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    Discussion Rank your strongest shinobi

    Okay. Excluding Mandara. I will exclude even Minato because we have only seen his proficient sealing and his Yellow Flash. Although that shows his is high in skill, I do not want to put him in the list. Pein will also be excluded from my list as well. 1. Jiraiya 2. Uchiha Itachi 3. Kakashi...
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    Sasuke and power-ups....are they free gifts or not???

    Sasuke has not surpassed Itachi. There is no way to judge. Itachi was fighting at barely half his power when he fought Sasuke. Now, look at Sasuke's skills. He cannot summon Susanoo fully. His eyes still bleed from Amatsuresu. I have yet to see Tsukyomi. He does have that Kagetsuchi, God of Fire...
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    Gaara Mega Convo

    I love Gaara during the Kage Summit. He is more diplomatic, level headed, and shows the traits of a leader. I believe he is obviously Kishi's foreshadow to what Naruto will become. I think he has become a little better without the Shukaku. He has mastered the release once and I am sure he...
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    Discussion Ninja's level in Naruto(Part 1 & 2)

    Re: Ninja's level in Naruto I disagree. Sure we do not have numerical information detailing what is necessary, but who does. Even in sports, such as Basketball although there is no set PPG or RPG you are supposed to have to differientate you from a JV Team or Varsity Team there are...
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    Shounen Blazer Drive by Kishimoto Seishi

    Okay. After seeing the chapter, I can't judge. I don't understand RAWs. xD I really want to see what the little elemental chips are all about though. I think it has potential, but Seishi does these damn monthly mangas, which isn't cool. It might be like HxH, it started slow and bad, but then...
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    Naruto NG (Next Generation)

    Re: Is Naruto NG finished ??? Okay..sweet. Can't wait till the next chapter! ^^
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    Naruto NG (Next Generation)

    Re: Naruto NG Chapter 04 (Version 2) Yes! Chaptr 4 is out!! WooWoo!!!
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    Shounen Juuki Ningen Jumbor by Takei Hiroyuki

    What is Juuki Ningen Yunbol about?? Well, I read Cjapter 1 RAW, and I cannot read it since it's like katakana,Kanji, and some other stuff. Well, could someone tell me what it's about or point me to a Edited Manga?
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    Madara Mega Convo

    Re: Tobi=Obito Thread *Round of APPLUASE* That's exactly what I was thinkinh right down to the T.
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    Naruto Databooks - R/T/S & Index

    Re: Databook 1 & 2 Downloads - Get Them Here Are they scanlated now??
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    Shounen Blue Dragon by Takano Tsuneo & Obata Takeshi

    Re: Blue Dragon Previews Yes...looks good..hehe....Yeah..I'll defiantly be downloading this manga.
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    Naruto NG (Next Generation)

    Re: NG Chapter 4 Contributions I love her design,I know she's going to have a nice jutsu for all us to love and enjoy.
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    Naruto NG (Next Generation)

    Re: NG Announcement hey I just read the first chapter and DLed 2 and what's going on I need more.The manga is awesome.What's going on?
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    The difference between Manga and Anime

    Does the manga go pass the anime or does the manga just end like the anime? *highjacks* The older anime and the manga have two different storylines. When the first anime started production, the manga was only at volume 3. The FMA mangaka herself requested to have different endings for both...
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    Hangout Fairy Tail Hangout Thread

    Re: Fairy Tail [KEFI] Chapter 1 Released! The covder looks good...guess I'll check it out...