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    HPTR Fangirl Naruto 454 Review

    That was a good review - though for me I wasn't surprised by Sakura's reaction nor was I disappointed by it. People react to grief and pain in strange and unusual ways some times. I did like your assessments of the kages and the new random ninja - seemed spot on to me.
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    Naruto Volume 47 (ch. 433-442) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 440 Spoiler Discussion Thread Not to change the subject...but what happened to the slug? She's still attached to Naruto right? mmmm - sorry just sort of wondering out keyboard again.
  3. Youichi Hiruma cause he's awesome...

    Youichi Hiruma cause he's awesome...

    as done as he'll ever be :darn
  4. Naruto just cause

    Naruto just cause

    I doodle a lot and some times I color them...note the complete lack of a BG - this is actually the norm not the exception. :darn I think his hair is a bit long but then Naruto's hair doth vex me. :blink
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    Minato's and Kushina's Early Life

    That was cute...a little odd in places, but that's okay too. Nice idea :P
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    Anime Naruto Shippuuden 92

    well they did say last week was the last :P
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    Fun Thread Name-O : Change-O (Fun Forum)

    Toothless in Seattle Peaches
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    Best review ever (not!) Naruto 419: Attack!

    I enjoyed your review, lots of enthusiasm. You should write more of them.
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    Nidaime Hokage

    I keep thinking V2 will start flashin.... ack Like them both a lot though
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    Helltroll's Short and Meaningless Review on Fairy Tail 91

    I am actually quite new the the FairyTail Manga - Only just recently caught up with it. I enjoyed your review was very insightful - Erza is my favorite character of the series so far always full of surprises. I look forward to reading your next review and will have to go back and read the...
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    Favorites Naruto AMV Thread

    A Sakura AMV I made since I needed something to do. Promise of a Lifetime cheese is good ;)
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    Discussion The Official Haruno Sakura thread

    I also really like Sakura's character. She shown massive amounts of growth from where she was when she started and has a lot of unexplored potential. Heh, I am old enough :blink just drop the young part - but whatever, obviously I lack things to do so I made an AMV that features - Sakura's...
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    Old Convo Threads

    Re: Naruto Hang Out Thread v2 I was wondering if anyone here knows the names of Iruka's parent or if they were ever mentioned? I've had not luck turning up any information on them so I thought I'd ask here thanks!
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    Anime Naruto Shipuuden - Ep. 26

    Thanks! Puppets puppets everywhere!
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    Anime Cool (and funny) moments in Naruto

    Re: Amazingly Cool Moments in Naruto Anime The scenes I remember best were not actually part of a battle. But short bits during or after. Like when Naruto informs Gaara he really doesn't want to kill him, he knows what's he's been through but he would do it if he is forced to. When Naruto is...