd vs Big Mom Raizo vs Fukurokuju Luffy vs Kaido Lol, looking at that Raizo fight i get the Sesame street song in my head..."one of these things is not like the others, one of these things does not belong"
  3. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1029 Discussion

    Love the way Oda ended the Killer/Hawkins fight, why didn't I think of that???
  4. One Piece Chapter 1028 Discussion

    I started reading during Marineford, so i read past arcs in binge mode. Water 7-Ennies Lobby never seemed slow to me. But then I wonder if I'd feel the same if i read post time skip the same way. I doubt it, but it is possible i'd be less harsh on these arcs. The raid isn't failing. The way I...
  5. One Piece Chapter 1028 Discussion

    I'd love for Lucci to try to get Robin, but be stopped by Usopp or something this time lol. 'you don't get to fight the boss anymore'
  6. One Piece Chapter 1025 Discussion

    Yeah, I kind of think Yamato has to join. They have to mirror Oden's journey on the Pirate Kings ship. Momo should stay behind since he has to be the ruler of Wano. Get strong there, and lead his people to join Luffy in the final battle.
  7. One Piece Chapter 1025 Discussion

    Oda: I am moving on to the endgame...the manga is almost done... Oda: One Piece 1025 Here is an entire chapter that could be done in 1 page, spread over 16! Fans on our deathbeds, 2060: "Do you think Luffy will finally defeat Blackbeard this year? I think there is one arc to go after this...
  8. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1023 Discussion

    I'm still wondering if King and Megellan are related in some way, or the same species at least. Of course he will! Can you imagine Oda crippling one of the main characters just before the final arcs start?? lol. anyone who thinks Zoro won't be fine are fooling themselves. He'll just be out of...
  9. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1023 Discussion

    I think everyone can see that. It's likely that that Judge modified the suit to give him the body powerup that his mother prevented with her pills, increasing his durability and strength.
  10. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1023 Discussion

    One thing I like is it looks like Oda is giving the Sanji and Zoro fights some breathing room. We didn't need much for the other fights, but these two are critical to see in their somewhat entirety. If they can be at Zoro vs Mr 1 lenght/awesomeness, I'll be happy.
  11. Shounen Tales of Demons and Gods

    I just caught up reading the manhua and the written chapters. I think we are at the point now where the author is just kind of blazing through stuff and dropping plot elements as fast as he introduces new ones. It's feeling just a bit rushed now which is too bad.
  12. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1022 Discussion

    Dude, you are the one trying to say that a Yonko commander is now just a title to try to downplay when Sanji beats him in a couple of chapters. There is nothing to argue here, you have your opinion that isn't based on the manga.
  13. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1022 Discussion

    No no no on "character development" for King and Queen! I preferred the days of Das Bones and Kaku/Jaburra. We don't need background on every enemy. They are the #1 and #2 of Kaidos crew, that's enough for me! Lol, i knew certain people would be out already trying to downplay taking out YC's...
  14. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1022 Discussion

    F6 aren't getting back up. Those fights are done. This arc needs to end, not find new life and keep going. The break was last week, we just got the spoilers early. After this chapter it's back to normal I think.
  15. Chapter One Piece Chapter 1022 Discussion

    Or, the worst of both worlds, long and dragged out because it's 1 or two panels per chapter, but off paneled because you just see a couple of punches, a then a bunch of *huff...huff* "You are strong, but the try dodging the next attack", followed by a couple of attacks and panel...