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  1. Discussion Awesome revelations from Oda about Sanji.2016 is Sanji's year.

    Hello my dear one piece friends. Oda made a comment on the manga’s future in Jump Festa 2016 which was held on 19/20 December 2015: “My readers ask me “When will Sanji appear?” again and again these days. Hirata-san (Sanji’s voice actor) also asks me “When the heck will Sanji appear?” Finally...
  2. weixiaobao

    Discussion One Piece - Breaks and Hiatus

    So this was a chart for Hunter x Hunter -2013: 46/48 issues, 95.8% hiatus, Note however that the two chapters were the Kurapika Oneshots in issue 1 & 2 of the 2013 WSJ publishing year. -2014: 39/48 issues, 81.3% hiatus. --------------------------------------------- This inspire me to do one...
  3. Special One Piece Spin-off: One Piece Party

    This is a new One Piece spinoff which has just started. The first chapter has been released and it has been translated into the Chinese language at the moment. The English translation should be on its way soon. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the current version. For those who understand Chinese, good...
  4. Uriel

    Hangout One Piece Mega Convo Thread

    Yes, In caps. Because It's like I'm screaming at you. And I am. Enjoy to talk here about everything related to One Piece and its users, of course.
  5. RezzieThaRapper

    Discussion What do you think of Oda's Art?

    Now I noticed that while most people love the story, you will always find a complaint about his art... I am an avid anime/manga fan, but when comparing One Piece to anything the art is the last thing I usually think about... but could that be what people mean... I do believe Oda is the...