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  1. Westfield

    Discussion Remaining Sternritter Schrifts

    Something I've been thinking about the fact that we still haven't seen Quincy power of a number of Sternritters. So far the list is: B (Haschwalth), K (BG9) and N (Accutrone), What do you guys think, will this power ever be shown in any way? And what do you think the remaining Schrifts stand...
  2. MBVC

    Discussion Trends in Bleach: Ichigo vs the silent types ( Byakuya, Ulq and Haschwalth )

    1st time they met: it was never a fight, Ichigo was weak 2nd time around: a short fight but Ichigo was still weak 3rd time final: white hollow saved his @$$ Will these repeat again when Ichigo meets Haschwalth 2nd time? Because Haschwalth switches his power with Bach when night falls, I'm not...
  3. Theory Is Ichigo also a part of the rare quincy bloodline?

    I just noticed that Jugo as in Hashwalth's name can be pronounced "Yugo" which would interestingly make him have his name starting with the same sound as Juha. Moreover, "Ichigo" is also starting with those "i" and "j" sounds (I know that "i" is a vowel and "j" is consonant but that's not the...