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etherious natsu dragneel

  1. Conditional Gray vs partial END

    Participants : Current END form Natsu Dragneel vs Gray Fullbuster. Location : Where they're fighting right now. Conditions : Gray has not unlocked his darkness. Just want to see how people think the fight will go if Gray was just a regular DeS like he was in his initial bout against Invel and...
  2. febez

    Discussion Natsu's Timeline

    As per suggestion, I have started a new thread to discuss Natsu's timeline. Idk if there is some part of his past that will be revealed later on for plot purposes, or if I'm just reading too much into it. This is what gets me. I feel like we're missing a part of Natsu's timeline. From what...
  3. Acnologia and end have fought before ..

    Its clear to me now .. natsu must have been an adult version of himself at some point in the past were he faught acnologiao r he fought him when he was a kid while in etherious form this is why acnologia fears him
  4. Fantasy END vs God Serena

    Who would win straight up?
  5. Reason why Natsu will die from the book being destroyed/zeref dies

    Ok you know that zeref turned mard geer or whatever his name back into a book after natsu/gray defeated him. Heres the reason why he will die and cannot be turned into a human or anything like that, when END book is open the book will be absorbed into natsu just like mard geers book was...
  6. Natsu vs Gray?

    i know this isnt going to happen for a while but i think gray is going to try to defeat natsu as soon as he finds out hes END
  7. dark123

    Discussion Natsu(END) Dragneel and(vs) Zeref Dragneel vs Acnologia

    Here we can discuss future interactions between brothers and Acnologia and also how fight between them will look like.
  8. lord zeref

    Discussion Natsu Dragneel/E.N.D Thread

    Natsu Dragneel/E.N.D Thread Place to discuss Natsu/E.N.D, theories and predictions etc. Hi guys , i have a crazy theory about E.N.D if we rotate the word " E.N.D" we get this result as you see the letter E became M and N is Z as for the D let's...