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    Have I over levelled ?

    No idea why they're at an image smaller than 1200 (might be that it was too big for imageshack? In which case make sure the dpi is at 72 and your image is resized by height.) Anyways, it's poor to judge but it does look a little bit underleveled, but only a bit. I wouldn't even recommend a...
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    The detail preservation is the same because rasterized images are dependent on the ppi of the image. So when you resize the image your ppi is changed meaning the amount of pixels dedicated to any given detail will be reduced. Regardless of when you do your editing. Which means your manual...
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    Always replace grays (if you are) when you're at your final height (1200 usually) as adding them in and then resizing will resize the patterns as well. However, I really don't see the point to doing all your editing while still in high res. Doing your typesetting at that size then resizing would...
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    How is my cleaning?

    Grays are nasty, though they aren't necessarily because of a denoise program. Usually grays will become like that when you save your image with too little colours (I.E. Using 4 or 8 colors instead of 16). Would comment more but busy in class. >.>
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    Discussion gantz is good guide to japan

    Lol. Actually, it's fairly common for most mangaka (who don't do crazy fantasy stuff) to go out and do research and incorporate common areas around japan in their work; you usually see it happen most often in the romance/school life settings than anything. And it's definitely going to happen if...
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    Dealing with high resolution monitors

    Ok, Since you're on a laptop I'll tell you what I did (I'm also on a laptop). First thing you need to do is go here and calibrate your monitor. For gamma just make sure it's 2.2 on quickgamma since calibrating that will throw you off on a laptop. Now, after you've done that increase your...
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    Archived NJT's B-day is April 18th!

    :0 L :0. Yeh, tays' choice is pretty girlie. Lets get him man things! Edit: By 'lets get' I mean let us vote for the man wallet cause I'm not buying him a thing...
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    Question The “Looking For” Manga Thread

    Re: need good seinen romance manga Read Ai-Ren. It's an amazing romance manga, and one of my most favorite manga that I've ever read.
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 50 (ch482-491) Discussion

    One Piece 490 Discussion Chapter 489 is out!! Get it HERE!! Go read the chapter, and come back to have fun predicting what will happen in the next chapter here The adventure continues! Brook is in! And now a new revelation abut ace's piece of paper means his life is in danger?! predict...
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    Luffy against those darn Logia fruits!

    Since when? Teach said it didn't matter whether they were logia, parammecia, or zoan fruit users, he can draw and cancel the powers of all of them. Luffy will just have to end up giving BB a good ol fashioned, no gear, ass whooping. If he uses gear second and is caught by BB his body will be...
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    Cleaning is denoising really necessary? alternatives?

    Yeah... Don't use denoiseners now unless you wanna turn out the same lq/mq stuff that everyone else does. Really, I recommend learning how to manually clean first before looking for the easy and bad way out. Go here to learn how. It seems using it completely went over most peoples heads and...
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    Seinen Initial D by Shigeno Shuichi

    Re: Initial D Lol. I know about that, (ID being one of my favorite series and all) but personally I'd still like to see full Edited Mangas of the series instead of just working around the anime.
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    Seinen Initial D by Shigeno Shuichi

    Re: Initial D ?_? Then did someone already do volume 31?
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    Which one is the best ?

    Nah the raw's fine. It's about the same quality that comes from most public scans of seinen magazine raws. It really does just come down to practice. I mean, for all the people using neatimage right now, I know of one person who has a great grasp on it. And he isn't even releasing. The same goes...
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    Which one is the best ?

    The second one is better. Not as blurry, less detail loss, grays aren't totally destroyed. Still, both of em are pretty bad.