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  1. Discussion Luffy Next Animal-based Villain

    Nearly all villains Luffy has face or the villains of arcs have been mostly based off animals. While not all are animals the majority are. Buggy-Clown Kuro-Cat Don Kreig-Knight Arlong-Saw tooth Shark Smoker-Not being counted Wapol-??? Crocodile- Is named Crocodile Enel-God Rob Lucci-Has Leopard...
  2. xitalisk

    Canon Havkeye Mihawk Vs Shichibukai Buggy

    i would like to see this any thoughts??? now that Buggy is a Shichibukai there is a chance that the other members will think he is weak and a disgrace to the Shichibukai and would be awesome because dracule is probably the only Shichibukai that Buggy would have an advantage with using his chop...