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irene belserion

  1. Predictions Wendy will Sacrifice herself for Erza.

    At the start of the battle Wendy said she was gonna protect Erza this time around. Now seeing the current situation, Wendy may step in and face Irene. It seems the right thing to do. What do you guys think? Discuss in the comments.
  2. MonkeyD-Dragon

    Team Irene and August vs All other Spriggans

    Participants : August & Irene vs All other Spriggans minus Larcade Location : Where Acno one-shot Serena Distance : 40m Conditions : The Spriggans are in a perfect formation with teamwork equal to that of Fairy Tail.Neinhart's power is equal to that of enchanted Neinhart (so that he doesn't...
  3. Fantasy Irene and August vs Zeref

    Participants : Zeref, August, Irene Location : Where Zeref fought Natsu Distance : 100m Conditions : All there are bloodlusted. Just want to see who people think will come out in the end. I myself don't know lol.
  4. Arjuna

    Fantasy Irene vs Gildarts

    Let's make an Irene thread.It is my first.Irene can use all magics.Gildarts too.Who wins?The woman who got praised by Acnologia or the man who got one shotted by Acnologia like an insect in the words of Zeref?
  5. Kiki

    Discussion Irene Belserion Thread

    Let's play a guessing game, minna-san! Irene Belserion has seized our attention. Her silhouette and mysterious identity are finally unlocked, but she keeps remaining mystery til now. Many of us start wondering, who is this Spriggan? Irene is well-known as "Scarlet Scourge" in her kingdom...
  6. Arjuna

    Universe One

    From what has been shown of this spell, it can cause the entire country ofFiore to break out in a bright light, which Irene Belserion herself calls this Magic "of a new era" one that hasn't been possessed in the last 400 years.[1] This spell also needs time to be prepared, being that it can...
  7. Nemispelled

    Discussion Spriggan 12 General Thread

    This is just a theory. I am a little late on this, but after re-reading the chapter several times in which some of the Spriggans were revealed, I kinda suspect that Inbel is Ur's husband. Lol. According to the plot, the only thing we know about Ur's husband was that he abandoned Ur at the time...