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aogiri tree

  1. Discussion Aogiri and Rue Island Arc parallels

    Rue Island Arc really is a parallel to Aogiri Rescue Arc So was re-reading Tokyo Ghoul and the parallels didn't just stop at Mutsuki being Kaneki, the entire end result is practically similar in both operations.The month, the date the operation ends. The amount of ghouls exterminated etc.
  2. Discussion Aogiri Tree destruction Anti-Climactic?

    So with my grievance and from post of other people I've seen thought this deserved it's own thread with Aogriri Tree destruction upon us. I'm going bed now so I post why I think there destruction is Anti-Climatic next time I log in.
  3. Nii

    Discussion Aogiri Tree

    The big group dominating the second half of the manga. We've seen them a lot, yet we hardly know what they're after. Why did they free a bunch of highly dangerous ghouls from the CCG's prison Kokuria? And why did they go to the length of getting Yoshimura? And has everyone inside of Aogiri Tree...