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    Discussion Favorite Pairing?

    Izuku × Ochako Kaminari × Jirou
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    Question Your Quirk

    Historia With a touch, you could find out everything about the past of a person till the current moment. Good in get to know the person's fighting style and get an insight in their previous startegies.The person would find out, that you know everything about them. Problems: You have to touch...
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    Discussion Tokyo Ghoul or Tokyo Ghoul re:?

    So as it is written above, which one do you prefer or enjoy more and why? Are there some aspects in Tokyo Ghoul re: which are didn't took in consideration in Tokyo Ghoul and vice versa? How do Haise and Kaneki differ in personality though they are the same person (share the same body) and what...
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    Discussion Game of Thrones / One piece

    He even say 'Throne Wars' :teehee
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    Discussion Devil Fruit Discussion Thread

    Paramecia :If there is a yami yami no mi , i think it would be possible if there is a hikari hikari no mi! (<--- my personal Devil fruit!) Change Change no Mi : Ability to change and transfer the devil fruits of various devi fruit user Brain Brain no Mi : Ability to use brainwash (eviiil!)...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 457 Discussion/ 458 Predictions

    What just bothers me about Brandish knowing Layla is the time that have past since. We know that Lucy's mom died when she was little. So , with the 7 year gap , it would be around 15 years. How the heck Brandish looks so young even though she knew Lucy's mother? Does that mean the Spriggan 12...
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    Discussion The name Haise: a german alliteration?

    What is also really interesting, is that the substantive form is ,,Geheiß" which means order or command. Sooo , Haise's basically is an order. I'm not sure how to feel about this (Not untrue though...).
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    Favorites One year of TG:re - Share your best memories! (2014-2015)

    1. Shirazu's character development 2. Quinx Squad improvement in team working 3. Matsumae and Shuu *×* 4. Eto making Kanae her slave 5.Akira's meaning in Haise's life and Haise's emotional breakdown 6. Big Madam eating the Cookie (Urie) 7.Quinx meeting Uta (and their talk XD) 8...
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    Question Who would you be?

    To be honest, the most interesting would be either Amon or Haise. Both of them are aiming to make a difference in the world on their own way. Amon is just badass, incredibly strong and has high values. I would choose Haise over Kaneki, because Haise's position is much, much harder than Kaneki's...
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    Discussion Best and Worst Quirk

    Best Quirk: Disintegration (just in fights ;Tomura Shigaraki ) , Half-Cold Half-Hot (Shouto Todoroki) Worse Quirk : Attraction of Small Object ( Izuku's Mother)
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    Favorites Favorite Characters

    Favourites: 1.Haise 2 Shuu 3.Shirazu 4.Juuzo 5.Amon 6.Shinohara 7.Hide Some other I like ( not favourites though): 1.Saiko 2.Nishiki 3.Akira 4.Arima 5.Shirokaneki 6.Takeomi 7.Yoshitoki Washuu Others, who catch my interest: 1.Kanae 2.Mirumo Tsukiyama 3.Ayato 4.Taishi Fura...