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brandish m

  1. Arjuna

    Discussion Official Brandish μ Thread

    I don't believe @Brandish doesn't have an official thread of her own.Even Invel has one Brandish Team:Spriggan 12 Relatives:Grammy Magic:Command T Mass Manipulation Nickname:Country Demolisher Current status:Nearly defected to Fairytail.Great friends with Lucy,Happy and Natsu.Saved...
  2. Doughboy

    Team Larcade & Brandish vs. God Serena & Bloodman

    Only restriction is Brandish can't blow up either of them and Bloodman's MBP can't kill them but it can contaminate them, everything else is on. Larcade's magic makes people feel pleasure until their souls are taken out but I got both of them having good mental endurance so their souls won't...
  3. MonkeyD-Dragon

    Team Irene and August vs All other Spriggans

    Participants : August & Irene vs All other Spriggans minus Larcade Location : Where Acno one-shot Serena Distance : 40m Conditions : The Spriggans are in a perfect formation with teamwork equal to that of Fairy Tail.Neinhart's power is equal to that of enchanted Neinhart (so that he doesn't...
  4. Star Frost

    Team Brandish & Lucy vs. Dimaria & Wendy

    Intent: To defeat and win Intel: They know all about each other Location: Where Natsu and co. fought Avatar Restriction: Dimaria's Age Seal, Brandish enlarging internal organs, and CSK Others: Must use feats they've shown

    Question What are the chances of FT gaining a new guild member in the alvarez arc?

    Brandish would probably be the favorite because of her connection with lucy, but what do you guys think?
  6. Nemispelled

    Discussion Spriggan 12 General Thread

    This is just a theory. I am a little late on this, but after re-reading the chapter several times in which some of the Spriggans were revealed, I kinda suspect that Inbel is Ur's husband. Lol. According to the plot, the only thing we know about Ur's husband was that he abandoned Ur at the time...
  7. Mystic Mistral

    Predictions Spriggan 12 battles

    Hi there , Who do you think will battle the Spriggan 12 in the Alvarez arc and why do you think so ? Heres some of my favourites Erza vs Dimaria Mira vs Badd Gray and Juvia vs Inbel Laxus / Gildarts vs August
  8. Holt

    Discussion Spriggan 12 Magic

    So we've been introduced to one of the Spriggan 12 and got details regarding her type of magic. According to Erza, her ability is to change mass and just like Erza said, that's pretty high class stuff. It's possibly one of the most powerful types of magic. It's quite similar to Gildart's Magic...