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ice magic

  1. Hermit

    Fantasy Wahl Icht vs Yura Invel

    How would a fight between these two Spriggan 12 members play out? Participant 1: Wahl Icht Magic:Weakness Magic, Alchemy Participant 2:Invel Yura Magic:Ice Magic
  2. Spirit

    Discussion Invel General Discussion Thread

    Character Introduction Series: Fairy Tail Name: Invel Alias: "The Winter General" Race: Human Gender: Male Hair Color: White Eye Color: Red Affiliation Alvarez Empire Occupation Shield of Spriggan Emissary of Alvarez Team Spriggan 12 Status Active Invel (インベル Inberu) is part of the Alvarez...
  3. Ice devil slayer

    Canon Gray vs silver

    Participant 1 : Gray fullbuster Ice make Ice devil slayer magic Participant 2 : Silver fullbuster Ice devil slayer magic Scenario 1 : Pre time skip devil slayer gray vs silver Scenario 2 : Current gray vs Silver Who wins ?
  4. goldb

    Team Gray and Ultear vs Silver and Lyon

    Estimated time: 5 minutes The battle ends if one of team member can't continue because badly injured Team 1: Gray Fullbuster Ice make magic Ice devil slaying magic Ultear Milkovich Ice make magic Lost magic: Arc of time Telekinesis Great at hand-to-hand combatant Team 2: Silver Fullbuster (as...
  5. Arjuna

    Team Natsu and Lucy vs Gray and Juvia

    The Battle of Two Ships Natsu Fire Dragon Slaying Magic DF FDKM Lfd Lucy Celestial Spirit Magic Star Dress Gray Ice Magic Ice Devil Slayer Juvia Water Magic No Restrictions Apart from Igneel's power and CSK All In Their Current Powerlevel Natsu can use Fire Dragon King Spells(Note This is...
  6. Ice devil slayer

    Fantasy Lyon Vastia vs Marin Hollow

    Participant 1 Lyon vastia : ice make magic Participant 2 Marin hollow : Spatial magic Scenario 2 : lyon and juvia vs marin Who wins ?
  7. Ice devil slayer

    Fantasy Gray vs Invel

    Participant 1 : Gray fullbuster Ice devil slayer magic Ice make Participant 2 : Invel Ice magic maybe an ice god slayer ? Who wins ?